Chapter 10

Suddenly I felt that the motion on my cock being sucked was slowing down and I realized that Sharmila was falling asleep. I jolted from the sofa and that woke Sharmila from her half sleeping state. I pulled her up and connected with her lips and frenched her for a while. I was groping and pinching her nipples from outside while kissing her and that seemed to arouse her as she was stroking my dick faster and faster. She was really good with her handjob and I was about to cum. She was making really fast jerking motions and she knew how to grip my dick where there was no pain even with the hard stroking.

I slowly stood up and pulled Shamila up as well. I used both hands to lift her top and bra, removing them in one swift motion. Now that she's standing in front of half-naked, I could see her nice firm boobs and erected nipples. I noticed that she was not standing too well and seemed to be leaning her weight on me. So I helped her back onto the sofa, and she was lying there half-naked. I pulled her shorts down to see the nice pussy that had just been violated by Nataniel.

I then dived into her boobs, sucking them like a hungry child for milk. I purposely wet them with my saliva as to add to the sensation of licking her nipples. I licked them in a circular motion, trying my best to get them erected. My other hand was flicking and playing with her other breast's nipples giving it gentle pinches from time to time. She was moaning softly while closing her eyes, but it was getting louder by the moment.

She was still stroking my dick while I was sucking and playing with her tits. I then took my dick and position her in the missionary position, spreading her nice slim legs. I was caressing her legs while I position my dick over her pussy. I was using my dick to rub around her nice wet pussy. As I rubbed around her clit, she let out a moan and shivered. I smirked and jammed my dick into her pussy in one swift motion causing her to let out a loud moan.

I was now pumping my dick in and out of Sharmila slowly. My dick was still feeling a little sore from the hard fucking I had with Yan Lin. Sharmila's pussy is much tighter than Yan Lin even though she had just taken quite a good fuck from Nataniel. As I was moving in and out of Sharmila, I used one of my hands to play with her tits. I kept pulling my dick entirely out and then using force to ram it back in. I repeated this motion a couple of times and Sharmila was totally enjoying it.

S: Don't stop! Please don't stop... I'm going to cum for you ok? Please don't stop!

I took my dick out and pulled Sharmila by the waist, I lifted her to her feet and helped her to the living room table which was just behind the table.

S: Noooo... why did you stop?

Me: Stick out your ass and beg me to fuck you 😛

She bent her body forward while placing her hands on the table, then pushed her firm ass out.

S: Please fuck me... I want to cum so badly. *Wiggling her cute ass*

That just made me so horny, I quickly held her waist and gave her ass a tight smack. I then jammed my dick into her pussy and was pumping her fast and furious which caused Sharmila to moan louder and louder. She took my hand and directed me to her tits. I started playing with her nipples and squeezing them making her squeal. I was now sweating from all the action, but her moans were keeping me going.

At this time, I could hear "Piak Piak!" sounds coming from my back. I inched my head backward and saw that Nataniel was giving Yan Lin a good doggy fuck. Yan Lin was kneeling on the sofa while Nataniel was semi-standing and pumping her hard from behind. Yan Lin was moaning quite loudly even though she had already cupped her mouth with one hand.

I turned my attention back to Shamila and was pumping her hard, making her moan every time I rammed my dick into her. I could not take it anymore more and pull out, unloading my cum onto her cute ass. Sharmila almost fell onto the floor directly but I held her and slowly lay her down.

S: I have never cum so many times in my life... thank you... **In the sexiest coarse voice, after which she just curled up and fell asleep.

I stood up and turn around seeing the hot pumping action that Nataniel was giving Yan Lin. I could see that her hair was soaked in sweat and her huge tits were bouncing forward and backward with every thrust into her pussy. I walked towards them and sat down in the sofa opposite, enjoying the free porn by my schoolmates.

At this time, I saw some movement from the corner of my eye and saw that Sonia was moving a little from the side.