Chapter 92

The moment I opened my door, Bryan and Eileen brushed past us and launched themselves onto my sofa, pulling their clothes off in double quick time. Yvonne shook her head and took a seat at the couch, watching them with disgust. Kim went to the kitchen to get some water, while Hyun playfully smacked Bryan’s ass as he rammed his dick into Eileen’s pussy. Yvonne got up and headed for the bedroom.

Yvonne: I’m gonna go take a rest, my head hurts.

Kim followed her, bringing a glass of water for her to drink, and I followed suit. Hyun was still smacking Bryan’s butt and laughing out loud, and I think they will be busy for a while.

Once inside the room, Yvonne unbuckled her pants but didn’t take them off. Instead, she launched herself on my bed and sprawled across it. Kim put the glass of water down on the bedside table, then pulled Yvonne up and made her drink the water first. After Yvonne drank up, she plopped right back down at the edge of the bed and drifted off to sleep, snoring loudly barely 5mins later.

Kim: Guess she’s tired out, probably a bit high also.

Me: I guess so… Are you tired too?

Kim: Not really, I still have some energy left.

Kim winks at me and smiles. Even her attempt to be seductive was more cute than sexy. Eileen’s squeals of pleasure rang out, and I went to close the room door. When I turned around, Kim had removed her panties to her knees and looked at me with an innocent face. I walked up to her and held her waist. I pulled her in towards me and we kissed sensually. My hands roamed freely as we kissed, and the first destination was the back of her neck. I hooked the halter with my fingers, and lifted it over her head to the front, letting it fall. I had envisioned that her dress will fall all the way down, but it didn’t. Instead, the dress stuck at her bust and didn’t fall further. No matter, I used my hands to slip the dress down her sides, and off her hips and it fell to the floor. Still kissing her, I brought my hands up to her back and unhooked her bra expertly. It fell away instantly, being strapless. Lastly, I used my toes to pull her panties down to the floor, and she stepped away from them.

Totally naked, it was her turn to undress me now. She handled the top 2 buttons of my shirt roughly, then pulled the shirt off me instead of unbuttoning it all the way to the end. Her hands work fervently, reaching to my belt and unbuckling it swiftly. She then proceeded to unbuckle and unzip my pants and pulled it down together with my boxers. As she pulled my pants and boxers down, she knelt down on the floor. Her mouth positioned nicely at my crotch, she used her hand to hold my dick, and she licked it gently. Her tongue glided up and down the length of my dick, leaving a trail of saliva where her tongue went. My dick started to rise to the occasion rapidly, within seconds, it stood tall and proud. She looks at me and continued to lick it, driving her tongue at the grooves of the head of my dick. It was ticklish and sensual.

After a couple more minutes of licking, she took a breath, then she opened her mouth and engulfed my dick. I reached one hand to hold the back of her head, and slowly guided her head forward and backward as she began to blow me. She was well trained by now, and her blowjob does not make much loud sucking sounds. Yet, there was no compromise on her suction power. Not too hard, and not too soft. I began to close my eyes and tilt my head back, as she worked hard below. A couple of soft moans escaped my mouth as I enjoyed her teasing me with her tongue midblow. She used her left hand to caress the back of my thigh, and her right hand softly massaged my balls. She varied how deep she took my dick, sometimes just the head, sometimes the entire shaft, deepthroating. She hardly gagged now, having been practicing frequently whenever we had time alone.

She stopped sucking after a while and got up, leaving my dick coated with her saliva which is mixed with some of my precum. She gently pushed me back, and I sat down on the bed as she crawled on top of me. She used her fingers to massage her smooth, waxed pussy, spreading her juices around the entrance, so that the entry will be smooth. Once she was ready, she grabbed my dick and massaged it a bit while looking at me with an innocent, yet mischievous face. She then positioned herself over my dick, and slowly coaxed it into her pussy. She went down slowly, and I could feel my dick penetrating her millimeter by millimeter. It went in smoothly. As it inched inside her, she arched her back and moaned and gasped. My dick felt warm and comfortable inside her well-lubricated love canal.

She began to ride me slowly once I had entered her fully, gently rocking back and forth. She clutched her breast with her right hand and kneaded it, while she bit on her left index finger. Muffled moans escaped her mouth, as she enjoyed the pleasurable sensations in her nether regions. She slowly picked up speed, and her moans became louder. “Hnnnng…. Hnnnnng…. Hmppppp… Uurrrghhhh… Oh god... Oh god… Yess… Mmmmm...”

