Exploring the wilder side of singapore

sggonewild contains a mix of fictional and real life erotic stories depicting the naughty and kinky side of Singaporeans. Most of the stories are taken from various websites and edit to make the reading process more enjoyable. Photos and images are mainly from Tumblr or from reader’s contributions.

The Naughty Fund
My school motivation retreat.jpg

My School Motivation Retreat

Things went wild during my Junior College retreat. Let’s just say alcohol & sex is involved 😉

Status: Completed (11 Chapters)


My Young Wife and Her Insatiable Sex Drive

In the short span of 6 months, I've let my wife fuck a McDonald's delivery man, a repairman and many others 😛

Status: Ongoing (19 Chapters)

Ah lian gang joining ritual.jpg

Ah Lian Gang Joining Ritual

Inexperienced xiao ah lian fucked senseless as part of the ritual for joining a gang 😵

Status: Completed (9 Chapters)



A story about my relationship with a sweet Korean girl that turned out to be not so innocent 😈.

Status: Ongoing (110 Chapters)

X'mas gone wrong.jpg

X’Mas Party Gone Wrong

It all started when my step brother and I decided to wear a 2-person costume for our family’s annual Christmas party 😖.

Status: Ongoing (8 Chapters)


How I Lost My Virginity And Best Friends

A tale about falling in love with my best friend’s girlfriend, which ended our friendship. Was it worth it? 😕

Status: Completed (18 Chapters)



This is a story about my ex-girlfriend, Jessica, and how she gave me the best sex of my life 🤯.

Status: Ongoing (46 Chapters)