Chapter 97

I took my time to shower, letting the water flow down my head and my entire body. My mind was deep in thought. First, I had Tingting, then Kim came into my life and claimed my heart before Tingting could mount another offensive following her first failure. At the same time, Ann was ready to strike but thwarted by Kim’s blitzkrieg. Tingting was more explicit about waiting for me, and I trusted her. Ann didn’t say she would wait, but I had no doubt that if I became available, she would strike. And that will bring another dilemma: Tingting or Ann. Things would really be simpler if they came one at a time, and not like this.

I stepped out of the showers, not feeling any bit refreshed, and sat down heavily on my gaming chair. I’m not one to brag, but I’m not bad at dota, getting a 4:1 k/d ratio usually. However, with my mind heavily bothered by the 3 girls, I soon found myself becoming a feeder. Switching games didn’t help either. I found myself languishing at the bottom of the sheets in Call of Duty as well. Exasperated, I offed my computer and went to the fridge and freed a beer from imprisonment. As I was finishing up the beer, the rest came back up. Kim saw me holding the nearly empty can of beer and came over immediately. She kissed me and took the can away and finished it, then frowned when she realized there was barely less than a mouthful left. She handed the can back to me and skip to Hyun, then pulled her into the master bedroom toilet, presumably to wash up. Bryan and Eileen went to Kim’s unit, as so did Yvonne. Ann sat down in front of the TV and channel surfed, while sneaking peeks at me.

I disposed of the empty can and got a new one from the fridge. Ann heard the opening of the can and asked for one too, so I threw a new can at her. She caught it expertly. I took a seat on the same sofa as her, but on the opposite end, and watched the TV. She continued to gaze at me, and she slid her leg out, prodding my crotch with her toes. I felt a bulge building up in my berms and I stared at her. She bit her lips and winked at me, not stopping her teasing one bit. Tempted, she went a bit further. She retracted her leg and leaned forward, using her hands to unzip my berms. She dug her hands into the gap and freed my dick from under the boxers. She lowered her head and started to blow me. All this while, I did nothing to stop nor encourage her. She blew me for a few minutes before the sound of the shower from the bathroom stopped. She bolted back into position and pretended nothing happened, while I struggled to zip myself back up. Kim and Hyun came out of the showers just as I managed to zip up and sit back in my original position. I took a swig of the beer to calm myself down.

Kim and Hyun emerged from the bedroom after they dressed up in casual clothes. Kim wore a tank top with denim shorts, and Hyun wore a spaghetti top with denim shorts. No bra straps were visible on Hyun, although her top’s material was thick enough to not expose her nipples pressing against the fabric. Kim sat down beside me and took my beer again, but this time smiling widely as it was still three-quarters full. She finished half the can in one gulp and passed the can back to me. This time, it was my turn to frown. She leaned against me and rested her head on my shoulders. Ann gave a look. Not sure if the look was that of jealousy or envy.

Hyun made her way to the fridge to get herself a can of beer, and Yvonne was the next to join us, wearing a tiny t-shirt which showed off her toned midriff, and three-quarter jeans. As we waited for Bryan and Eileen, Ann asked where we were headed for dinner. That was promptly solved by Hyun stating that she has a craving for her favorite ‘Teochew Porridge. Since she was the visitor, we acquiesced to her requests. Bryan and Eileen joined us just as the dinner location was decided and we started to make our way over by bus.

It was a short journey, and they talked mainly about what they did at the pool just now. Apparently, Jim and the MILF was at the pool also, and there was a lot of daggers in the stares exchanged by Hyun and the MILF. The MILF, Christine, tried to make Hyun jealous by blatantly hugging and frenching Jim in plain sight of her. But it backfired when Jim realized Hyun was staring at them, and out of decency and perhaps respect for Hyun, he gently held Christine and declined to participate in the plan to make Hyun jealous. Christine fumed, and Hyun won the battle. Poor Jim is probably having a hard time now. They also laughed at how they ganged up on Bryan and splashed water at him, at one point Eileen even caught him point blank with a big splash and some of the water went into his nose, causing him to cough badly for 15minutes.

We soon reached the bus stopped and we alighted and took a short walk to the hawker center. The stall had just opened not long, and only half the display was filled with food as the cook toiled hard in the back cooking up a storm. There were only 2 people in front of me as we were very early. I ordered a whole braised duck, some tau pok, tau kwa, tau kee, 3 salted eggs, a steamed mullet, and a plate of caixin. I also ordered in advance, some sambal kangkong and stewed pork belly, which will be ready in a while.

The food arrived shortly after and we ate up. The food was delicious, and by the foodgasm face everyone was showing, they clearly enjoyed it. As we ate, we also saw the queue build up, 5 people to 10, 10 to 20 people, 20 to 30 over people. The queue sneaked to the carpark beside the hawker center.

Bryan: What the fuck?! This Teochew mui so popular? How come I never heard of it before sial? Wah lau, the queue damn exaggerate sial! Must be at least 50 people in the queue!

Me: You then exaggerate lah! There’s about 30 only.

Bryan: Only... Only, the man says…

The girls giggled and continued feasting. Everyone especially loved the braised duck, and I had to order another half a duck to satiate their appetites. By the time we were done, there was nothing left on the table except bones and shells. We quickly vacated our seats as 2 families were watching over our seats. Before we even got up fully, they moved in to chope the table and got into a slight argument over who got there first. Kim, out of a good heart, mentioned that the family with kids came earlier and they should get the table first. That earned her a curse from the other family, although the one with kids thanked her for speaking up. The good and ugly side of Singaporeans exposed. I held her hand and patted her arm, making her feel slightly better.

Yvonne: Yeah Kim, just ignore them. Those are assholes.

Kim smiled and said that it did not bother her at all. We continued to walk to Ang Mo Kio central, where there was a Pasar Malam, and we walked about in it. Hyun was quite fascinated by it, being her first time seeing a Pasar Malam. Kim bought many stuff for Hyun to try, ramly burger, takopachi, chicken wings, Taiwan sausage (which Hyun did a fellatio action before biting at it), etc. Hyun also bought a couple of shorts and t-shirts. After that, we went to NTUC to buy some groceries, then we returned back to the condo at around 9pm.

Once we entered my unit, we went to put the groceries into the fridge, and took out some beers and soft drinks and sat in front of the TV to watch a movie on cable TV.

Without warning, the door suddenly swung open...