Chapter 3

That was a mistake on my part. By squeezing my thighs around his erection, I hadn't counted on the friction slowly and steadily stimulating him to a full-blown erection. All the while we were chatting and attending to the guests at the door, we were somewhat successful in mentally blocking out the situation below. It did, however, make it very awkward for us to speak to each other even though we were stuck together in the same costume.

By the time all our guests had arrived and settled, I found myself standing at the door with his obvious, full erection caught between my inner thighs and shorts. There was no way to ignore it now, as every step we took only served to rub his manhood below me. Now that we were finally alone, I whispered to him without turning around, "Erm... Max, why don't we go upstairs to change? It is really too hot in here. I'm sure the guests don't mind if we just wear normal clothes for the rest of the party."

He replied, "O... Okay Zeh, I need to go to the toilet also. Hi... High tide, haha..."

We took short and slow steps towards the stairs. When we came to it, my greatest fear came true as soon as we made the first step on it. When we both lifted our right legs, that move spread the spacious leg opening of my shorts and his full erection slipped into my shorts. The tip of his full-blooded dick was poking on the front of my FBT shorts. Worse was the shameful fact that I could feel him on my naked slit, my strands of my pubic hair tickling his hardness.

We immediately froze on the stairs, not daring to take another step. Just then, a kid of our parents' friends laughed at our weird posture on the stairs and drew attention among some of the other kids. They gathered around us and started hugging and pushing. We could only laugh and giggle with them awkwardly. We were screwed. We could not move from here and their pushing and shoving were making us rub against each other.

One fat boy ran at full speed and bumped onto us from behind. We bent forward and almost tumbled face first. In reflex, I stumbled my front right foot a step forward and we had to put it a step higher on the stairs. Now, I had spread our legs even wider and the angle we ended up with was just horrible. Max's dick was now in contact with my sensitive button as I had spread my lips wide open below.

We had to get upstairs and shed the costume urgently, for I was afraid that I would get stimulated as well. As the kids were still running around us playing, Max heaved and managed to lift our left foot a step up. As the angle of our thighs closed, I hadn't counted on his erection pushing between my dry lips and directly against my clit. I couldn't help but let out a moan. When Max heard me, I could feel his dick twitched below me. That little prick had better not be enjoying this, I exasperatedly thought to myself.

This wasn't the time for me to lecture him on his pubescent urges. I just wanted to get out of this increasingly desperate and dangerous situation. I lifted my left leg and took another step up. His erection slid backward between my dry female lips and then bumped on my clit again. This time, a shock of pleasure electrocuted me. I squirmed in the costume and unfortunately rubbed my slit even more on his hard dick.

In just a few seconds, a hint of moisture was starting to form below me. At first, I thought it was him. But I was wrong. My lips were getting wet from the constant contact of my naked female slit with his erected dick. Things were not working in my favor, as Max was starting to lose control and slowly grinding himself under me. I whispered to him embarrassingly, "Stop it, Max. You're making things worse. Control yourself."

He did not reply to me. All he did was continue to grind his erection below. His breathing was getting loud and lustful. I realized then that I could not depend on him anymore. I took another step up with my right foot and again, he rubbed at the entrance of my dampening slit. My knees almost buckled and I got angry this time. We were not even halfway up the stairs. I reached back with my right hand and hit him on his side, telling him to wake up from his lust and come back to his senses. I could not do this alone with him relentlessly gyrating and grinding himself on my pussy.