Chapter 96

After her second orgasm, she pushed against me and rolled me onto my back, as she took over the top. She lay down completely on me and started to move her hips up and down. Ann stuck her head into the crook of my neck and started to kiss me softly on my neck. She was careful not to leave any love bites, so Kim won’t be affected. She did nibble the skin of my neck lightly a bit here and there. As she moved her hips, she let out soft moans of pleasure. “Mmmmmm….. Yeahhh…. Mmmm…. Yessss……”

Ann stuck out her tongue and started to lick the perspiration off my neck and chin. She continued upwards, along my cheeks and then my ear. When she reached my ear, she gently tickled it with her tongue, and she nibbled playfully on my earlobes. I grabbed her ass and I started to thrust my hips at hers as well. She trailed her tongue from my ears, back to my neck, and then back up again playing with my ears, then back down at my neck. Eventually, she trailed her tongue to my lips and kissed me savagely as she bounced her ass on my hips. The pace escalated fast suddenly, and she began kissing me so furiously it felt as if she was trying to suck all the air out of my lungs. “PIAKPIAKPIAKPIAKPIAKPIAKPIAK” filled the room as she kept bouncing up and down on my dick. Suddenly, she grabbed my head and pulled it towards her breasts, smothering my face in them, and she arched her back as she let out a guttural moan. The big orgasm has arrived.

She had continued to bounce on my dick even as the orgasm hit, and now that it was subsiding, she panted with exhaustion and collapse back onto me. I hugged her tight, and I could smell her natural scent coming from her hair. Kim had a floral smell. Ann’s was not floral, it was a bit more on the musky side, but it still smelled nice. I gently pushed her to one side as I pulled myself out from under her. She lay flat on the bed, but when I got on my knees and shifted behind her, she propped up her ass into a doggy position. She had read my mind.

I got into position behind her, and entered her slowly, letting her enjoy the full feeling of the slow penetration. She moaned softly as I pushed in and out of her. She pressed her head against the pillow, muffling her moans. I held her hips and picked up the speed of the thrusting. Her magnificent C cup breasts swung back and forth with the impact of my hips against her perky butt. As they sway, beads of perspiration gathered at her nipples and dripped onto my blanket. Her pussy was also dripping wet, and her juices flowed down the inside of her thighs, staining my blanket at a different point.

I could feel the rush of blood to my dick as the pleasure grew. I’m almost ready to cum. I cupped her breasts and massaged them gently as I increased the speed of humping her. She used her elbows to prop her upper body up and she arched her back. Her mouth opened, gasping for air. Sensual moans were escaping from her mouth. She whimpered as her body shuddered, signaling yet another orgasm. I was also at the limit, and with a final thrust all the way deep inside her, I exploded my load. “Yeeesssssss………….” She moaned as she felt her womb filled with my thick, warm seed. I remained in her until my dick, and her vaginal muscles, stop twitching. Then I pulled out of her, and thick creamy cum started to flow out of her pussy.

She collapsed onto my bed, panting heavily and her back rose and fell rapidly. I sat down behind her and looked at my handiwork, and admiring the pretty girl with a killer figure laying bare naked in front of me. She recovered after a few minutes and sat up, looking at me. Then she crawled over and hugged me tightly. She kissed me like how a girlfriend would do.

“Jun, I love you.” She said.

I hugged her back, but she gently pushed my hands away.

Ann: I’m sorry if I made it difficult for you, but I really wanted to experience how love-making with you is. And only you. Because I have always had a crush on you.

Me: It’s ok Ann, I understand.

Ann: Don’t think any less of me, Jun, despite the things I’ve done. I couldn’t deal with you and Kim getting together, so I went into that semi-destructive spiral of self-gratification. I won’t come between you and Kim. Kim is my friend still, after all. And I want you to be happy. If it means being with her, then it’s fine with me. I just have one wish, and I hope you won’t turn me down.

Me: What is it?

Ann: Next time, when we have sex again, please love me like you did today. I really enjoyed myself today.

Me: Ok.

Ann smiled. It was a sweet smile. “I better go wash up and take another pill. It’s my fertile period. You should also change the bedsheets, blanket, and pillowcases. They smelled strongly of sweat and alcohol. Probably from last night.”

Me: Yup, I’ll do that now.

Ann smiled at me again, then hugged me and gave me a kiss before she disappeared into the bathroom.

I changed the sheets and stuffed the soiled ones into the washing machine. When I came back out into the living room, she was already out of the shower and dressed up. She had left an oversized t-shirt and denim shorts at my place, as did all the others leave some clothes at my place in case they came over and crashed. “Your turn, Jun. Oh yeah, I’ll head down to the pool to look for the rest, maybe after your shower you can continue with your game, so they won’t suspect anything. I want to keep this one a secret because it’s special to me. Oh, and also, start thinking about dinner location!” With that, she went out of the room and went down.