Chapter 67

Meanwhile, Bryan had released Ann, he had grabbed her by the hips and was now screwing her in doggy style instead. Eileen knelt down on her knees and kissed Ann as Ann got fucked hard by Bryan. He grunted with exertion, and after a few more pumps, he shot his load deep inside Ann’s pussy. He pulled out immediately, and a torrent of cum dripped out of Ann’s pussy. Eileen made her way to behind Ann and lapped up all the cum that was flowing out of Ann’s pussy. She then proceeded to lick Ann’s pussy, driving her to orgasms, as Eileen herself got fingered roughly by Bryan.

Kim was still blowing me, and she slowly massaged my balls. Yvonne continued rimming me, and she massaged the part between my asshole and my balls. It was extremely pleasurable, and I couldn’t last long. I moaned as I spurt my load inside of Kim’s mouth. She choked on the initial burst a bit, and coughed, but quickly continued sucking as more cum flowed out from my dick. Yvonne stopped rimming me and came to the front to suck and lick my dick as well. She didn’t get much, but Kim hugged her and shared the cum in her mouth with Yvonne. I was super turned on by the sight of them cum-sharing, kissing each other as my cum, mixed with their saliva, dripping from their mouth and onto their breasts. I sat down to recover.

Meanwhile, Eileen had turned over and lay down on her back. Ann sat on her face and made her lick her pussy. Bryan was still fingering Eileen roughly. Ann reached for his dick and stroked it hard, very hard, as if revenge for forcing her to deepthroat him. I could see Bryan wince in pain, but Ann didn’t care. Bryan channeled all that pain into fingering Eileen instead, and Eileen came a few times from the extremely rough fingering. Ann squeezed Bryan’s dick and balls hard, and even though he was still limp, cum oozed out from his dick after a while.

Ann got up and used her leg to push Bryan onto the floor. He had passed out from the intense pain that Ann had caused him. Eileen was gone as well, passed out from the extreme orgasms from Bryan’s rough fingering. Ann walked over to me with a serious CFM face. Kim and Yvonne were busy fingering each other and licking each other out.

Ann reached out for my hand and pulled me towards Eileen. “Puff, would you help mummy fuck the dragon-huntress up please?” She said. I said I couldn’t because I had an agreement with Bryan.

Ann: Mummy has slain the dragon-hunter… I just want Puff to punish the dragon-huntress for the hurt her husband caused to mummy. You’ll help mummy won’t you, Puff?

Ann held my dick and give it a kiss, then she stroked it gently. My dick roared to life, and she pulled me towards Eileen. Ann guided and pushed me into Eileen. My dick entered her raw pussy and slid right in. Ann directed my fucking of Eileen, telling me to go deeper, or harder, or faster, and I obeyed her. I glanced over at Yvonne and Kim as they both moaned loudly non-stop. They wouldn’t stop fingering each other even though both of them are having orgasms. Their moans of ecstasy turned me on and I raised the tempo of my thrusting into Eileen.

With Ann’s encouragement and her massaging of my balls, I soon was ready to cum. Ann looked at me and said “Oooh… Puff is ready to spit fire soon! Let me help Puff!” She stood behind me and pushed my hips deep into Eileen’s and reached for my balls, massaging them gently. I could not take it anymore, and I blew my load deep inside Eileen.

Ann: That’s a good boy, Puff… Mummy’s gonna take a nap now, so tired. Puff sleep well too…

With that, Ann fell onto the floor and drifted off to sleep. Kim and Yvonne had quietened down, and when I looked at them, they were both on the floor, eyes closed, bodies rising with every breath, twitching every now and them as waves of pleasure from their orgasms hit them. They look like they were spent and falling asleep too. I stood up, went to the kitchen, opened a can of coke and gulped it down, then I kept burping as my throat burned from the carbon dioxide in the coke. But I was very thirsty, and I didn’t care.

I walked out to the living room, where the other 5 bodies lay, and I lay down beside Kim, holding her. I looked at the ceiling, and I saw a swirl of multicolored stars. The room was spinning crazily and the sound of moans echoed in my head. So did the CFM look of Ann. I conked out after that, mercifully.