Chapter 6

I was getting hard from seeing the free show by my schoolmates. They must either be too high or horny to not notice me or even care about doing it in the open. Sharmila started to move lower and was licking Nataniel's dick. Nataniel was totally enjoying himself as he placed his hand on her head, persuading her to do more. As Nataniel's dick was pretty big, Sharmila had a hard time taking the whole dick in. So she focused on the tip area while stroking it. I had no idea that Sharmila had this side to her, as she's normally the innocent type who wouldn't dare to do anything wrong 😇.

Maybe it might be all the porn that she had been watching, as she admitted to it during the truth or dare session earlier. She also admitted that she liked watching porn but didn't masturbate to it, though she gets really turned on.

After sucking on Nataniel's dick for a while, she moved back up and was locked in a deep kiss with him again. This time, Nataniel was roaming his hand all over her body and caressing those nice curves of hers. Shamila was hugging Nataniel very tightly as she kissed him, grinding her half-naked body while doing so. I could see that Nataniel was teasing her by playing with her nipples, twisting, and pinching them as she gave out shy moans. It was such an erotic scene, seeing two of your schoolmates in such a sexual situation.

Nataniel then took out a condom from his pocket (Wah this guy clearly came prepared 😏), he stopped hugging Sharmila and hastily put on the condom. He must have wanted to fuck Sharmila so badly. He pulled down his shorts, then removed Sharmila's shorts and panties. He turned her around and rammed his dick into her pussy from behind while holding her hands for support. Sharmila moaned loudly at the sudden penetration, anyone who happened to be nearby would have definitely heard it.

Sharmila then realized that she was a little loud but yet she could not control her moaning as it must have felt pretty good. Nataniel continued pumping her slowly, not giving a damn about getting caught. He was pumping faster and faster as time goes on, and the expression on Sharmila's face was priceless. It was a mix of excitement, lust, and ecstasy.

I decided to give them some privacy (LOL seeing Sharmila's face while getting fucked behind was enough for me) so I went to the other side of the bungalow for another stick. I lighted my cigarette as I walked, taking in a puff and thought back on all the crazy events that happened during this retreat. This is definitely something I will never forget.

After my smoke, I went back into the living room and saw that Yan Lin was still in the room though I'm not sure what she was doing inside. I saw that Sonia was lying motionless over at the side of the living room, still dead drunk. I was having an internal debate on whether to try something funny but the thought of getting caught by someone was holding me back.

YOLO! What's the worst that could happen? The devil in me won, and I slowly walked towards Sonia. I moved my hands to her waist and caress her smooth skin, the feeling of it just made me hornier. I used two fingers to slowly lift up her tank top, just above her bra. I was feeling her tummy and making my way to her boobs. I slide my hands from the bottom of her bra and gave her boob a soft squeeze. Although they weren't very big, but the softness made up for it. I started to play with her nipples, rubbing and twisting them.

Suddenly I heard the squeaking sound of a door opening 😱. I quickly pulled down her tank top (luckily I didn't remove her bra), but I was pretty sure Yan Lin still saw what I did as she exited the room. I panicked and quickly walked towards the sofa and act blur, pretending that nothing happened. But Yan Lin walked towards me and questioned what was going on.

Y: What were you doing to Sonia just now?

Me: Nothing la. I was just checking if she was okay sleeping on the floor as it 's hard and cold.

Y: Really meh? I saw you pulling her top. You got so horny or not, she's already so drunk, you still want to take advantage.

Me: Can you pretend you never see anything? *Cheeky tone* People having sexy time in the room, you also go disturb tsk tsk hahaha

Y: *Blushes* Idiot...

I tried to poke her for more information but she tried her best to avoid the topic. Then she returned to the topic on Sonia, asking me if I'm interested in her. I deflected the question by bringing up the scene I saw last night when she and Raymond were in the living room. I also joked about how she ended up sleeping in the other guy's room.

She explained that she was really high last night and denied that she and Raymond had anything going on. She said that they were just chilling in the living room, enjoying a smoke while watching tv. YEAH RIGHT. I decided to not push on and change the topic.

Me: How come you go inside the room so long? Grace went in naked and nothing happened meh?

Y: I not sure la. I went in to use the toilet only. Raymond and Grace were busy kissing and hugging, didn't even notice that I was in the room.

I could sense the jealousy in her as she was telling me this.