Chapter 70

After lunch, I called Bryan. They had all just woken up and ordered room service. Bryan told me they were all very tired and didn’t want to go out to do sightseeing, which was the programme of the day. So we agreed to just book slots for a massage at the villa’s spa and chill for today. Massage, dinner, night swim, then sleep and pack for departure tomorrow.

The villa offered a very good spa package. About 500,000 rupiahs for 3hrs Balinese massage with essential oils, it included a Jacuzzi bath, ear candling and you can opt for the hot stone massage as well, topping up if so. We booked a 3hr spa package for the 8 of us.

They separated us into males and females. There was a bigger common Jacuzzi facility, and there are individual tubs. They ushered us into the common Jacuzzi area, the females in theirs, and the males in ours. Jim, Bryan and I occupied different corners and just relaxed. Jim and Bryan traded stories about the previous night, while I closed my eyes and leaned back, letting the water jet massage my body.

The girls were laughing and giggling, it sounded like they were having a lot of fun. I could hear bits and snippets of what they said. “Ann! Stop it!” “Yvonne, that tickles!” “No! Don’t touch me there!” “Wah Hyun, I wished I had your boobs!” “Kim, don’t be shy!” “Eileen! Stop it!” “Ann!!! LAST WARNING!!!”

Jim: Sounds like they are having fun!

Bryan: With Ann and Yvonne there, I wouldn’t be surprised.

After an hour of soaking in the Jacuzzi, we got up and entered separate rooms for the massage. My masseuse was a Balinese lady. She was wearing a white spa uniform with matching pants. She looked no older than 20yrs old. She had an impressive bust for her small 1.65m tall frame, a slim waist, and a nice perky butt. She smiled at me as I entered, and it was a very pleasant smile. Her nametag read Farah.

She motioned for me to take off my towel and hang it on the hanger, which I shyly did so because I was not wearing underwear underneath it. I thought maybe that was the standard procedure and wondered how many dicks have Farah seen or mounted. I started to visualize her naked, and my 2ic erected immediately.

After hanging the towel on the hanger, I turned around to face her, and her eyes instantly zoomed in on my gravity-defying dick and she opened her eyes and mouth wide. I let her stare a while, then I coughed lightly, and she shook out of her trance. She blushed and told me to lie down on the massage bed, face down.

As I lay down, I heard a flurry of activities as Farah walked around to and fro, dropping things here and there. Finally, she settled down, and squeezed out some massage oil and began the massage. She started with my feet first, moving gently upwards. Her hands were strong, exerting enough force so it wasn’t a piano massage. She managed to hit all the nerves and acupoints accurately, and it was a good massage. My legs felt very relaxed as she continued to work hard, kneading and threading the tightness away.

She reached my upper legs, and as she applied more oil on my thighs, she would slip her hands in between my thighs, rubbing my sensitive areas. My hardon had subsided when the massage started, but now, with her rubbing, it woke up again. It was quite uncomfortable, lying on my hard-on, so I started to squirm and shift to get comfortable.

Farah rested her hands on my ass cheeks and held me down reassuringly, then she used one hand, went in under my balls, and helped to position my dick for me. It did help, but it also made my dick bigger, as her soft gentle touch excited it beyond measure.

I have not done Balinese massage before back then, always doing the Thai twisting of bone style, so what Farah did next seems weird, but I wrote it off to being Balinese style. She gently pulled at my hips a bit to elevate them, so that there’s room for my dick below. Then she massaged my groin area and my butt cheeks. Her soft touches were extremely arousing.

Farah continued to rub at my groin, then she went in for the kill, wrapping her oily hands on my dick and stroking the shaft. It was extremely shiok and sensual. I held my breath, enjoying her touches. She continued to massage my dick for a while, then she gently pushed my hips down again, so I won’t squash my raging hardon. She proceeded to give me my lower and upper back massage.

Farah was a top-notch masseuse. Her touches were gentle, yet contained enough force to rub away all the knots and tension in my muscles. She was very meticulous, paying very close attention to make sure that the tension was released before she moved on to the next muscle. When she was done with the back massage, she stood up and walked to a corner. I heard some rustle of clothes.

After a couple of minutes, she walked back, and tapped my shoulder, asking me to turn over so she can start with the front massage. I turned over and looked at her.

Farah had taken off her clothes and was fully naked in front of me. She had a nice figure, small, slim waist, nice full C cup breasts, perky bubble butt, and a fine, light bush of pubic hair. It was my turn to have my eyes wide and my mouth opened.

