Chapter 56

After an hour plus, I had swum enough, and I decided to head back to shower first and rest. Kim didn’t have enough swim though, and she said she wants to swim for another 30mins or so. Jim had enough too, and he went to take a walk, have a smoke and explore the villas. Hyun got up and excuse herself to go shower too, so did Bryan and Eileen, leaving Ann and Yvonne in the pool with Kim.

I entered the shower back in my room, and on the tap, feeling the rain shower wash away all my tiredness. I was done in 10mins, and I dried myself with a towel and walked out of my shower. On my bed, Hyun was lying down seductively, totally naked, and rubbing her waxed pussy. She looked at me as I came out, and she got up and walked towards me. I wrapped the towel around my waist as a reflex.

Hyun: Oh come on! Let’s be grown-ups, shall we? There’s no need to be shy… I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours…

Hyun proceeded to tug at my towel, but I held on. She then changed tactic by hugging me tightly, so her supple breasts pressed against my chest. She kissed me hard and started to french me. I felt my resistance start to ebb away as my dick started to erect, pushing against her thigh. She used her hand to tug at my towel again, and this time, it came away without any resistance. “That wasn’t so difficult was it?” She said as she stroked my dick. “Now let’s reward this big little fellow, shall we?”

She licked my lips, then trailed her tongue down my chin, neck, abs, and finally finding my dick as she knelt down in front of me. She took my dick in her mouth and started to give me a bbbj while rubbing her breasts. She must have a lot of experience, as she teased my dick mercilessly with her tongue, She knew exactly where to put pressure on with her tongue. She blew me for a while more, then she got up, faced her back towards me, and bent forward, putting her palms on the knees as she straightened her legs. She beckoned me with her finger, asking me to take her from behind.

I couldn’t take it anymore, there is a limit to how much teasing a man can take, and my resolve shattered like glass on the floor. I grabbed her hips, inserted my dick into her wet pussy, and rammed straight in. She moaned loudly at the penetration, as I pumped her doggy style. I smacked her perky ass a few times as I fucked her. She moaned loudly “Yeaaahhh… Yeaahhh… Fuck me! Fuck me!!! Harder!!!...”

I sped up the pumping to max speed. I could feel her cunt juice splattering on my groin as my loins contacted with her ass fully. She was leaking cum. She moaned loudly “URGGGGHHHH!” as she came and her pussy quivered. I continued pumping fast, as Kim could be back anytime and thus this encounter with Hyun has to be a quickie. I was close to cumming and I pumped her a few times before I pulled out. She turned around, and stroked my dick and positioned her mouth at the tip. Soon, I sprayed my load into her mouth, some of it spraying onto her nose and chin. She licked it all up and swallowed my cum. Then she gave my dick a couple of sucks to clean it up.

Hyun: Mmmm… Delicious… My little Kim will be addicted to this piece of meat for sure if she isn’t already…

She got up, picked up her bikini which was lying on the floor, and cat-walked back to her room, just as Jim opened the main door of the villa. I quickly picked up my towel and wrapped myself up. Jim went into his room and showered while Hyun stood at my doorway, wearing just her red bra and thongs, looking at me. She had a sneaky smile on her face and she licked her lips when she saw me look at her. She then walked over and sat down beside me and stroked my dick again.

Hyun: Don’t worry, I won’t tell my little sister about us. She doesn’t need to know. But it’s nice and kinky for me to be fucking her bf. I’m something of a cuckcake you see. I like to fuck with people’s bf or husbands. It turns me on very much. It satisfies me when the guys cannot resist, and fuck me while telling me how I’m superior to their girlfriends or wives. And the beauty of it is that Jim is a cuckold, he enjoys watching others fuck me. His dick isn’t very big, in fact, yours is bigger by an inch at least, wider too. He likes to watch me be taken by guys with bigger dicks than his.

Now everything made sense about Jim’s plan. I was wondering why on earth would someone ask another guy to fuck his girlfriend, everything fell into place now.

The main door opened again, it must be Kim. Hyun stopped the stroking and hurried back to her room. Moments later, Kim entered the room. She was strangely quiet, and her cheeks were flushed. Something’s wrong. I got up and went to her. She hugged me tight and closed the room door.

Kim: Dear… Bathe me, please… I need to tell you something…