Chapter 72

Ann: I dare Yvonne to do a lapdance on Jim…

Yi\vonne: I dare Bryan to rub his butt against Jun’s crotch!

Bryan: I dare Hyun to french kiss Kim for 1 minute!

Hyun: I dare Eileen to grope Ann’s boobs!

Eileen: I dare Jun to unzip Ann’s dress!

Me: I dare Jim to unbuckle Ann’s bra using his teeth.

Jim: I dare Bryan to smack Hyun’s ass!

So on and so forth, the game went. Ann was unzipped and unbuckled after the first round. Her dress still on only because her sleeves were still hanging on her shoulders. The next dare came swiftly and Hyun dared Yvonne to pull Ann’s dress down from the front. Ann did not protest, and Yvonne gamely pulled her dress down, revealing Ann’s supple C cup breasts. Jim’s eyes widened.

Ann: Hey hey! All aim me ah?! My turn to aim people liao! Jun, I dare you to unzip Hyun’s dress!

I looked at Kim, and she was laughing, obviously high on the wine. She saw that I was asking for permission with my eyes and she nodded, allowing me to do so. I went up to Hyun and proceeded to unzip her. She shot a hand behind her back and groped my groin as I pulled the zipper down. Her dress did not stay on her shoulders, instead, it slid down as I unzipped, revealing her crimson red lace bra. Done with the dare, I returned to my seat.

Hyun looked at Jim, who was staring at Ann’s breasts and dared Jim to lick Ann’s nipples. He did the dare with gusto, grabbing her breasts and giving her nipples a good licking. Ann moaned sensually.

The next few dares were all about stripping or teasing those that were already stripped. Within a few rounds, we were all naked and we were down to 2 bottles of wine. Each dare now took longer to complete, as people started to get carried away.

Bryan: I dare Kim to make out with her sister by frenching for 1 minute. (They did it for 2mins, and Jim shot his load into his hands as he was masturbating at the sight)

Hyun: I dare Ann to lick up Jim’s cum! (Ann licked it all up)

Jim: I dare Yvonne to rub her pussy against Bryan’s dick. (Yvonne did that, teasing Bryan mercilessly.)

After another 15 minutes of such softcore stuff, the 2 bottles of wine had finished, and the sexual tension in the room was just too high. Ann was the first to break, calling an end to the game by pouncing on Jim and frenching him furiously. Not surprisingly, he frenched her back furiously, their tongues twisting and jostling in each other’s mouth. She slipped her hands down to his dick as he lifted his hands to knead her breasts. Ann lowered herself onto Jim’s dick and felt it penetrate her fully. She started rocking up and down.

At the same time, Yvonne had tackled Eileen onto the floor and was licking Eileen’s pussy. Eileen grabbed Yvonne's head and pulled her down on her pussy. Eileen moaned with pleasure. Bryan stood behind Yvonne, and rubbed his dickhead on Yvonne’s pussy lips, teasing her but not pushing it into her. Yvonne moaned loudly and pleaded for Bryan to fuck her, to stuff her pussy with his dick, that she cannot take the teasing anymore. Bryan grinned satisfyingly at Yvonne wanting his dick so badly, and he complied by plunging his dick deep inside her pussy.

I looked at Kim and Hyun. Kim was crawling towards me, the fires of lust burning strong in her eyes. she reached me and she pushed me down onto the floor gently. Hyun came by and joined her, both sisters sharing my hard, erected dick. The sight of both of them licking my dick aroused me to no end. They looked so alike that it was as good as having twins blowing me, only one being angelic and the other more gothic due to her smokey eye make up.

Hyun guided Kim, teaching her how to lick more effectively, how to tease me and where to lick. Kim smiled at her sister with a lustful look and took in her advice hungrily. With Hyun’s training, Kim’s blowjob skills had up leveled. Hyun held Kim’s hands and pulled her up onto me. With one hand holding Kim’s backside, pushing her towards my groin, and the other hand grabbing the shaft of my cock, she started to guide Kim’s pussy and my cock towards each other. She slid my cock into Kim, and gently pushed Kim down by her shoulders.

Kim rocked gently on my groin as my dick penetrated her. She clutched her own breasts and lifted her head, moaning in ecstasy. Hyun smiled at the whole scene before her, and she straddled me facing Kim, and positioned her pussy at my mouth.

She sat down on my face, her pussy directly at my mouth. I could smell her sweet pussy and I instinctively grabbed her thighs and licked her in a frenzy. She moaned loudly and grind her pussy on my mouth. Hyun also pushed Kim’s hands away and kneaded her breasts. In return, Kim raised her hands and massaged Hyun’s breasts.

Jim stood up, carrying Ann, who was still stuck on his dick, and he proceeded to fuck her while standing up. He was quite strong, and he bounced her on his dick without trouble at all. Ann was enjoying the hard fucking from an angmoh, and I could see her tilt her head back in enjoyment and her eyes had rolled backward. A stream of love juice flowed down the inside of Jim’s thighs.

Bryan’s grunt took my attention away from Ann and Jim. He had cummed hard inside Yvonne while doing her doggy style. He pulled Yvonne onto the floor, such that her back was on the floor, and spread her legs wide as he positioned his dick at Yvonne’s mouth. He forced his dick into her mouth and she sucked at his dick, cleaning his cum off it. Eileen got up and licked Yvonne’s pussy, easily dealing with Bryan’s cum that oozed out of Yvonne’s pussy.

