Chapter 63

I closed the door and went back up to the room. Kim was still on the bed, sleeping soundly. I went to the shower and washed up, then I finished the remainder of my avocado juice and went to sleep, lying down beside Kim and cuddling her. She was soft and warm.

We woke up around 11am. Bryan had called and said it was time for lunch and beach. He also told me he just had another go with the 3 girls and it was fantastic. I woke Kim up, then walked to the next room and knocked on Hyun and Jim’s door. I heard some bedroom sounds, so I just knocked and shouted ‘lunchtime’.

I went back to my room, heading towards the showers. Kim was already inside, brushing her teeth. She wore a white nightie that was extremely thin and a pair of white panties. As she bent over the sink, I could see her perfect bubbly ass. I walked over and held her hips, pushing my groin in between her buttcheeks. She was surprised, but she didn’t jerk much. Instead, she continued brushing and gently swayed her butt left and right, rubbing my dick through the fabric of her panties and my boxers.

I pulled her panties down slowly, and then my boxers. I was very aroused as I saw her face in the mirror. She had spat out all the toothpaste and rinsed her mouth. She was looking back at me through the mirror, her face was full of anticipation.

I rubbed my dickhead against her pussy, up and down, feeling her pussy juices leaking out to lubricate my dickhead. As I teased her, I could see her closing her eyes sensually and her mouth opened slightly, but no moans were escaping yet. Satisfied that my dick was lubricated enough, I started to push it into her, bit by bit, cm by cm. It went in smoothly, and she gasped lightly, and a slight moan escaped her lips.

I kept looking at the mirror, seeing her reflection, and her reaction. As my dick slipped into her, she lifted her head upwards and she bit her lips. Her right hand held on to the edge of the basin, while her left groped her own breast.

I started to pump her gently, and she moaned softly, but steadily getting louder. She tilted her head left and right with every few pumps. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the bonking. She continued to bite her lips, and she arched her body more, pushing her hips higher and positioning it at a nicer angle for my penetration.

She opened her eyes and looked at the mirror, seeing our reflection. It turned both of us on and I started to pump her harder. She used both her hands to push against the basin now, as I increased the intensity of the pumping. She kept her eyes opened and stared at the reflection of us fucking, biting her lips, as did i. Somehow, it is a damn big turn on and I started to fuck her at max speed. After a couple of minutes, she arched her back and moaned loudly as she came hard, squirting her juices all over my thighs. I pumped a few more times, and pulled out, spraying my load all over her ass.

We recovered after a couple of minutes and went to shower together. After we were done, we got dressed up. She changed into her favorite white Roxy bikini with blue flower prints. We went to the living room to wait for Hyun and Jim.

*Ding Dong*

The doorbell rang. I went to the door to open it, and Bryan and the girls were there waiting to enter. I ushered them in. Ann was wearing a neon yellow 2pc bikini. Her top was tied quite tightly, squishing her supple C cup breasts together and creating a very deep cleavage. They jiggled with every step she took. I could see the neon yellow strings of her bottom, but she and the rest of the girls, wore tiny beach shorts.

Yvonne wore a black bikini. This one did not have any push-up abilities, and it made her look like a boy when she stood beside Ann. However, she made it up with her extremely taut tummy.

Eileen was wearing a pink bikini top. The fabric of the bikini top was not quite thick enough, and her erected nipples showed through the fabric. All the girls wore a scarf to cover their shoulders

Bryan: So…. We’re left with Hyun and Jim…

Jim came out of his room and walked down the stairs. “Sorry mates! Jim is here! Had some trouble waking up! We’re on holiday after all!” Jim said.

Hyun stepped out after a couple of minutes. She was stunning. She had full makeup on. Her eyes were smokey and fucking sexy. It gave her a natural CFM look. She wore a red bikini again, but of a different design. Her top pushed her breasts together quite tightly, creating a cleavage that could rival Ann’s even though Hyun was only a B cup. As she walked down the stairs, her breasts and ass jiggled. The red of her bikini bottom contrasted well with the milky white skin of her thighs. It took me a lot of effort to stop staring as she reached the ground floor. She wore the bikini and nothing else, no scarf no shorts.

I looked around and saw Bryan’s mouth totally gawking at Hyun’s form. Even Eileen was staring and not paying heed to Bryan’s staring. Bryan broke the silence when his stomach growled in hunger.

Me: Sounds like someone’s hungry, shall we head for lunch? And Hyun, you’re not wearing a scarf or something?

Hyun: Nope Jun, if you have it, flaunt it, don’t they say?

The way she had called my name, was done in a very seductively way. She had also looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes. I brushed it off awkwardly and started to head to the door as I herded everyone else out the door. Hyun was the last out before me, and she pinched my butt on the way out.

We went to the front porch and rented the scooters for the day. Siti passed me the keys, and as she did, she purposely held onto my hands for a while, while smiling at me sweetly. She saw Kim holding onto my arm and her face changed a little, some tinge of jealousy creeping in. I smiled back at Siti and said thanks, then I turned to leave with the rest.