Chapter 66

We carried the beer into Bryan’s villa, and we opened 3 bottles immediately, pouring them out into glasses and finishing everything down to quench our thirst. We called for 2 large ice buckets, put 4 beers into them, and the rest went into the fridge. As I sat down, I felt the 2 packets of shrooms in my pocket. I took them out and threw them on the table.

Ann: Are those the psychedelic shrooms?!

Yvonne: Looks like it!

Me: Yup, they are, I think… Some guy was peddling them on the beach while yall were out surfing, and I bought 3 packets, gave one to Hyun.

Yvonne: Let’s try them now!

Ann: Wait no! I got a better idea! Let’s drink more beer first! Finger guessing game!!!

And so we played finger-guessing games. They tried to sabo Kim because she’s the worst drinker, but she held her end up well, seldom losing. Instead, Ann was the one who lost the most, and she gamely drank up.

After an hour, we had half the beers left, Ann decided to change the rules a little, to add that the loser will strip an article of clothing with each loss. We agreed since Ann was top of the loss list at the moment.

The trend continued. Ann had to pick off her clothes round after round, first her shirt, then her shorts, then her bikini top. As she sat there in her bikini bottom, she seems to gain power. She remained undefeated for the next 10 over rounds, as we all started to strip down to her level. Kim covered her breasts by folding her arms, so did Eileen and Yvonne. Bryan was down to boxers and I had my boardshorts and boxers on, having only lost once so far.

Kim lost the next round, and she stripped bare shyly. I could see Bryan having a raging boner as he watched Kim take off her panties. Stare all you want, you are still forbidden to touch her from our agreement, I thought.

I lost the next round, and then Bryan, Eileen, Yvonne. Everyone was naked except Ann and me now, having one piece of clothing on each.

Ann: Jun, if I lose, you get to fuck me first. If I win, I get to fuck Kim with my strapon first. How about that?

Me: Sure. I won’t lose.

Ann lost the next round. And she stripped as her face glowed red.

Ann: Eh, now everyone naked liao, your turn to strip!

I took off my boxers. Ann stared at my dick. It wasn’t erected yet, but it was nice sized. It wasn’t the first time she had seen it, but she still gawked at it every time.

Bryan opened the remaining bottles of beers, there was 1 for everyone.

Eileen: Bottoms up!

We all drank up the beer. Kim could only manage half the bottle, so I helped her finish the rest. We were all already quite high and slurring our speech. Bryan started to rub Eileen’s pussy.

Yvonne: Hahahaha… Can we finalfuckingly get on with the SHROOOMS?!

We had all forgotten about the shrooms, except Yvonne. We all stopped what we were doing, and opened the packets. We each pick one large piece, put it in our mouths and chewed then swallowed. Nothing happened.

Yvonne: Jun! U kena bluff issit? Why nothing happens one?

Ann: Yah Jun, why nothing happened? The shrooms made in China issit?

Eileen and Bryan laughed… Kim held my arm, then she massaged my shoulders.

Me: The guy said it’s magic shrooms leh, maybe need some time to take effect lah? U drink beer also not immediately high one mah.

And then the effect started 20mins later. It started subtly, the colors going a bit haywire bit by bit. Red become pink, then orange, blue becomes green then yellow. Sounds became weirdly distorted and time seemed to slow down. It was as if suddenly everything went slo-mo, then picked up speed, and slo-mo again. Then we started seeing things weirdly. Ann came over to me, asking for permission to see my ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ and started to cradle my dick softly in her hand, stroking it as one would do with a pet.

Bryan and Eileen were already getting things started, Eileen riding on top of Bryan, calling him a purple horsey. Yvonne and Kim were kissing each other, making out, stroking each other rubbing each other’s pussy. I was aroused by the scene, and my dick erected fully.


And she proceeded to kiss the tip of my dick. Soon, she was giving me a blowjob, and it was quite intense. She released my dick after a couple of minutes, and she pushed me onto the floor as she got on me.


Ann moaned as she lowered herself suddenly on my dick. She started to bounce violently on it. “FLY, PUFF, FLY!!! FUCKING DRAGON, FLY!!!!” She shouted. It was some crazy shit. She kept bouncing on my dick.

“Urrggggghhh… Mmmmm… Yesss…… Ughhhhh… Yes…. Fuck me….. URRRGHHHH!!!” I heard all around me, as Yvonne and Kim rubbed each other to orgasm, and Bryan came inside of Eileen. The sight of the orgy turned me on immensely, and Ann was riding me to climax soon.

“Oh yess… oh yes…. Yeah… ugghhh… HNNNGGGHHHH!!!” she came hard, her pussy spasming around my dick, squeezing and massaging it. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I pulled out of her, stood up, and placed my dick at her lips. As she opened her mouth, I sprayed all my cum into her mouth. I stroked my dick from base up, to make sure all the cum was out. Ann looked at me as she swallowed all my load. She then stood up, hugged me tight and said “Thank you Puff, for feeding Mummy… Any other dragons want to play?!” She turned around and walked towards Bryan and Eileen.

Eileen sat on the sofa, legs spread wide, cum flowing out from her pussy. Bryan was seated beside her, his limp dick curled up at his groin, leaking the remains of his cum. Ann walked up to Eileen, knelt down in front of her, and licked her pussy. “Looks like puss in boots has something left for mummy~”

Ann licked up all the cum that overflowed from Eileen’s raw pussy. She savored every single drop of it, then she fingered Eileen to orgasm, and licked her again. Yvonne and Kim had crawled over and were sharing my dick, taking turns to lick it.

Ann turned her attention to Bryan’s dick, licking it while stroking Eileen’s pussy. Bryan’s dick started to come alive and he pushed her head down on it, making Ann deepthroat him. “YEAH!!! That’s it, slave! Suck my dick! Suck all of my dick! You cheebye whore!” He shouted.

Ann choked, and saliva flowed from her mouth, flowing down Bryan’s dick. She choked some more, and Bryan pulled her head up by her hair and gave her a breather, then pushed her back down again. He thrust his dick into her mouth as she did so.

Some part of me wanted to stop Bryan, but the swirls of the colors somehow stopped me from doing anything. I couldn’t seem to protest. I kept seeing weird things with weird psychedelic colors. Kim took my dick into her mouth, and she started blowing me, and in my vision, it was like some multicolored alien girl licking and sucking on the rainbow colored paddle pop ice cream. I looked around for Yvonne, somewhat dazed. Yvonne had gone to behind me, and she was holding my thighs and had her head in between my butt cheeks. I felt her tongue tickling my asshole. She started to rim me. I’ve never been rimmed before, and it tickles.