Chapter 95

Ann: Jun, please, will you make love to me, just once? That’s all I ask. You can pretend I’m Kim. Just… make love to me with passion. I’m tired of having pointless sex just to feed my fantasy...

I struggled with myself. I felt like I was being torn asunder from within, due to Ann’s sudden confession of her long-held feelings for me. I felt pity for her. I felt I had let her down. I felt that her notoriety as a nymphomaniac was down to my insensitivity to her feelings, although in my defense, she did hide it a bit too well from me. Ann is not an ugly girl. Far from it. She could hold her own against Kim. She had points that I did like. The whole nerd geeky image that she has usually, how she doesn’t take herself seriously. It all appealed to me. But I had set my sights on Kim and now I’m already committed. And then there’s the whole thing about my promise to Tingting. I placed my hand on Ann’s back.

Ann felt my hand on her back, and she hugged me even tighter, and her hands started to roam my back. She brought her lips to mine and she kissed me slowly, starting with a peck. I felt as if she was testing the water. When I did not flinch, she kissed a little harder, full on lips. I felt conflicted, but my resistance was also slipping a bit, and I reciprocated with a peck. She took the encouragement and kissed me passionately and I found myself responding to her. Soon, we were frenching each other, and I brought my hands to her back and shoulders, then slipped forward to her breasts. Her hands roamed as well, all over my back, chest, abs, and then finally at my crotch, massaging the bulge in my berms.

We frenched for another couple of minutes before she tugged at my shirt and pulled it off me. Still kissing her, I slipped my hands under her top and unbuckled her bra. She reached down and pulled her top and bra off in one swift action. Free of all restrictions, my hands rested firmly on her soft, full, C cup puppies and I started to rub my thumbs against her nipples in a circular motion. She moaned, and reached for my berms, tugging at the waistline and trying to pull it down. I stood up and let her pull it down, after which she got up and took off her bottoms and her panties as well.

Fully naked now, she lay back on my bed and spread her legs wide, biting her lips, inviting me to come forward and make love to her. I hesitated for a while, struggling with myself. But when she snaked a hand to her pussy and parted the lips protecting her love canal, I found resistance to be futile. I crawled forward, and placing my dick at her already wet entrance, I slipped my dick in slowly, and Ann moaned. Her pussy was already very wet, and as I pulled my dick out for the next thrust, I noticed it was glistening with her juices. As I made the next thrust, I leaned in towards her. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and her legs around my hips, and she started pulling me into her. I began to thrust with a steady rhythm, and she started to gasp and moan with regularity.

I took her slowly, as she had requested for it to be a love-making and not a hardcore sex session. I treated her as if she was my girlfriend, slowly and sensually thrusting into her, letting her feel every movement slowly, and letting her take in all the pleasurable feelings that radiated from the sensitive nerve endings in her nether regions. She tried to push her head up to kiss me, but I wasn’t low enough, so she twisted her head left and right in ecstasy instead. The moaning did not abate at all.

I supported my body weight with my left hand and reached up with my right hand to stimulate her nipples, gently pinching and twisting them lightly. She moaned out loud with the first pinch, and her body shifted with the subsequent ones due to the pleasure she received. I could feel her vaginal muscles tightening their grip on my dick. She used her legs to pull me deeper into her, then she relaxed as I pulled out, then she pulled me in again.

I was still a bit hesitant. I felt no love for Ann, and it showed somewhat in my actions. It was a bit mechanical compared to the natural flow when I’m with Kim. I tried to remember what the extra things that I did with Kim are, and I tried to replicate it on Ann. It worked as Ann did not complain, but it still felt a bit too mechanical to me, like as if I was doing it for the sake of doing it. Ann pulled at my shoulders, and as I was in thought and did not expect it, my left arm gave way and I fell forward onto her. She wrapped her arms around my back and placed her lips next to my ears. “I love you, Jun,” she said with a slight moan.

Hearing those words, I made a decision not to think anymore about anything. I leaned in and nibbled her ears and she moaned loudly. Things felt more natural now and I quickened the thrusting below by a notch. She was so wet that every time I trusted and our hips contacted, there was a piak sound as well as a splat sound, and some of the juice will splatter on our groin and thighs. She grabbed hold of me tight as the pleasure built up. “Hugghhhnnnngggg…” She moaned, and I felt her vaginal muscles violently spasming, squeezing my dick tight. She had gotten her first orgasm.

I continued to thrust my hips at her, as her moans became more ragged due to her gasping for air. Beads of perspiration form on my forehead and a couple of drops of sweat fell off my chin onto her breasts, which glistened with beads of sweat as well. I watched the sweat flow slowly down her breasts into her cleavage, where it disappeared, probably pooling under her underboob. It was quite a sensual sight and I continued to take her in missionary style. She came a second time shortly after.