Farah gently pushed me down onto the bed, and she straddled me on the massage bed, back facing me. She started to massage the front of my legs, from calves up to thighs, teasing me with her touches on my inner thighs. She gave me a very good view of her pussy and her cute bubble butt. As she massaged me, she grinds her groin against mine, the massage oil lubricating our bodies. She was done with massaging my thighs, and she shifted her hands up to my groin, grabbing my shaft and gently stroking it up and down.

Farah raised her hips off my body and moved her hips nearer towards my dick. She guided my dick to her pussy, and she lowered herself down. My dick did not go in smoothly, it got stuck halfway. She tried a couple more times with the same result, it stuck. I reached out and held her hips, then tried to turn her so she faced me, she got the idea and she shifted herself around.

I used my hand to rub her pussy and her clitoris. She was wet with anticipation. She tried to guide my dick into her pussy again. Once again, it got stuck. She gritted her teeth and refused to get up. Instead, she continued to push down. This time, it worked, and my dick slipped into her very very tight pussy inch by inch.

She let out a very soft moan, obviously mindful that the sound may carry over to the other rooms as it was not soundproofed. She began to ride up and down on my dick, her glorious C cup breasts bouncing with her rhythm. She leaned forward to push her hips further down on mine to get a better angle and deeper penetration. She was extremely tight. There was no bleeding from her pussy though, so she couldn’t possibly have been a virgin.

She leaned forward and hugged me as she continued riding, her oily C cups squashed in between our bodies. It slid up and down, her erected brown nipples brushing mine every now and then. She was gasping and she breathed hard. She kissed me and I kissed back, my hands holding her hips and I started to thrust at her as well.

She then sat up and rested her hands on my chest, grinding her pussy hard against my dick. She opened her mouth and gasped heavily with each thrust, clearly in ecstasy. Before long, she started to bounce vigorously on my dick and the massage chair creaked. I continued to thrust my hips against hers. The piak piak sound starting to become quite loud. My loins tightened.

We came together, I exploded deep inside her pussy, as her pussy wall vibrations massaged my dick and squeezed out the cum from me. We looked at each other and she collapsed onto me, her breasts cushioning her fall onto me. The massage bed creaked once more. She breathed heavily, trying to get back her breath.

After about 5mins. She got up from me, and my dick slid out of her pussy, which was still quivering. As she got on the floor and stood up, I heard a ‘piat’ sound. I looked and saw that cum had leaked out of her pussy and dripped onto the floor. She went behind me, and tap on my shoulder and asked me to sit up. As I did, she sat on the massage bed behind me and gave me a good neck and shoulder massage. I could feel her supple breasts rubbing against my back as well from time to time.

She was done with the neck and shoulder massage after 10mins. Instead of getting down, she shifted her hands back to my dick, and stroked it, giving me a handjob. It felt very good, her tugging was not too strong, yet sensual enough to make me want to cum. After about 10mins of tugging, I blew my second load all over my groin and her hands.

We still had about 5mins more on the clock. She looked at it, then asked me to lie down. Even though it would run overtime, she wanted to do the ear candling for me. It took about 15mins before everything was done. We got up to dress up, and I picked out 300,000 rupiahs from my wallet and tipped her. She gave me a big smile, a big hug, and a passionate kiss on the lips. Then she walked out of the room and let me gather my stuff.

I heard some Bahasa conversation going on, and I heard Farah reply something. Probably they were asking her why she took so long.

When I walked out, the rest was already done and sitting at the waiting area sipping lemongrass tea. Kim came up to hug me and asked why mine took longer. I simply replied that the masseuse said my back was very tense and knotted up, so she spent more time on my back. Kim replied “Oooohhh...”

Farah came back out and offered me a cup of lemongrass tea. She smiled at me sweetly and excused herself to go to the back room again.

The rest were raving about the massage, saying that it was very worth it and all because it was good and the prices were not too expensive.

After we paid, we began to walk back to our villa. Bryan came up to me and nudged me.

Bryan: Eh bro, your masseuse quite chio leh! Fuck! If only mine that chio, I’ll definitely ask for extra service!

Me: Hahaha… I thought all the masseuse there quite ok looking one?

Bryan: No uh! Mine was like a 40yr old auntie lah, she was damn rough when she massaged me. She didn’t even go near to my groin. I thought maybe if she gave me a handjob, I can close my eyes and pretend mine was a SYT like yours and cum.

Me: Hahaha… then too bad lor…

Bryan: So… u never ask for extra service ah?

Me: Nope.

Bryan: Fuck lah bro… what a waste! You become monk issit?

I laughed and pushed him away. I didn’t lie to Bryan, I never asked for extra service. It was willingly given to me.