Kim had picked up her speed of riding me, and she was bouncing up and down on me violently. Hyun moaned loudly, and then cried out when I probed her sensitive clitoris with my tongue. Instantly, I felt a gush of cum juice flow from her pussy onto my tongue and into my mouth. It tasted heavenly.

Kim continued bouncing on me for a while more, then her body started to shudder as she approached orgasm. She arched her back and screamed as it finally came. My groin felt wet immediately, as her pussy splashed my groin with her cum juice. With every thrust of my dick, more cum squirted out from her pussy, Hyun was also furiously frenching Kim.

After Kim had cummed, Hyun gently pulled her off my dick and made Kim swap positions with her. Kim sat on my face and I licked her pussy, which was still leaking cum juice. She came again almost immediately, arching her back and it seemed like a jolt of electricity went through her body as she shuddered and jerked with the immense pleasure brought to her by her orgasm.

Hyun positioned her pussy on top of my dick and sat down, totally engulfing my dick inside of her warm, welcoming pussy. She rocked up and down vigorously, pleasuring herself and me.

Jim grunted and lowered Ann back onto the floor. He pulled out his dick from her pussy and pointed it at her face, squirting a thick shot of cum onto Ann’s beautiful face. Ann took the first shot, then quickly pushed him down and mounted him again, pushing his ejaculating dick into her pussy and rode him hard. Despite Jim’s protests and orgasm, his dick managed to stay semi-hard, and it was good enough for Ann as she came hard. Jim’s dick had become limp and shrunk back to its unerected state.

Jim: Fuck yeah! This is so much better than being a cuckold! I’m gonna fuck as many pussies as I can from now on! It’s good to feel in power!

Meanwhile, Yvonne had turned the tables on Eileen, eating her pussy out. Eileen moaned loudly with pleasure and thrashed about as wave after wave of orgasm hit her.

Bryan walked over to us, stroking his cock, which has recovered and was erected again. He stood beside Hyun, who was still bouncing on my dick and waved his dick at her face, slapping her face a couple of times with it. Hyun took the hint, and stroked his dick with one hand, then pulled Bryan closer as she wrapped her red lips around his dick.

I continued to thrust my hips at Hyun’s while grabbing Kim’s thighs and pulling her hips down as I assaulted her pussy with my tongue. Kim could not take it anymore, and she came a few times in rapid succession, her sweet nectar flowing into my ready mouth.

Down below, I couldn’t take it anymore, and my dick twitched a few times, getting ready to erupt and spew my seed into Hyun’s warm womb. Hyun sucked Bryan furiously and Bryan grunted loudly. His dick then exploded, and a torrent of his cum spurted out with force. It landed on target, across Hyun’s pretty face. He then grabbed her head and stuffed his dick into her mouth, making her lick him clean.

I couldn’t take it anymore as well, and my loins tightened. I raised my hips as the pressure at my groins became extremely intense. I groaned as my dick twitched violently and shot my load deep into Hyun’s pussy, flooding it. Hyun continued to bounce on me, our cum leaking out of her pussy with every pump.

Jim walked towards Eileen and Yvonne, willing his dick to life again. He pushed Yvonne aside, and turned Eileen over, putting her into doggy position. He rammed his cock right into Eileen’s soaking pussy hard, and Eileen started to moan loudly, as she had been brought to orgasm mode by Yvonne already. Yvonne got up, angry at Jim snatching her prize away.

She picked up an empty wine bottle and pushed the neck into Jim’s asshole, drawing a surprised moan of pain from him. Jim did not stop though. He merely pushed his hip forward, ramming his dick into Eileen further, and at the same time, withdrawing his asshole from the wine bottle. Then he pushed his hips back, willing the wine bottle deeper into his asshole. With a few more thrusts, Eileen found that the bottle entered Jim’s asshole smoothly and he was no longer moaning in pain, but of pleasure.

Jim grabbed Eileen’s arms as he doggy-fucked her roughly. Eileen’s breasts were dangling and shook with every thrust that Jim made. There was a trickle of drool leaking out from the corner of her mouth as she got fucked senseless by Jim. She had endured more than 10 orgasms since Jim went behind her.

Yvonne was pulling and pushing the wine bottle into Jim’s ass vigorously now, and Jim kept moaning. It wasn’t long before Yvonne made Jim cum from the anal stimulation. Jim pumped his seed deep into Eileen’s womb, drawing yet another orgasm from Eileen. I could tell that Jim’s orgasm took almost all the energy out of him, as he fell onto the floor exhausted, the wine bottle still stuck in his asshole, inserted quite deeply until the part where the neck widened up. Yvonne stood up, pulled him onto his back and then sat down on his face, making him lick her.

Bryan had dragged Hyun off my cock and was 69-ing Hyun furiously now. He licked up all the cum that was leaking out of her sweet pussy, nevermind that some of it belonged to me. He lapped it up like a dog. Hyun kept teasing Bryan’s cock with her tongue, sucking and trying to will it to life. After 10mins, she succeeded and she pulled Bryan to right beside Eileen, who was still lying on the floor, trying to recover from the many orgasms she has had.

Right in front of Eileen’s glassy eyes, she lay Bryan down and mounted his hard cock. She began to bounce hard on Bryan, making sure that Eileen had a damn good front row view to the fucking that she was gonna give Bryan. Eileen looked on as Hyun bounced up and down on Bryan’s hard dick, but her glazed eyes not registering much. Her mind was already blank, gone fuck by the massive orgasms that she has had thanks to the combined power of Yvonne and Jim.