Chapter 3

I was hugging Grace with one hand around her breast and the other near her pussy area. All of a sudden, I felt another hand groping around her pussy area. I was wondering who was the other horny bastard, so I lifted my head up and saw Raymond giving me the shush sign 🤫. I realized that Raymond had snuck his hands into Grace's shorts and into her panties. I gave him the what the fuck face 🤬as we had a deal of not switching partners. But I guess he was either too drunk or horny to get the message.

The next thing I know he was kissing Grace and to my surprise Grace kissed back! "WHAT THE FUCK?!" She rejected me previously yet was now kissing my best friend?! I felt betrayed but there was nothing I could do but resign to my fate. I soon heard soft moanings and knew that Raymond was giving her a good finger fuck. Raymond then somehow managed to convince Grace to get out of bed and head to the toilet. They must be having a good fucking time in there as Grace was moaning quite loudly. Feeling depressed and tired, I gave up and soon fell asleep.

The next morning when I woke up, both Grace and Lisa were already gone. Yan Lin apparently went into the wrong room and slept beside one of our classmates. He was telling us over breakfast that he got the shock of his life when he found Yan Lin sleeping beside him this morning. This incident sparked a wave of curiosity on our private party last night.

Rumors began to spread that we had a wild party and some of the other guys from other classes wanted to join in the fun. But we mostly denied the rumors and only invited 2 other guys whom we are pretty close to, to join the party tonight. The girls were obviously upset with the rumors as it might damage their reputation or cause problems with their boyfriends. Raymond had to go around and assure them that it was all nonsensical speculations and the more they cared about it the more suspicious it would be.

So the day went pass with all the boring camp stuff that I'm too lazy to type and I'm sure you all are too horny to care about 😉.

🌙Night time. I was late to the party as I promised my basketball mates that I would join them for some gambling. But from my knowledge, Raymond managed to jio Yan Lin, Grace, Sharmila and Sonia to the party and he told me that there might be other girls coming along. If you're wondering where is Lisa, she told us that she would be hanging out with her girls. Peter too, was not able to make it as he had plans with his other friends. Suspicious? 😏

Anyway, I gambled till around 1am before making my way back to the party. I opened the door and saw that the party was getting wild with all the booze out in full force. Everyone was playing some funny game which I had no idea what but I saw Sharmila acting as a pole while Charles and Nataniel dance around her. Raymond was sitting with Grace and Yan Lin drinking and watching the dance.

Suddenly Sharmila took off her t-shirt and was just wearing this black sports bra. Although she wasn't very curvy (A cup if you guys remembered), but her smooth white skin would definitely turn a guy on. I went and took 2 shots of Vodka neat before settling on the sofa. I know this sounds crazy but I needed to get a little high to join in the fun. The rest of them had been drinking since 9pm and already finished 3 bottles of hard liquor 😵. They must be drunk as fuck now, which explains the stripping and pole dancing.

Charles was caressing Sharmila's shoulders as he moved lower and tried to pull up her sports bra but was gently pushed away but Sharmila's hands. I was just chilling on the sofa watching while enjoying my drink. Raymond shouted to me that they were playing spin the bottle and whoever got it had to do a dare. So the pole dancing was Sharmila's dare this time.

Grace lost the next spin and the person sitting directly opposite the targeted person (ME) got to choose the dare but had to drink up one cup first. So I drank up my cup and declared that I would love to have a lap dance. Of course, the rule of the game was that the girl had to agree to the dare if not the dare had to be changed. But knowing that this bunch of girls are quite wild and fun, plus alcohol effect, it was worth trying my luck. To my surprise, Grace walked over in a seductive way and gave me a slutty smile.

She sat down on my lap and started to grind her hips back and forth as if making love with me cowgirl style. From my angle, I could even see her nice C cups boobs bouncing right in front of me. Just when I was starting to caress those sexy legs, she suddenly stood up and say "next!" 😑.

Just as I was preparing to spin the bottle, I noticed that Yan Lin was not wearing her bra as her nipples poking through her t-shirt. One of her dares must have been to remove them 🤩. So the bottle spun again and landed on Nataniel while Sharmila was supposed to choose the dare.

The dare was for Nataniel to show his manhood to all of us. This was when Grace suggested that all the guys should show our dicks to the girls. I wasn't really up for such a dare as I was still sober and my dick size was only average. Before I know it, Nataniel suddenly stood up and pulled down his shorts and underwear showing his nice long dick which he seemed super proud of. Sharmila was looking at it shocked, yet pleasantly surprised.

Nataniel was bragging that it was an easy dare while spinning the bottle again. This time it landed on Yan Lin and I was like "ohhh yeah!!!" but it was not me giving out the dare. It was Charles's turn and he dared her to do a strip dance with him being the pole. NICE! There was some debating and she was kinda hesitating to do it but the guys were trying their best to persuade her. Yan Lin gave up, stood up and walked to the side of the living room gesturing Charles to follow her.

I could see the excitement on Charles' face as he quickly rose to his feet and followed Yan Lin. Raymond took out his phone to play "Flo Rida - Low" and Yan Lin began dirty dancing beside Charles. Yan Lin could really shake that booty of hers as she was moving around him while grinding her body.

Charles was obviously enjoying every part of it, feeling her soft boobs and firm ass, as Yan Lin danced around him. Yan Lin was trying her best to be sexy while lifting up her t-shirt revealing her huge boobs. She then removed her top and threw it to the sofa. She tried to use both of hands to cover her nipples as she continued grinding Charles. As soon as the song was over, she stopped and said "see enough already not?" and hurried to put her top back on.