Chapter 4

After the rituals were over, Ah San went out to the 7-11 to buy some drinks and cigarettes, leaving the other gina tao to brief the 2 girls about the gang's rules. He explained roughly all the fundamentals of being part of the gang, the history of the gang, the benefits etc, etc..

Then he moved on to explain about the service the girls need to provide in exchange for the gang's protection which required new female members of the gang to let the heads fuck, as a form of respect and show dedication to the gang. There would be no exception for Candy even when she has a boyfriend.

Rina was taken aback when she heard this, she was thinking "wtf" to herself and look at Candy in disbelief. But Candy was just paying attention to the gina tao talking, as she was already told and mentally prepared for what's coming.

Seeing that Candy was cool, Rina didn't want to lose face by looking shocked even though she was. She just quietly listened and put on a front like she was cool about it too.

After the gina tao finished, he went out for a smoke. This time Ah San also came back from 7-11. They smoked outside and have small talks about their opinion of the 2 girls.

Rina took the chance to quickly call Adrain on her handphone.

Rina: Kor, where you?

Adrain: I going in JB now la. Si mi dai chee? Miss me si bo?

Rina: Miss your head la! Eh, I got something wanna ask you.

Adrain: Si mi dai chee?

Rina: Err.. that time you only tell me got ritual but you like missed out something hor?

Adrain: Huhh? Miss out si mi lan jiao? Orrhhh, the service huh?

Rina: Wa liao you knew why you never tell me about it? Vincent (the gina tao) said after ritual need to...

Adrain: Aiya, normal what! Every girl also the same one. That one small thing ma. Eh, any way you also not the first time... kekeke

Rina: Shit you la. Nabei...

Adrain: Ok la chill ok, you just tell them don't so rough lo.

Rina: Sigh... Haizzz... Ok lo.

When she ended the call, Candy smiled at Rina and tried to comfort her asking her not to be so nervous.

Candy: Don't worry, all this I heard is the standard one. It'll be over in awhile la.

Rina just smiled and tried not to show any signs of anxiety. Meanwhile, the 2 gina tao was about to finish with their smoke.

Vincent: Eh San! Ready bo?

Ah San: Which one u want first?

Vincent: I take that Rina first. Knn wear school uniform leh. Limpeh kua liao buay tar han sia.

Then they burst into laughter.