Chapter 81

Kim was caught unaware, but she quickly recovered and kissed Hyun back. Her face was blushed, probably from the initial shyness of making out with her own sister, but Hyun knew how to make Kim relax. Hyun slipped her hands under Kim’s shirt and cupped her breasts, I could see her fingers moving, pinching Kim’s nipples gently and rubbing them. Kim moaned out loud, extremely aroused by Hyun’s touch. She began to reciprocate, pushing her hands under Hyun’s shirt, groping her sister’s breasts.

Knn! Fuck! The two sisters making out right in front of me is turning me on damn badly! But I can’t do anything to them! I began to stroke my dick, rubbing it gently, waiting for them to stop their sister play and pounce on me. The video is now showing Mrs Smith bouncing on Steve’s dick and Sally sitting on Steve’s face. Fuck fuck fuck! When will the two sisters have enough and do that to me?!

Hyun grabbed Kim’s shirt and started to remove them, and Kim caught on, and she did the same for Hyun. Once the shirts were off, they resumed their breast massage for each other and the frenching. Hyun shifted one hand down and slipped it under Kim’s fbts. She began to rub gently, and Kim opened her mouth and moaned. It was such a sensual moan and my dick twitched! But not cumming anytime soon.

Hyun retracted her hands, then slid her shorts and g-string off. She then reached for Kim’s shorts and pulled it off, along with Kim’s thong. The video had ended by now. The moans of the video had been fully replaced by the moans of Hyun and Kim. Once naked, both of them rubbed each other’s crotch, and I could hear the squelch sounds of their fingering.

Hyun then started to turn her attention towards me, seeing that I'm already at my limits. She guided Kim to my head and made Kim straddle my face. She pushed Kim down and I grabbed Kim’s thighs eagerly, bringing my mouth to her pussy. I already buey tahan liao, must eat pussy NOW! I dived in with my tongue and my first few licks already brought Kim close to climax. She moaned loudly and gripped the bedsheets tightly. Her body shuddered and she arched her back. She came like a fountain, spraying her cum juice all over my face. I tried my best to lick it all up and it only served to make her moan more.

Hyun continued to look at us with a devilish smile. She had straddled me behind Kim and was playing with Kim’s breasts, pinching her nipples and rubbing her tits. When Kim came hard, she turned Kim’s head and frenched her. When they broke the kiss, a stream of saliva dripped from their tongues. Fucking turn on! Especially when both of them are sisters and Kim looks so angelic, yet Hyun looks so devilish!

I continued to assault Kim’s pussy with my tongue, driving her to ecstasy. Hyun had released her hold on Kim’s breasts, and I replaced Hyun’s hands with mine. Hyun stealthily slid down from my chest area to my groin area. She wrapped her hands around my dick, and then slowly slid it into her pussy. She lowered herself fully and my dick stabbed her pussy fully. Hyun let out an animalistic howl. She began to ride me like a rodeo, going fast and furious.

Kim was getting very shagged out by my tongue assault. Although it was extremely enjoyable to her, she has had so many orgasms in the last 15mins that she had lost count and her breath was very ragged and fast. Each time she reached orgasm, her body shuddered violently. I lost count of how many times she had shuddered, but it was easily more than 10. She leaned forward, resting her arms and head against the wall behind my bed. I decided to give her a breather. But it wasn’t easy.

Hyun was still riding my dick hard. She was bouncing vigorously, making my dick enter her fully each time. Every time my dick entered her to the hilt, I could feel the tip pressing against her cervix. She moaned loudly, uncontrollably… “YEAAAAHH!!!! HUURRGGGHHHH!!! URNNNGHHH!!! URRRGGHHH!!! ARRRGGHHHH!!! YESSSSS!!! HNNNNGGGGG!! FUCKKKK!!!!”

Each time she bounced hard, my body will naturally bounce on the bed as well, and my head will be buried into Kim’s pussy. All I had to do was the stick my tongue out halfway, and it would make contact with Kim’s clitoris, which was what happened. Kim moaned, even though she was resting her head on her arms, which were leaning on the wall. She came a few more times because of this.

Hyun suddenly moaned louder than before, and I felt her pussy walls tightened around my dick dramatically. It pulsated with such fury that I could feel an awesome massage on my dick given by her pussy. She had cummed, very hard. I could feel her pussy juice overflow and leak out from her love hole down my balls and to my bedsheet, which was already soaked with her love juice.

Despite her powerful orgasm, she continued to ride me as vigorously as before, driving herself into a few more orgasms and driving me close to mine. I couldn’t control anymore and I thrust deep into her before my dick exploded, spewing my hot seed deep into her warm womb. She moaned loudly as well, having reached yet another orgasm at the same time as mine.

I continued to grab Kim’s thighs as I stuck out my tongue and licked her. She pushed against the wall and leaned back. Hyun caught her and wrapped her arms around Kim. Hyun was still sitting on my dick, and I could feel her pussy still pulsating. Kim’s eyes were glazed with lust by now, and she was drooling from the side of her open mouth. She was also limp from exhaustion. I licked her a few more times and she came yet again, but nothing more than a soft, low moan escaped from her mouth.

I gently pulled Kim towards me, and she collapsed onto me completely, lying half on top of me and other on the bed. Hyun was panting heavily as well, and she tried to get up, but her legs were jelly. She tried a couple more times but gave up. Instead, she collapsed forward onto me and rolled onto the other side of me, opposite Kim. As her pussy disconnected from my dick, I felt a waterfall of cum flow out from her pussy onto my sheets.

The three of us lay there, exhausted, panting heavily. I drifted off to sleep soon after, a sleeping beauty on each of my sides, hugging me. It felt like heaven.

I was awakened by the doorbell about an hour later. Putting on my boxers and a t-shirt, I went to the door to open it. It was Jim, he entered.

