Chapter 57

I took off my clothes again, and held her hand and brought her into the shower. She was still being very silent. The water rained down on us when I on the tap, and I untied her bikini, letting the pieces drop to the floor. I gently rinsed her smooth, shapely body, letting my soft touch relax her. I turned the tap off, and applied the shower gel on her and began to lather her body, massaging her neck and shoulders while I’m at it. She relaxed a little, and she began to tell me what happened.

While the rest of us went to shower, She was left in the pool with Ann and Yvonne. Initially, they started to talk about girls’ stuff. Then Ann shifted the topic to the guys, saying Jim’s size doesn’t seem big for an ang moh, and that Bryan’s or mine was probably bigger. Yvonne agreed, and so did Kim. So they have been checking the guys out. Then Ann started to compare bust size, saying that just nice in the pool, there’s A, B and C, and she wanted to feel how A and B feels like. Kim was shy and reluctant initially, but Yvonne gamely let Ann grope her, so Kim thought nothing more and relented letting Ann grope her too.

Ann had groped Kim’s tender breasts, and not let go. She kept groping, as she leaned in to kiss Kim. Kim was caught unaware, but Yvonne had moved in and held her hands down too. While Ann groped Kim’s breasts and forced a kiss on Kim, Yvonne had shifted her hands to Kim’s bikini bottom and was rubbing her pussy through the fabric. Kim’s resistance was ebbed away slowly but surely, as waves of pleasure floated through her mind.

Kim’s struggle ceased after a few more minutes of further rubbing. She had given in to the temptation, and lust overcame her. She kissed Ann back as she reached for Ann’s crotch, to do exactly what Yvonne was doing to her. Yvonne and Ann took that as a sign, and they got out of the water with Kim in tow, as the water will rinse away the lubrication provided by the pussy juices and make rubbing more painful than pleasurable. They made Kim lie on the deck chair, and continued where they left off in the pool.

Ann pushed Kim’s bikini top aside, revealing her tiny, pink, erected nipples. She gave them a few rubs and a little pinch, then she proceeds to suck on Kim’s titties. Kim moaned. Yvonne didn’t want to lose out to Ann either, and she pushed Kim's bikini bottom aside, exposing Kim’s sweet pussy. Yvonne rubbed Kim’s pussy lightly, parting the labia and letting the precum flow out. Kim was very wet. Yvonne gave Kim’s pussy a few licks, using her tongue to probe Kim’s clitoris, driving pleasure into her being. Kim moaned loudly and squirmed on the deck chair, as Yvonne proceeded to eat her out.

Ann had enough of playing with Kim’s breasts and swung her leg over as she straddled Kim’s mouth. She pushed her bikini bottom aside and lowered her pussy into Kim’s mouth, gently lifting Kim’s head with her hands to meet her pussy. Kim instinctively licked Ann’s pussy, tasting the sweet nectar. She could no longer think clearly, as the lust swept all conscious thoughts away. She was feeling the pleasure of her tingling nipples, where Ann had dealt her damage, as well as the pleasure coming from her nether regions, as Yvonne sent wave after wave of pleasure with every lick and probe of the tongue.

Yvonne lifted her head and stopped licking, looking at Ann hold Kim’s head at her pussy. She could see Kim’s tongue lapping up Ann’s pussy like it was an ice-cream. Yvonne inserted her middle finger into Kim’s pussy, followed by another. Kim was tight, and 2 fingers could fill the crevice. But Yvonne inserted a 3rd finger and fingered Kim hard. Kim pulled her head back as the penetration hit her, moaning loudly “Urrrrghhhhhh!” Ann pulled her head back into position almost immediately, not giving her the time to moan. Drool started to drip down the side of Kim’s lips, as she was pleasured by both Ann and Yvonne.

Ann couldn’t take it anymore, and she cummed, hard. Her pussy juiced leaked out from her pussy, and Kim licked up the creamy whitish liquid that flowed from Ann’s orifice. She didn’t have the pleasure of savoring the taste, for Yvonne was still hard at work below. After 5mins, Kim couldn’t take the fingering any longer. She arched her back as she came, spurting her cum juice onto Yvonne’s hand and face.

Ann and Yvonne started to put Kim’s bikini back in place, and they leaned in close to her and told her that they can all have pleasure together, the three of them and Bryan and Eileen. They also said that it’s up to Kim if she wants me to be a part of it and that she has to convince me to join them. Kim nodded slowly. She was conflicted because she wanted to keep the exclusiveness she had with me, yet she knows the pleasures that came and the feeling of guilt that she had let Ann and Yvonne had their way with her. She thought that it would only be fair for me to have the same pleasures she had tasted.

Unknown to Kim, I was already inducted to the group sex game during the first orgy at my place while Kim was knocked out on beer. Ever since then, they have been meeting up occasionally to have group sex, although I’m not there usually due to not wanting to raise Kim’s suspicions before she is formally converted. Bryan was the lucky one, often getting all 3 of the girls at the same time, and he had them for longer, sometimes spending the entire day sexing it up at a hotel. I had to make do with secret toilet quickies with Ann and Yvonne, sometimes separately, sometimes both together.

I on the tap, and rinsed the soap away from Kim’s naked body. Her face was red again, and I understand now that it was due to embarrassment and fear that I would be upset. I placed my hand under her chin and lifted her head up to look at her.

Kim: Jun, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. It really felt so good I couldn’t resist anymore, and I… I… I just let them… touch me and make me cum…

Me: Babe, it’s ok… really… I don’t mind unless Bryan sticks his dick into you. If you’re playing with girls, that’s fine with me, sometimes, it’s good to experiment and experience new things. It’s ok, dear.

Kim looked at me and kissed me as tears of relief fell from her eyes. I hugged her tightly and she hugged me back tightly. Then she broke the embrace and look at me again.

Kim: Jun, I won’t get angry if you play with Ann and Yvonne ok? They are still single and they are crazy. But please don’t touch Eileen, she’s attached to Bryan and I don’t want things to get complicated. Please don’t touch any other girls that I don’t know and don’t approve of as well. That’s my condition if we’re going to do this. And as for me, yours is the only dick I will allow in me. But it’s fair game for me with all the girls, Eileen included.

Me: Ok babe. I promise.

We hugged again as a loud knock came from our room door.

Hyun (shouting loudly): Yaaaarrr!! Dinner time!! What are you guys doing inside?! We’re famished and your friends are waiting!

We woke up from our little world and quickly rinsed up as Kim shouted back “5 MINUTES!” We dried ourselves up quickly and dressed up. There was no time for Kim to put her make up on, so she had to make do with a light foundation. She looks even more virginal now with only light makeup. We held hands as we walked out of the room, to the annoyance of Hyun, and we all went for dinner together.