Chapter 7

I pleaded with him again, “M… Max!... Please!… Let me go… I… I don’t wanna do this… You… You’re my brother… Pleeeasssee!… Nooo!!...” But it backfired on me. It turned him on even more after hearing me beg. I could feel his steely grip tightening on my hips, hurting me. Then as he pulled me onto him, he rammed his cock balls deep in one hard thrust. It was more than I could take. I grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. My knuckles turned white as I held onto it for dear life. Goosebumps broke out all over my body as I could feel the tip of his manhood rub past my sweet g-spot and bump into my cervix.

He reached forward with his right hand and pulled me up by my shoulders. Then he held onto my right collar as he slid his left hand under my waist and pulled my hips up. I was still trying to cope with the pleasurable pain that came with the deep penetration of my pussy, so I put up no resistance as I let him manipulate me into position. The sound of my panting breath and the squeaking of the mattress springs suddenly sounded deafening in the otherwise silent room.

From the mirror, I could see myself on all fours, pushing my palms down on his mattress for support and my head lowered with his right hand pulling on my shoulder. My wet clothes exposed every curve I had on my body. My slim arms were damp and gleaming with sweat, my long hair clinging onto my sticky, fair neck and partially obscuring my face.

As he lifted my waist with his left hand, my back arched, thrusting my firm, hanging breasts out below me. I could see my nipples poking on the soaked fabric of my flimsy t-shirt. He was kneeling between my spread thighs, his tanned dark skin contrasting with my fair maiden-like skin, slowly withdrawing his hard cock from the depths of my pussy once more.

“Mmmm… Faark… Aaa… Mmmm… ” I whined as I felt his man meat dragging on every nook and cranny of my tight female canal. My wetness was seeping out in between as he pulled out, a few droplets of girly fluid dripping down between my legs, and onto the bed. He continued to withdraw slowly until only his tip was in and then slid his whole cock in balls deep again. I felt like I was in sexual heaven, being fucked by him. I really hated my body for enjoying it as I reluctantly sighed and moaned to myself.

He repeatedly pumped his large, rock-hard cock into my dripping wet pussy at a slow and constant pace. I was shaking and shuddering from the continuous sexual assault. All this while, he was using his right hand to pull me back onto his thrust, using my shoulder for leverage. He started to feel my tight pussy walls relaxing and opening up to his cock for easier entry as if encouraging him to go harder and faster.

Just then, there was a knock on his door. “Max, are you in there? What are you doing inside? Don’t lock yourself upstairs. Come down and help serve our guests… And where’s your sister? I can’t find her anywhere…” It was our mom! I panicked. We hadn’t realized we had been up here for at least 10 minutes. I couldn’t let her know I was in the room with Max and I dreaded to think what would happen if she was to find out what we were doing in here.

Max stopped his thrusts and thought fast. He hesitated for a few seconds before finding his voice again and shakily answering, “Er… I… Err… Don’t feel so well, Mom… I just… Need to rest for a bit…” As he waited for our mom’s response, he pulled on my hips and sneakily resumed his fuck thrusts. He did not give any regards to how alarmed I was as our mother stood just outside his room. This time, he went teasingly slow with his deep strokes. I was so angry with his audacity and selfishness. But as much as I hated to admit it, he was pushing the right buttons and starting to make my pussy lose control.

Our mom replied after pausing for a while, “Oh… Okay... Just rest and get well… And have you seen your sister Sophie?” I glanced at him on the mirror and he casually looked back at me as he continued fucking. Our eyes locked on each other as he said, “No, Mom… I haven’t seen her anywhere… But you know her… A helpful girl like her… Is probably busy… Helping someone out… Right now…” He never missed a beat and kept up his fuck rhythm while conversing with our Mom.

Our unsuspecting Mom said, “Aiya, that girl. Why did she run off without informing me? I’m so busy. Come and help me after you feel better. Alright, Max?” I could see him reveal a slight smile as he replied, “Sure thing… Mom…” As soon as he heard our Mom step away from the door, he put both hands on my collar and picked up the pace. My shoulders were pulled back further and my back was arched even more as he manhandled me harder than before. Loud smacking sounds of thigh meeting thigh resonated in his room while he powered in and out of my poor, wet pussy.