Jim: Howdy mate! Damn! I didn’t know you had milfs in this place that were so eager to screw with an Aussie! Do you know that milf I was talking to at the pool just now?

Me: Yeah, I’ve seen her around. She’s single and always brings random guys home.

Jim: Fuck! She’s a great fuck! Friskier than Hyun even! I went three rounds with her. You should try her!

Me: No thanks, I have Kim and she’s enough for me, any others are just a bonus.

Jim: Don’t kid yourself mate, I’ve seen what you can do with that tool of yours. You should be a fucking gigolo! You’ll earn tons of cash, ripping off milfs like that one. She even booked me for the rest of the week!

Me: Are you serious?! Then what about Hyun?

Jim: Fuck that… I’m no longer content to be a cuckold. It’s time I start to become a real man and seek new conquests.

Hyun: IS THAT SO?!

I turned around. Hyun was standing at my room door stark naked. She was red with anger. Jim saw her and his face turned pale. He knew he had made a bad mistake. But almost immediately, his color returned to his face, and he retorted back.

Jim: Yes, it is true! I’m no longer content to be a cuckold and watch you fuck other guys! It’s time for me to be a real man and conquer other women. I just had the sweetest sex with that milf. You have no idea how rough I was with her, and she enjoyed it. I relished it, the feeling of power coursed through my veins.

Hyun fumed. She clenched her fists tight and she punched my room door hard. Tears began to flow down from her eyes. Kim had come to the door and hugged her sister. She had the sense to at least put on her t-shirt and her shorts.

I turned back to Jim. “Dude, I think that’s enough. You two have some things to work out. How about y'all sit down here and I’ll get you two a coke each and y'all talk it out?”

Jim sat down heavily on the couch and threw a glare at Hyun. Kim went back to the room to get Hyun’s clothes and passed it to her. After Hyun wore her clothes, she sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs and arms and glared back at Jim.

They started to talk, and occasionally raised their voices at each other. But long story short, Jim decided he doesn’t want to be a cuckold anymore, and both of them decided that the arrangement that made their relationship work is no longer viable since neither of them is willing to compromise. Hyun wanted her control over Jim back, but Jim wants to be a free man. The situation was very tense, as Hyun viewed his fucking of the milf as a dire violation of their unspoken rule, and she was extremely pissed with him over that.

Jim: So what now then?

“I think you guys shouldn’t be staying together. Wait at the lobby, we’ll pass you your stuff.” I said.

Jim: The hell I will! Where the heck am I supposed to stay then?

Kim: (angrily) You can stay with that milf of yours and be her fuck toy, asshole!

I’ve never heard Kim scold someone this angrily before. Seeing her sister being bullied must have driven her to her limit.

Jim: Make me, you bitch!

Me: HEY! You do NOT call my girlfriend names!

Jim: What you gonna do, chink?!

I clenched my fists tight but kept controlling myself to not punch that arrogant asshole.

Jim: Yeah, you keep yourself and your Korean bitch at bay, just like how you damn chinks are supposed to be, submissive. If your bitch yelps again, ima put her in doggy and show her who’s boss.

My barely contained raged exploded, and before my brain did any processing, my body swung my arm forward. My fist caught him off guard and connected with his lower jaw in a sickening crunch. I felled him immediately with that one punch.

Jim got up and walked towards me, fists raised for a fight. He swung a right hook at me, which I easily ducked from, and followed up with a left hook, which I was ready for. Grabbing his left arm tight. I twisted his arm inwards, making him lose his balance and falling forward. I fell with him but slipped my legs across his face and his chest, gripping his left arm in between my legs in a standard armbar lock.

I have some background in Muay Thai, as I joined my friend’s gym back in JC, but after I entered the army, I stopped. The new rising combat sport was MMA, and I learned some moves from watching MMA videos and practicing the moves in my free time. I pulled his arm towards my chest hard as I pushed his face and chest down hard with my legs. He groaned and grunted and tried to struggle free, but the lock was good and tight.

I continued to hold his arm in the armbar lock, and I applied more pressure gradually. His arm was soon fully straightened, and then slowly being hyperextended. He winced in pain.

Me: Are you, or are you not going to wait outside quietly while we pack your stuff for you?

Jim: I… I.. will… FUCK! (I had applied some more pressure on his arm)

Me: From this moment, you and Hyun are no more, and you will not bother any of us anymore. Is that clear?

Jim: Yes… Clear!... Arghh… Fuck!! (I had applied pressure again)

Me: If I find out that you have troubled any of them, especially Kim, you will need a cast on your arm at best, understand?


Having heard what I wanted to hear from him. I let him go and stood up, still on guard in case he decided to pull a fast one. Hyun was already walking into Kim’s unit with Kim. They were going to pack up Jim’s shit and be done with him once and for all.

Jim stood up, holding his injured arm gingerly, and glared at me as he slowly made his way to the lobby and waited.

After about 10mins, Hyun and Kim appeared and threw his luggage at him.

Hyun: Everything that belongs to you is packed in that luggage. Your passport is in there as well. I have taken your air ticket to Seoul, but I will purchase one back to Australia from Singapore for you. I will not have you come to Seoul, especially not on the same flight as me and seated beside me.

Jim: You can’t do this to me!

Hyun: Get this clear, I can do whatever the fuck I want. Now scram! Go to your milf!

Jim picked up his luggage and got into the lift. “I’ll get you for this!” were his last words as the lift door closed. Thankfully the milf stays in the far block, and the chances of meeting them will be very low unless they go for a swim.

After the lift door closed, Kim turned and hugged Hyun tightly. Hyun was shaking with anger, yet crying with sadness and perhaps relief. I went over to the sisters and stood, waiting for them. Kim released Hyun and hugged me.