Chapter 65

We continued to talk and found out that Eileen is frustrated by Bryan a lot because he will always stop after he cums, even though Eileen hasn’t. Eileen has wanted to try doing it with another guy, that’s why she bought into Ann’s plan readily, so she could try me if the plan succeeded. Unfortunately, Kim has denied her, although Eileen understands Kim’s reluctance for me to fuck her.

As Bryan couldn’t satisfy her or didn’t bother to, she had turned to Ann and Yvonne. They would meet quite often to play with each other. Ann had built up a formidable arsenal of toys. She had 2-way strapons, dildos, jackrabbits, anal beads, They often took turns to fuck each other, not stopping until each of them had been satisfied sexually. Over time, Ann started to ask Bryan to join them.

Eileen shared that Bryan would come, blow his load extremely fast, then lie down and wanted to sleep. It was during one of those times, that Ann punished him for being sexually selfish. She had handcuffed him to the bed frame, then lubed his ass up and pegged him with the strapon. Eileen and Yvonne watched on, taking turns to flick his limp dick as he grimaced in pain as Ann’s slip-on entered his ass. After a while though, he started to enjoy it, moaning as Ann thrust and shoved the strapon into him. He came shortly after, the cum just trickling out from the tip of his limp dick. Ever since then, Bryan has been their bitch, their sex slave, so to speak. Ann was the big boss.

Hyun came back and lay down beside me, smacking my butt as she did so, then laughing loudly to decoy away any suspicions from Kim. Kim did not even seem to mind a bit, laughing at her sister’s actions.

Hyun: Hi girls, and boy… What’s up?!

Kim: Nothing much, Noona, just chatting. Where did you go? Jun said you weren’t surfing.

Hyun: Oh… Jun was looking out for us huh? (she eyes me and bites her lips) I went to take a walk, and I met this nice British couple and got to know them. They’ve asked me to bring Jim along for dinner with them, so I won’t be joining yall tonight for dinner and even later I guess.

Kim: Oh! Ok… They are your friends?

Hyun: No.. no… silly... it’s good to make friends… they are strangers initially… But now friends…

Kim: Ok Noona, be careful!

Hyun: Don’t worry, Kim! Noona has always been able to protect herself and you! If Jun bullies you, let me know, I will punish him… (looks at me and licks her lips)

Kim: Hahahaha! Jun has been very good to me, no need to worry, Noona!

We were interrupted by a deeply tanned man with a beard. He looked to be about 30-40yrs old. He was wearing a Rastafarian beanie and he came up to us. He spoke to us in rapid-fire Bahasa, he was missing many of his teeth. We couldn’t understand what he was saying, as my limited knowledge of Bahasa failed me. He lifted up several small plastic bags. In each bag, there were pieces of some dried vegetable looking thing.

I took a packet and examined it closer. It was a piece of dried mushroom. You could see the gills of the mushrooms clearly. Are they the so-called magical shrooms. The man pointed at the packet of shrooms and pointed to himself. Then he swayed unsteadily and smiled widely and started pointing at the sky randomly. Then he laughed and gave us each a thumbs up as he pointed back to his shrooms.

I told the girls that that must be the funky shrooms that always come up in pop culture, and they nodded. They were eager to buy some to try. I looked at the man and asked: “how much?”

The man raised 5 fingers at me.

Me: 5000 rupiahs?

He shook his head.

Me: 50,000 rupiahs?

He sighed and shook his head

Me: 500,000 rupiahs?

He showed me a wide toothless grin and nodded vigorously. A tourist couple walked past us, and the guy said aloud “I wouldn’t pay more than 250,000 rupiahs for 1 packet of shrooms.”

I looked at the shroom peddler, and he was looking at me eagerly, thinking I’m some cai tou to be chopped. I took 4 packets from him, then I said 500,000 rupiahs. The peddler got shocked, then he took back 3 packets and smiled at me. I took another 2 packets back from him, then I said 500 000 rupiahs, pointing to the 3 packets on my side now. He looked at me with a sad face and took 2 packets back and put his hands together to plead with me.

I pass him back the single packet on my side, and held my hands up, refusing to negotiate further. It alarmed him and he tried once more to peddle his packet of shrooms. I refused again. When he saw that it failed, he pulled out 3 packets of shrooms and opened his other hand out to show 5 fingers.

Me: 3 packets for 500,000 rupiahs?

The man nodded with sadness. I took out the money and paid him after taking the shrooms. He counted the money gingerly, his face showing neither happiness nor sadness. After he made sure the money was right, he got on his way and left for the next bunch of tourists.

Hyun: You’re really good at bargaining, Jun. Bet you can bargain the panties off my dearest sister…

Kim: NOONA!!!!

Hyun laughs and sayang Kim, saying that it’s a joke. Kim tried to act angry but ended up bursting into laughter as well. I passed a packet of shrooms to Hyun, keeping the other 2 packets for whatever Ann had planned tonight. I was sure it’s gonna be some crazy wild shit.

We continued to suntan, and I continued to look at the rest surfing. While Bryan and Yvonne were totally engrossed with surfing, I couldn’t say the same for Jim and Ann. They were treading water, boards floating beside them. They were both facing each other, and Ann had her hands on his shoulders. Every now and then, I could see one hand kneading Ann’s breast. God only knows where Jim’s other hand was and what he was doing with it.

An hour passed and they all came back onto land. We started to pack our stuff as the sun began to set, throwing an orange hue on everything. Once we had packed up our stuff, we place them around a table at Echo Beach Club and took turns to go shower. Once we’re all done, we watched the sunset over fresh coconuts again. Hyun and Jim then took their leave to go for the rendezvous with the other couple.

We took up the club’s seafood barbeque package, and we ordered a large variety of barbequed seafood. I also ordered a couple of bottles of white wine and we all toasted and drank while we feasted on extremely fresh prawns, crayfish, lobster, scallops, muscles, freshly shucked oysters and much more. After our feast, Ann hurriedly settled the bill and got us all to go back to the villas.

Eileen looked at Kim and me, and we looked back at her, knowing that Ann wants to set her plans in motion soon. We got onto the scooters and left the beach club, but not before da-baoing at least 15 big bottles of Bintang beer.

We scooted back to the villa, suffering no major mishaps except Yvonne riding off the road and straight into a tree at low speed because Ann was kneading Yvonne’s breasts. The scooter suffered no damage as it was a very low-speed crash, and Ann and Yvonne quickly shook off their shock, with Yvonne scolding Ann furiously and asking her to control herself till they got back to the villa. Ann tamely nodded.

I gathered the keys and returned it to Siti, who was at the counter. She did not have a smile on her face initially, as she saw Kim clinging to me. But when my hand contacted hers whilst returning the key, she smiled at me widely.