Chapter 85

Kim released her sister and Hyun laughed out loud. “Sorry, I guess I’m hungry. What’s for breakfast, Mr Jun?”

Kim: Let’s have prata! Hyun hasn’t tried prata yet!

Hyun: What’s prata?

Me: Oh, it’s like fluffy pizza crust with curry. It’s nice, trust us! I know of a place at Ang Mo Kio that serves great prata.

We went back into the room to change into clothes that were more fitted for going out and about, then we left shortly. It was a short bus ride to Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, then we walked to block 107. There is a kopitiam there that sells muslim food 24/7, damn good.

The sisters found a table and got seated, while I went to order the food. The boss of the prata shop recognized me as his regular customer.

Muthu: Yes boss! Morning! Never ride moto today arh? What can I get for you today?

Me: Morning morning! No lah, today brought my girlfriend and her sister here to eat prata, so never ride lah, take the bus! (I pointed to the table where the sisters were seated at)

Muthu: Fuuuyoh brudder! You power lah! Both also so pretty! Which one yours? The short hair one? Or both also yours?!

Me: Bro, don’t nonsense lah! The short hair one mine only! Hahaha…

Muthu: Hahahaha! Joking only lah brudder! But really, if both yours, woohoo! Ok, lai, enough talk cock, what you want to order?

Me: Gimme 6 kosong, 3 egg… Then 1 fish curry, 1 mutton curry, and 1 chicken curry…

Muthu: Ok no problem boss! Go take a seat, later we bring over the food for you!

I went back to the table and the drinks auntie came to take our drinks order. Hyun kept staring at the Indian food stall, she was quite amazed at how they smacked the dough and then flip the prata before folding it to fry it. The aroma of the curry was thick in the air, and it opened our appetites. Hyun’s tummy, then Kim’s growled audibly. We all laughed.

The food came shortly after. All the pratas were fresh off the frying pan, all hot and crispy. The curry was also served, and Muthu came over with an additional plate of masala mutton.

Muthu: Boss, this one just fresh from the pot, I give you one plate for free, don’t tell anyone arh!

He placed the plate on the table and collected the money for the food, then went back to his stall, not before giving me a wink and thumbs up after pointing to the sisters.

Kim was already furiously digging into her meal, and Hyun copied what she did exactly. It was funny to see Hyun fumbling with her prata with her bare hands, trying to tear the hot prata into small pieces to dip into the curry, but keep licking her fingertips because the prata was very hot. The moment Hyun put the prata, wet with mutton curry, into her mouth, she rolled her eyes back and tilted her head backward. A loud “Mmmmmmmm!” escaped from her lips and she enjoyed the explosion of joy in her mouth caused by the crispy, yet buttery prata, fused with the robust, spicy taste of the mutton curry. Foodgasm is the only way to describe it.

Hyun: Oh my god oh my god oh my god… this prata is awesome! I can eat this all day!

She pulled apart another piece of prata and dipped it into the fish curry this time. Yet another foodgasm hit her.

Hyun: Oh my god! This one taste different is tangier than the other one, yet still so delicious!

Me: Yup, the fish curry, they cook with Assam, which is an ingredient that will make the curry a little bit sour. I like this stall because they balance it very well, just sour enough to enjoy, but not too overwhelming.

Hyun was already dipping another piece of prata into the chicken curry. Once again, it was a foodgasm for her. In stark contrast, Kim was quiet all the way, concentrating immensely on her food. It wasn’t her first time here, as I have brought her here a couple of times. Her first time was as comical as Hyun’s. Now, she was already on to her second prata, while Hyun was just finishing half of her first. I started to dig into my pratas, and Hyun continued to have foodgasms each time she placed a piece of prata into her mouth. I took the meats out from the curries and divided them into bite-sized pieces and put an equal portion onto each of the sisters’ plates. Once again, massive foodgasms from Hyun. She can’t keep moaning with each bite.

It wasn’t long before we finished our food, and Hyun burped loudly, tremendously satisfied with her meal. We got up to leave and I waved goodbye to Muthu, who waved back. Hyun wanted to go to a supermarket to get some snacks, so we took a bus to Ang Mo Kio Central. I pushed the trolley around in the NTUC as Hyun and Kim loaded it up with snacks and groceries. Hyun wanted to cook a meal for us that evening.

We left to go home, carrying bags of chips, vegetables, meat, sauces, all kinds of things. It was as if they wanted to fully stock up my fridge. Thankfully, the bus wasn’t crowded and we didn’t inconvenience anyone with our bags. When we reached my unit, we were surprised to see the gang waiting outside, Bryan, Ann, Yivonne, Eileen.