Chapter 73

Kim lay down on the floor beside me and gently pulled me onto her. I lifted her legs and rested them on my shoulders. I leaned forward gently, holding my revived dick in my hand and placing it at her vaginal opening. I rubbed my dick up and down, teasing her, drawing fluids from her already glistening pussy.

Kim: Jun…. Please…. Urrggghhh…. Tease…. No…. Mmmmmm… Stop… Teasing me….Ahhhh…. Don’t tease…. Me….. Nnnnggghhh….

Me: (Teasingly) Why, dear? Why you don’t want me to tease you?

Kim: No….*gasp* … Don’t tease… Don’t be… Urrggghhhh … Asshole… Hgggnnnn…. FUCK ME!!!

Me: You really want me to fuck you? (I continued teasing her, rubbing my dickhead against her clitoris)

Kim opened her eyes and looked at me, it was burning with lust. She licked her lips and pleaded again.

Kim: Please… Jun… Mmmmm….. Put it….. Urrrgggghhh…. Inside me already… Stop… Urghhh… Teasing… Me… Ohhhhh….

Me: Tell me you want my dick…

Kim: I… *gasp*... I want… Your… Hnnng…. Dick…. Mmmm….

Me: You want what?

Kim: Hnnnnggghhhh… I WANT YOUR DICK! Ahhhhhh….

Me: Where do you want my dick?

Kim: Urrrgghhhh… I want… Hnnnggg… Your dick… Hnng… Inside… My… *gasp* Pussy….

Me: What? Where?


Ann heard all the commotion. She came over and went behind me sneakily.


Ann grabbed my hips and pushed with all her might. I lost my balance and fell forward, my dick slipping into Kim’s dripping pussy and impaled her all the way in.


Ann hugged me from behind, and slipped her right hand down to my dick, forming an inverted V on my dick between her index and her middle fingers, pushing down against the base of my dick. In no time at all, her fingers were also coated with Kim’s pussy juice. She leaned forward and tilted my head to face her, and frenched me furiously. She used her body to push against mine, dictating the pace of my pumping of Kim. It was as if she was fucking Kim through a proxy of me. Kim moaned loudly, grabbing my thighs and pulling me towards her.

Jim and Eileen were both out of the game already. They were both not moving, seemingly drifted into sleep, exhausted, shagged. Jim still had the wine bottle stuck up his ass.

Yvonne went to Hyun and Bryan, who were fucking like rabbits by now. Yvonne stood in front of Hyun and pulled her head towards her pussy, making her lick it. Hyun used her hands to stop Yvonne, instead, she managed to grab Yvonne’s arms and pulled them behind Yvonne’s back, subduing her. She then lowered Yvonne onto Bryan’s dick and pushed Yvonne down, impaling her pussy on Bryan’s erected dick. Hyun then stood in front of Yvonne and made her lick her pussy.

Hyun: I’m the cuckcake! I’m the dominant one! You will lick me out instead, princess!

Yvonne didn’t argue, as Bryan grabbed her hips and thrust his dick into her. She was enjoying the fucking too much to argue with Hyun. Hyun grabbed Yvonne’s head and smothered it against her pussy. Yvonne instinctively stuck her tongue out and started to lick Hyun up with enthusiasm.

Kim moaned loudly as she came for the 7th time while I fucked her, pace dictated by Ann. I was near the edge as well, as Ann used the V between her index and middle finger to rub my dick up and down with every penetration of Kim. Her left hand kept caressing my body and she had kept frenching me. Kim moaned again and arched her back as orgasm number 8 hit her. Her eyes rolled back in her sockets, and she was drooling from both sides of her mouth. Her hair was soaked and her body glistened with sweat.

