Chapter 76

Kim came out of the room shortly after, wearing a pair of denim shorts and a white tank top. Her pink satin bra can be seen through the white fabric of her top. As usual, her choice of dressing accentuated her nice figure, yet was modest enough to cover the important bits, only revealing enough flesh to tease. I could see Jim leering at her lecherously. He must have been emboldened by that night in Bali. I had better keep an eye on him. I headed into the room to change and brush my teeth.

Hyun and Kim then started to speak in Korean, as Jim continued to cast his gaze upon Kim’s smooth, fair, long, slender legs. I was done in 5 minutes, and I grabbed my wallet, keys, and phone and we left the house, heading for breakfast. As we walked to the bus stop, Hyun wrapped her arms around Kim’s arm, and they walked ahead, speaking in rapid-fire Korean, leaving Jim and myself to walk behind them slowly. As they walked, Kim occasionally turned back to look at me and Jim, usually after Hyun mentioned something.

The rest of the bus journey was the same, and we reached Sembawang hill hawker center after 10mins. It wasn’t very crowded, being a school day, but it was still packed enough with people. We managed to find an empty table, and Kim dragged me away to go order food, leaving Hyun and Jim to look after the table. When we were in the queue for the fishball noodles, Kim pulled me close.

Kim: Dear, just now Unnie and I were talking. We purposely spoke in Korean because we didn’t want Jim to understand what we were talking about. Dear, you don’t overreact ok? Unnie was saying that since that night at Bali, things may be quite different. Jim was always submissive to Unnie, but maybe because of that trip, something changed, it’s as if he no longer wants to be a cuckold anymore and he wants to bed as many girls as he can. Unnie used the word ‘bull’ to describe him, not sure what it meant. Unnie says he has mentioned to her about getting the whole gang together for more fun while they are still here. And also she has been noticing that he has been looking at me lecherously and warned me to be very careful around him.

Me: Yeah, I noticed too. He seems to have become bolder. Even looking at you lecherously while I’m around. If he touches you, let me know, I’ll give it to him.

Kim: Hehehe… Dear is so protective of me! I used to have Unnie’s Taekwondo to protect me, but now I also have Dear to protect me!

It was our turn to order.

Me: Auntie, 4 bowls, add noodles, 2 dry 2 soup. The dry ones, 1 add a lot of chilies, the other one normal. Then one bowl fishball soup also.

The auntie took down my order.

Kim: Dear, I thought you don’t eat a lot of chilies?

Me: You’ll see…

The food was cooked and we carried the trays back to our table. I set the food down and passed the bowl with extra chili to Jim, the girls had the soup ones and I took the normal dry noodles. Kim looked at me and giggled.

Jim was famished, and he tucked in immediately, mixing the noodles properly and taking a few big bites. He was about one-third into the bowl of noodles before the spiciness hit him. His face turned red and he perspired like as though his head was a fountain. He put down his chopsticks and opened his mouth wide, blowing out and fanning his mouth with his hands as Hyun, Kim and I watched. Hyun had a bewildered look on her face, while Kim couldn’t help but laughed out loud uncontrollably. Eventually, her laughter was quite contagious, and Hyun started laughing like a mad woman too.

Jim: OMG!! WHAT THE HELL! I knew Singapore food was spicy, but this is a whole new level! I need iced water!

He dashed off to the nearest drinks stall and ordered sugarcane juice, he almost finished the entire cup. He came back and continued to eat the noodles. It took him 3 cups of sugarcane juice to finish the entire bowl of noodles. He looked at me.

Jim: Damn, Jun isn’t even perspiring one bit. You locals must be really accustomed to chili from a young age huh?!

Me: Yeah, kinda. Growing up in Singapore, you can’t avoid spicy food.

Hyun and Kim both laughed hysterically at my straight face and Jim’s panicky face that was red and full of sweat.

We finished our food, and Jim wanted to go back to the condo immediately. His stomach was burning and he needed to shit, fast. Must be too spicy for him to handle. We boarded a cab and went back to the condo. He took the keys from Hyun and dashed to our block, going to the toilet first. Hyun, Kim and I went back to my unit and sat down on the sofa, letting our food digest while we relaxed.

Hyun: Jun, did you have to torture my boyfriend like that?

Me: Huh? I didn’t do anything.

Hyun: Sure you did! His bowl of noodles was so much redder than yours. Did you ask the lady to add extra chili into his?

"Not bad, you’re very perceptive", I thought.

Me: Nope, maybe the auntie had a slip of the hand and dropped more chili into his.

Hyun: Oh… Okay… If you say so… I almost thought you were punishing him for leering at our darling Kim.

Kim shifted in her seat uncomfortably.

Hyun: Don’t worry Kim, Unnie will protect you from him. In fact, Unnie had been thinking since we were on the flight back to Singapore. I might want to break up with him once our stay in Singapore is over. He is no longer the submissive guy I knew and am comfortable with anymore. Our relationship works because he was a cuckold and don’t mind me sleeping with other guys. But I do mind him sleeping with anyone at whim. If I give him permission, it still works. But I think now, he doesn’t care anymore. And the thing that troubles me is this…

Hyun: Yesterday afternoon when we got back. He grabbed me and threw me to the bed, then mounted me and pulled my clothes off. I thought it was a normal love-making session, but something was wrong. He was much much rougher than usual. I did enjoy the rough sex, but then, just as he came, he had a slip of tongue.

Hyun paused dramatically. Her eyes had a tinge of fear, and maybe sadness. But she steeled herself.

Me: What did he say?

Hyun: *Deep breathe* “Take my hot seed, KIM.”

Kim and I widened our eyes, alarmed. This fucking angmoh was fantasizing about fucking my Kim while he was fucking Kim’s sister. And the roughness was no doubt part of his fantasy. I clenched my fists tight and started to tremble with rage. Kim saw and she was scared, but she wrapped her hands around my fists, trying to calm me down.

Hyun: Don’t worry. I won’t let him touch Kim. I swear upon my life. I have beaten up people for less.

Under Kim’s soothing, I gradually calmed down. I will keep a close eye on Jim, and if he so much as dares to touch Kim, I will make sure he gets a beating of a lifetime.

Just then, someone knocked on the main door. Hyun went to open the door, and Jim was there. He came in and slumped into a couch.

Jim: Whoa… that was the gnarliest shit I’ve ever taken! My butthole feels on fire! In fact, my entire stomach and intestines feel like they are on fire.

The three of us didn’t say a word, nor did we even remotely smile at his feeble attempt at humor.

Jim: Oh… Kay… What’s up, mates? Did a koala die or something?

Me: Nah, Hyun and Kim were just talking about going back to Korea after these 2 weeks, that’s all.

Jim: Kim’s going back to Korea with Hyun and I too?

Kim: Maybe. Probably not.

Jim: Shame… Would be nice for you to bring us around in Seoul.

Hyun smacks Jim hard on his shoulder. “Are you forgetting that I’m also Korean and lived in Korea longer than Kim?”

Jim: Nah man, I just thought… Nevermind.

Jim knew he dug his own grave, and he had better shut up before he got Hyun angrier