I reached out with my hands and held her thighs, running my fingers across her smooth skin. She continued riding me, increasing her intensity as the pleasure rose. “Jun, hnnnghhh… I… mmm… I love… you… Urrrgghhh…” Upon hearing that, I thrust my hips upwards, penetrating her deeper and catching her off guard. She gasped loudly. “OH GOD!! HNNNGHHH!!!!” I held the sides of her ass, and I started to thrust upwards. At the same time, she rode me hard too, placing her hands on my chest for balance. We kept at it for a couple of minutes before she arched her back and moaned loudly as her first big orgasm hit her. I continued to thrust my hips upwards, and she moaned with every thrust. It was more like a continuous moan, but punctuated each time I thrust. “Urrrghhhh…URGHHhhhhh…URGHhhhhh… URGHHhhhh…”

It was tiring to thrust upwards with her weight all on me, so I hugged her and rolled over so I’m on top now. I spread her legs wide and positioned my dick at the entrance, then I pushed in all the way. I placed her legs over my shoulders and I leaned forward for deeper penetration. Once in the desired position, I started to pump her fast and hard. Her moans rivaled that of Eileen’s, coming from the living room. They were having a good time out there as well. I could feel each time Kim hit an orgasm. Her pussy would squeeze my dick tight and her body will do an involuntary shiver. Her stomach rose and fell rapidly with the exertions.

I soon felt the all-too-familiar feeling of my own orgasm approaching, and I continued to thrust into her. Her moans have died down to a mere whisper now, as she was totally exhausted by the many orgasms that she had achieved. I pulled out my dick just as it spewed a thick wad of cum onto Kim’s tummy. After a minute of recovering, I moved back and sat down on the bed, and her legs fell lifelessly off my shoulders and onto the bed. Kim closed her eyes, and the only signs of life coming from her was the rise and fall of her chest. She was totally shagged out. Within minutes, a soft snore started to come from her. I cleaned up the cum with a couple of tissues, then went to open my bedroom door.

Bryan was seated on the floor, and Hyun was sitting behind him, with her hands around him and stroking his dick, which was no longer erect, as Eileen licked it. The conclusion I got was that he had cummed not long ago, and Eileen was cleaning him up while Hyun played with her ‘toy’. Seeing me at the doorway, Hyun got up and walked over to me, and I quickly went to the kitchen to ‘avoid’ her and to get a drink, as I thought I was too tired to take on 2 girls that night.

Hyun: You can run, but you can’t hide, Jun!

Sure enough, she caught up to me and wrapped her hands around my dick, as I stood in front of the fridge drinking cold water. She started to massage and rub my dick, trying to will it to life. Unfortunately, I was quite tired after the session with Kim, so it only became half-erected. Hyun didn’t give up, she knelt down on the kitchen floor and started to blow me. She tried licking, then massaging with her tongue, and she tried suction. Slowly but surely, my body responded, and my dick became fully erected, but it was also aching a bit. Hyun got up immediately and jumped on me and gripped my hips with her legs, making me carry her in standing position. She used one hand to position my dick at her entrance and let herself down a little, so my tip penetrated her. Satisfied, she swung her hand up to hold the back of my neck and she lowered herself fully.

As my dick slid inside her warm and wet pussy, she moaned and tilted her head back. Her mascara had run off now, and her face looked like a sexy mess. Hyun used her leg muscles to push herself up and down on my dick, grunting with the exertion, and moaning at the pleasure. She began to lick my neck savagely like it was a stick of ice cream. Unsatisfied, she kissed me ferociously and stuck her tongue in my mouth, at the same time sucking the air out of my lungs. Her tongue probed my mouth like an eel, slithering everywhere and tangling with my tongue. It was hard to breathe as she kept sucking the air out of me. The more she kept at it, the more turned on she became, and she rode me faster and harder, and loud moans were escaping from her even as she continues to kiss me ferociously.

Barely another minute had past when she released me from her mouth of doom and tilted her head back, letting out a guttural moan as she came hard. Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably, and my aching dick couldn’t take it anymore, I came hard before I could let her down and pull myself out of her. As she came, she also stopped pushing herself up with her legs, and she slid down fully onto my dick, so I came all the way deep inside her. Still carrying her, I stumbled over to the dining table and put her down on the table, then I pulled out of her. Cum flowed out of her pussy. I tried to back away, but Hyun grabbed the back of my neck with her hand and pulled me towards her, pressing her forehead against mine.

Hyun: You came inside me.

Me: Yes, I tried to pull out, but I couldn’t.

Hyun: I like it.

She had said that with a sinister grin across her face. I didn’t know how to respond to that, I was more worried about getting her pregnant. She must have seen the worried look on my face, and she reassured me.

Hyun: Don’t worry, it’s not that easy to get pregnant. Besides, I’ll just go and pop one of those morning-after pills that were left over from our trip.