Kim’s body shuddered violently and her vaginal walls contracted violently again, squeezing my dick and coaxing it to erupt inside of her. I couldn’t hold it any longer. My dick twitched violently and I felt a deep ache radiating from my prostate, as it squeezed the glands and a large torrent of cum spewed forth into Kim’s warm womb. I kept cumming and cumming, and Ann shifted her hands to massage the area between my asshole and my balls sac. That massage made my dick twitch more and thoroughly emptied my supply of cum into Kim. It felt like a full minute had passed before my dick stopped twitching, and my balls ached badly. I lowered Kim’s legs onto the floor, and I collapsed beside Kim.

As my dick got pulled away from Kim’s pussy, the huge torrent of cum flowed out of Kim like as if a dam had burst. Ann was there, fortunately, and she leaked up all the cum that overflowed. Once she was done, she kissed Kim and me on the lips, and then she licked hers and went to Bryan, Hyun, and Yvonne, picking up 2 empty wine bottles along the way. Kim hugged me tight and wrapped her legs around my body and fell asleep.

As Ann reached Bryan, Yvonne, and Hyun, Bryan grunted and climaxed, as so did Yvonne. Bryan shot his load deep inside of Yvonne, as both their bodies tensed up. Yvonne collapsed on him and they both lay on the floor, exhausted and expended. Hyun looked at them and sighed, knowing that they will be useless in helping her get off.

Ann whistled at Hyun and tossed a wine bottle at her. Hyun managed to catch it, but not able to block Ann, who gently tackled her to the ground. Ann adjusted herself so that both of them were in 69 positions now. Without warning, Ann stuck the wine bottle into Hyun’s wet pussy and used it as a dildo, fucking Hyun vigorously.

Hyun moaned loudly at being violated so roughly by Ann, but she still had fight in her. She gritted her teeth and using the wine bottle in her hand, she returned the favor to Ann, poking it into Ann’s pussy. Both of them grunted and moaned as they fucked each other roughly with the wine bottles. After a few minutes, both of them moaned so loud that surely orgasm is at hand.

Hyun lost the fight. She arched her back and tilted her head backward as she climaxed, cumming very hard. Some cum squirted out, but the majority of her cum flowed into the wine bottle. Even as she came, she did not let Ann go, continuing to ram the bottle into Ann’s tender pussy roughly.

Ann couldn’t control anymore, she squirmed as she climaxed too, letting out a long, satisfying moan. Both girls lay on the floor facing each other’s pussies. They both breathed heavily, breasts heaving as their chest expanded and then contracted. After a few minutes, they KO-ed as well. The wine bottle in Ann’s pussy got squeezed out with a light pop sound. The bottle in Hyun’s pussy remained there, just like the bottle still stuck in Jim’s ass.

I got up, pushing Kim aside gently. I walked over to Hyun, stroking my dick, and it sprang to life. I pulled Hyun’s hips up and she knelt in doggy position, with her head still lying on the floor. I removed the wine bottle from her pussy and it came out with a very light pop sound. Looking at her marvelous ass, I spat at her asshole to lubricate it, then I placed my dick at her asshole and slowly coaxed it in.

My dick entered Hyun’s asshole smoothly. Her asshole was very tight. I fucked her ass slowly, enjoying the tremendous sensations brought by its tightness. Hyun opened her eyes, and she let out a soft low moan. Drool dripped out of her mouth. She bit her lips, obviously enjoying the assfucking she’s getting from me. I started to fuck her with more intensity, pumping more vigorously now. She moaned again, a soft low moan, and her pussy squirted some juice onto my thighs. I came 5 minutes later, deep inside her asshole. As I released her, she fell back onto the floor like a ragdoll, used and abused, thoroughly spent.

I got up and went to the toilet to wash up, then I came out and went to the sofa nearest to Kim and sat down, looking at the sight in front of me. The 5 girls and 2 guys all butt-naked and lying in pools of drool and cum on the floor. Jim had a bottle stuck up his ass, and Hyun’s make up had smudged, giving her a very gothic look. I carried Kim to the sofa and lay her down, then I fell asleep beside her. The entire orgy had taken almost 4hrs. and it was almost 3am in the morning.