Chapter 4

As Yan Lin walked back to her seat on the sofa, I realized that Sonia was still missing hence I went out to check on her. As I walked to the main door, I saw Sonia lying face up in her FBT shorts and a tight-fitting tank top. I could see that she was totally wasted and gone. I always joked with my friends that if you want to check if a girl is really wasted, you just have to squeeze her boobs and see if there's any reaction.

At this point in time, I was high enough to try out this theory of mine. I went over to her side, squat down and gave her boobs a firm squeeze. As she was pretty flat, I could only feel her padded bra. Seeing that there was no reaction, I tried to use more strength as I groped her. At this time, the guys in the room were calling out to me asking what was going out. I shouted back that I was checking if she was still alive and they all laughed back.

Since now I'm quite sure that Sonia was knocked out, I become more daring and decided to lift up her tank top. Sonia always knew how to show off her sexy and tight body by wearing tight tank tops that would accentuate her slim waist. I slowly lifted her tank top and could see a lacy pink bra. I pulled her bra up a little and could see her perky nipples. Other than that, it was quite flat so it didn't turn me on much. It was just thrilling to be able to see the boobs of your schoolmate and how venerable she is right now.

I bent over and gave her a little lick on her left nipple while my right hand was caressing her other boob. All of a sudden, Charles appeared and was like "oei, what are you doing?" 😱 I quickly pulled down her tank top and put my finger on my lips saying "shsss!!" Then I signaled him to help me carry Sonia into the bungalow as she was out cold.

So Charles and I carried Sonia into the living room and laid her on another sofa at the side of the room. All this time I could not help but wonder what would I do to a wasted Sonia if there was no one around. After settling Sonia down, Charles and I got rejoined the game. This time Sharmila was the one that got the bottle and Nataniel was smiling as he would be the one to choose the dare.

It was revenge time for Nataniel as Sharmila previously dared him to show off his manhood to all of us. This time Nataniel dared Sharmila to take off her top and show us her breasts. Hearing his dare, Sharmila started to hesitate and asked if she could have another dare. There were some back and forth debating, and I suggested that maybe she should just drink 2 shots of vodka and be done with it. But Nataniel rebuked me saying that it was his turn to dare and not mine. He countered by saying that if she could finish 4 shots of vodka, then he would be okay with dropping the dare.

Sharmila was reluctant at first as she knew that she was already pretty tipsy and high. But she slowly lifted the glass and downed the shot in one go. We could see that the alcohol was taking its toll on her as she was trying her best to stop herself from vomiting. Meanwhile, Nataniel was pouring her another glass and teased her that it's either another 3 shots or she could just show us her boobs. Charles was beside Sharmila coaxing her and also cheering her on to finish her shots so that we could carry on with the game. I could also see that Raymond was enjoying herself, flirting with both Yan Lin and Grace. He must be having the time of his life since he banged both girls last night. But he seems to be focusing more of his attention on Yan Lin, rather than Grace.

Soon Sharmila finished her shots and suggested that since it was getting late, we should call it a night and go to bed. But everyone rejected her, saying that the party has just started. Sharmila protested that if she continued drinking, she would end up like Sonia. Nataniel smiled and mischievously mentioned that she just had to do the dare to prevent that from happening. The next few rounds ended up with the person drinking hence not much happened. Then the inevitable happened and the bottle ended up at Sharmila again. She heaved a sigh as she really cannot drink anymore. Nataniel smiled and said, "we are all still waiting to see your boobs 😏". All the guys joined in and cheered her on, reassuring that whatever happens here stays here. Sharmila pouted her lips and resigned to her fate. "Alright, but only for a moment ah".

She then used both hands to lift up her t-shirt and sports bra to reveal her firm boobs. The cold air was making her nipples harden, either that or the fact that four horny boys staring at her was turning her on. After around 5 seconds, she quickly pulled down her top to cover her chest. She was blushing so much that she had to hid her face behind Charles' shoulder while we all laughed. Yan Lin was exclaiming that it was no big deal as everyone had already seen her boobs too. Sharmila rebuked "my boobs small ma unlike yours so big, of course, no problem showing it off lah". Everyone was really having a good time at this moment.

So it was getting late and most of us were getting tired so we decided that this would be the last spin and it had to be the best dare of the night. The bottled end up on Grace, and I had the honor of picking the dare. I jokingly asked her to give me a blowjob in private 😉. Grace stared at me and gave me the middle finger. She then said that if she were to do it, it had to be in front of everyone in the living room. WTF?! There's no way I'm showing my dick to everyone. Worst still with all the alcohol, if I'm unable to get it up that would be the joke of the year. I rejected the idea and suggested that she do another dare instead. This time I dared her to do a striptease in front of us and dance till she's fully naked, with me being the pole.

She said that she will only do it if Raymond was the pole. WTF?! This girl really a lot of problems. But I agreed as it was late, and I still got the chance to see her naked anyway. So Grace pulled Raymond up and guided him to the side of the living room.