Chapter 1

Piak!! Rina sent a tight slap across Joanna's cheek, so forceful that the slap cause Joanna to lose her balance and fall over the dance revolution platform. Everybody in the arcade was looking over at Rina's direction.

Shocked at the sudden blow from Rina, Joanna quickly stood up with one hand over her face, she spits onto the floor and point into Rina's face saying: "You watch out" and quickly disappearing into the crowd, running out of the arcade.

Rina then realizes that she got into some deep trouble because Joanna was not one to mess with. She was a big-time ah lian with backing from her boyfriend who's from some gang.

Rina knew Joanna will surely come back for her and she would need someone to back her up in order to face up to the challenge. She immediately called her cousin and told her about what just happened. Clearly, there's only 1 solution and that's to be under the wing of her cousin's gang and settle it through the pai kia way.

Rina was a typical teenager studying in a neighborhood secondary school.

She's above average looking with a very pale skinned tone. She stands at 1.55m with 33B boobs, supported by a 23" small waist. Petite in size but very hot in temper. She was very rebellious but didn't officially get involved in any gang. Her confidence from her actions comes from the fact that her elder cousin (Apple) and godbrother was from (19-1). She knew that every time when she gets into any trouble, she got the upper hand as she has the "connection", but this time it was different. Joanna wasn't the typical xiao mei mei she can push around.

It was 4am and Rina was still tossing around in her bed worrying about the consequences of slapping Joanna earlier in the arcade. The thought of being ambushed by Joanna or even facing her and her gang was sending chills down her spine. She can't take this mental stress anymore and she picked up her handphone and start to message her godbrother.

Rina: Hey kor, remember that time when you ask me to chup (join the gang) so that you can no need to worry about me and protect me?

Adrain (Godbrother): Yah but u die die also don't want mah. You so tee kee what can I do?

Rina: What if I say I now want to join under you?

Adrain: Zhun bo?? Under me? Don't want la, I now don't take in anymore ginas liao. Too many problems, my side already too many crazy people.

Rina: But I'm serious.

Adrain: Hmm.. u really want I arrange for you lo.

Rina: Ok thank you kor! Muacks!!