Chapter 8

I was panting hard. He stared at me through the mirror as he fucked me from behind with powerful, fast and deep cock strokes. I couldn’t bear the intensity of his stare and dropped my head to look down while suffering the abuse in my pussy. He probably took that as a sign of my will weakening and caressed me from my shoulder to my lower back with his right hand. He stopped his touch at the hem of my t-shirt and proceeded to slowly lift it up. I stopped him by tugging my t-shirt down but he wouldn’t quit.

I protested breathlessly, “Max… D… Don’t touch me!!… Ahh… I don’t… Like you… L… Like this… Stop!!… Arrrr… Arrr… Don’t… You dare!… Ahh… Ssstopp!...”

He ignored my objections and clutched me hard with his left hand still on my shoulder, numbing my upper body. I whined in pain and tried to pull his hand off. He took the chance to instantly flip my t-shirt over my young breasts, exposing my erect nipples to the warm air. There was nothing I could do and I hung my head in resignation. While we were going at it, the temperature in the room had been raised at least a few notches. Drops of sweat trickled from my hanging breasts, as they swung back and forth under his remorseless hard pounding. I could see the lust in his eyes burning up as he stared at them.

Not content with ogling my breasts through the mirror, he reached beneath me with his right hand. He felt for my firm tits and rubbed my hard, sensitive nipples on his rough palms. My nipples had always turned ultra-sensitive when I am at the peak of arousal. The slightest of touches would normally make me coo, but I still could not come to terms with being violated by Max. I tried hard to muffle the sounds of pleasure from my throat by raising my left hand to my mouth and biting down on my knuckles. But somehow, whimpers and sobs still escaped.

Max yanked me closer to him on my shoulder, bent forward and whispered into my left ear, “Shit… Zeh… I… I didn’t know… Your pussy feels… This good… So tight… So wet… So responsive… Much better than… Any other pussy… I ever had…”

He gave my ear a couple of light, teasing licks. I turned my head away to avoid his lustful ministrations. He continued to lick and kiss his way down to my fair supple neck, savoring the smell of my skin and the taste of my sweat. And he did it as wetly and sloppily as possible, indicating to me he just couldn’t get enough. I could feel his ticklish tongue leaving his warm, sticky saliva on my hot skin. God, how I hated him.

Then a shameful realization dawned on me. When he mentioned that my vagina was responsive, it suddenly brought to my attention how my soft inner muscles were squeezing and milking hard on his intrusive manhood. I couldn’t help how my body was responding to sex, even with my stepbrother. I prayed hard for this humiliation to end. At the same time, I was amazed by how long he could keep ravaging my pussy tirelessly. Anyone of my ex-boyfriends would have climaxed by now. Max was definitely experienced.

The worst part was, he was going to make me cum first. I could feel the familiar stirrings of an oncoming orgasm from deep within my sensitive, plundered vagina. There was nothing more degrading than to be fucked to orgasm by my very own stepbrother against my will. I tried to hold it back but the strong, hard pounding of his cock overpowered my resolve.

I had been fighting him since the start, and this pent up frustration was leading to a big one. After another 10 strokes or so from him, my whole body went into violent convulsions as my climax took me. It was too much to bear and I buried my head into the pillow and screamed frenziedly into it. I lay on my elbows, shaking uncontrollably as a cold sweat broke out all over my body.

He was taken aback by the abruptness of my forced orgasm and stopped thrusting, leaving his thick cock buried in my spasming pussy. I could sense that he was awfully pleased with himself as he looked on in admiration and felt the orgasmic tremors of my soft vaginal muscles on his manhood. As sweat dripped down my forehead, he casually reached in front and caressed my face. The resulting immense tension in my body was sapping me of strength and it took me great effort to keep from collapsing prone on the bed.

As I stayed on my elbows and caught my breath, he pushed his hands against my hips and slowly started to pull his cock out. I thought he was getting ready to plunge back into me when he surprisingly withdrew his cock all the way out. Although I knew he had not cum, I hoped that he was sufficiently sated. I desperately needed him to come to his senses now and realize all the wrongs he had just done. If he stopped now, I might even consider trying to forgive him.

Seeing a way out of this, I turned my head back towards him and tried to persuade him, “M… Max… Let’s stop this… We can work this out… And make things right again… If you’ll stop now… Please, Max… Listen to Zeh… Please stop…”

But I immediately realized that was all wishful thinking on my part. He didn’t hear a single word I said and there was still that burning lust in his eyes. As soon as he pulled out, he hooked his hands on the waistband of my FBT shorts and pulled them down to my knees in one swift move. My naked butt and pussy were suddenly exposed to his stare. I didn’t know what he was going to do next. Confused and frightened, I found renewed strength to resist him by reaching back to claw and push at his chest with my right arm.

He conveniently intercepted my hands and seized my wrist, grasping me tightly so I couldn’t fight him off anymore. With his free left hand, he gripped his still rock-hard manhood and pushed it down, aiming it at my sopping wet female opening. With one forceful thrust, he rammed his cock to the hilt back inside me. He closed his eyes and raised his head to face the ceiling. I gasped loudly when I felt his meat spear violently spread my deep insides once again. The circumstances seemed hopeless as I braced myself for another round of violation.

As he ruthlessly stabbed into my wet pussy with his thick cock, he pulled me into a more upright position with his hands on my shoulder and right wrist. My upper body was still bending slightly forward but was now supported entirely by his hands. Then he released my wrist, reached his right hand around and put them on my flat tummy. Gently kneading and stroking my fair skin, he slowly moved it downwards towards my now-exposed little bush. But I was too distracted to take in what he was trying to do. From this new angle of penetration, the tip of his cock kept rubbing on my g-spot and I was crying out with every instroke and was almost hyperventilating from the surprising stimulation.

His right fingers brushed past my furry bush and continued to dip lower. With his index and middle fingers, he lightly stroked both sides of my engorged pussy lips. I finally realized where his hand was and I cupped my mound with my hands to try and prevent him from assaulting my sensitive love hole any further. Even though I pressed on his exploring hand as hard as I could, wishing he would stop, I couldn’t keep him from feeling around my naked slit. Before I knew it, he had found my hooded clit between my wet lips. He stroked, pinched and pulled on my extremely sensitive clit to heighten my pleasure.