Chapter 64

We rode down to Echo Beach Club again and had lunch. We ordered various meats and salads, Kim and Eileen shared a carbonara as well, and we had a coconut each. After lunch, we rested for a while, chatting, before we headed out to the beach and laid out a couple of groundsheets and lay there to suntan.

I applied suntan lotion for Kim, slowly rubbing in the lotion with sensual strokes. I started from her feet, moving upwards to her calves, massaging her calves slowly. She let out a very soft moan “mmmm” in approval. I squeezed more lotion out and worked her thighs, massaging them, applying the lotion in nice, warm rubs. I spent a bit more time on her inner thighs, close to her groin, and she squirmed a little as the feelings of pleasure hit her.

Slowly, I shifted upwards more, and massaged her butt area, sometimes slipping my hands under her bikini bottom as I massaged, feeling her full asscheeks. Done with her butt, I shifted upwards to her tiny waist, and gave her a nice lower backrub. “mmmm….” I shifted upwards yet again, applying the lotion on her mid and upper back, rubbing the lotion in sensually. Occasionally, I would let my hands roam to her side, and brush the sides of her breasts, which were squished against the groundsheet.

I was done with applying lotion on her and capped back the lotion. Bryan had finished applying for Eileen and was applying for Yvonne. Meanwhile, Hyun was done, and Jim was applying lotion for Ann, feeling her up. He enjoyed it, and so did Ann. Ann even pushed her bikini bottom towards her butt crack, so Jim could apply over more of her ass. Hyun was looking elsewhere and didn’t really seem to mind, even as Jim took advantage of the situation and felt Ann up. I had seen him slip his fingers into the middle of Ann’s thighs and rubbed Ann’s pussy slightly, as well as massaging the sides of Ann’s breasts as he applied lotion on her upper back.

Once they were all done, Kim and I remained on the groundsheets with Eileen. The rest took off to the board rental shops to rent surfboards to surf the waves. There was quite a lot of ang mohs there doing surfing, mostly from Australia. Kim and Eileen were discussing which ang moh guys were hot, and how they liked some of the ang moh ladies’ bikinis. As for me, I just took in the sights, sights of pretty, shapely girls walking up and down the beach, as well as how skillful some of the people were at surfing the waves.

I looked out to see if I could find the rest. I saw Bryan on his board, swimming next to Yvonne on hers. They seem to be conversing and he was making some actions with his hands. Jim was next to Ann, doing the same not far away. A big wave came in, and they paddled and got on their boards, riding the momentum. Ann washed out almost immediately, having not managed to stand up on the board in time. Yvonne rode the wave halfway down, then got wiped out as she tried to angle her board to the crest of the wave. Jim and Bryan rode it out successfully, then paddled back to get the girls. Hyun was not with them.

I scanned the beach for Hyun. Her red bikini should be able to stand out quite well. I spotted her soon after, she was talking to a Caucasian couple, and they seem to be quite close. She was touching the girl’s hand and engaging them in conversation. I wonder what they were conversing about.

30mins passed, Eileen, Kim and I flipped over to suntan the other side of our bodies. Eileen started to engage Kim and me in a Q&A.

Eileen: So... you guys… must have done IT by now right? Hahaha…

Me: Done IT? What is IT?

Eileen: C’mon, don’t act like you don’t know! You guys must have had sex by now right? Bryan and I did it many times already.

Kim started to blush. I looked at her and she nodded slightly.

Me: Yeah… we have had sex a couple of times.

Eileen: Just a couple?! I don’t believe

Me: Suit yourself!

Eileen: Hey! C’mon! how many times? Twice a week?

Kim: Closer to thrice a week actually. Depends on how busy we are.

It was a blatant lie as we did it at least 7 times a week. We might have skipped days, but we sometimes had 2-3 sessions a day, so it made up. Eileen seemed to accept it though.

Eileen: That’s what I thought! Bryan and I used to do it only like once a week, cos we couldn’t really do it at home due to our parents and siblings being home. Then…

Eileen looks at me and Kim carefully…

Eileen: I was told that you both had agreed to join in, so I’ll just say it. Then one day, Ann approached me while we were in the toilet. She pushed me against the wall, held my hands together above me, and started kissing me while squeezing my breasts. Yvonne came into the toilet and gasped, then asked Ann what she was doing. Ann then replied she was doing to me what she did to Yvonne a week ago.

Eileen looked a bit ashamed. But she continued.

Eileen: I knew it was wrong, I mean, it’s like lesbian and all, but as she groped me, it felt good. And I stopped resisting. Ann then asked Yvonne to come over and made her kiss me. Ann started to rub me below, and before I knew it, I cummed. Ann made me promise to join her and Yvonne in lesbian play, then she outlined her plan that her ultimate aim was to make it such that all 6 of us can have sex freely with one another.

Kim: Well, she did succeed then…

Eileen: Kim, you won’t mind then if I had sex with Jun?

Kim: Did you?

Eileen: (lying) Nope, just asking for the future.

Kim: I do mind actually. Because I don’t want things to become awkward between Bryan and you. I feel that if attached, should just stick to your boyfriend and not someone else’s guy.

Eileen: Ok Kim, at least now I know the boundaries. Ann is planning something tonight, I thought to let you guys know first. She’s tired of having Bryan as our only fucktoy for the whole of yesterday and this morning. I think she is aiming Jun and Jim.

Kim: Ok, thanks for the heads up. I’m not sure if Hyun is ok with it or not. But I’ll let Jun take part. He hasn’t had sex with anyone else other than me since we got attached. It might be interesting, this whole group thing. I’m open to experimenting and I would want him to as well.

Eileen looks at me, and I looked away. We both know Kim was terribly misinformed.