Chapter 42

Friday Morning

I was awakened in the morning by somebody lying down beside me. I opened my eyes, and it was Kim. She had laid down beside me and hugged me. She snuggled her head into the crook of my neck and I could smell her sweet scent. I shifted a bit to give her more space, and I hugged her back.

“It’s almost 9.30… we should wake up soon…” She mumbled. I patted her head in agreement. The rest were stirring now. I heard Ann stretching loudly, followed by the smack of a pillow as either Eileen or Yvonne smacked her to shut her up. Bryan also opened his eyes and was blinking aimlessly. We all got up and stretched, then took turns to use the toilet and got ready for our afternoon class and test.

We had an early lunch together, then split up to go to class, Kim and I on the bike, and the others on a cab. The test was easy as we had studied hard and spotted the right questions. The 6 of us aced the test. After class, we separated to go home and they thanked me for having them over. Kim and I decided to go for dinner at Wee Nam Kee chicken rice at Novena and off we went.

While we dug into the chicken rice, Kim and I talked about the previous night. She said she didn’t really sleep well as Ann woke up halfway to go toilet, and Yvonne kept stealing the blanket. She said she was tempted to come out and sleep with me, but she decided against it in the end. I mentally noted the close call. Had she walked out, she would have caught Bryan, Ann, and I in the act.

Instead, I diverted and said that we had tonight together. And she smiled at me, using her leg to play footsie with mine. We finished our dinner and went back to my place.

She didn’t wait till we got into the house before she started kissing me and pulling my shirt as I tried to open the door. I fumbled with the door while kissing her back, and managed to get it open after a while. We kicked off our shoes as I closed and locked the door, still maintaining the kissing. As we moved towards the room with our lips locked, we started to peel the clothes off each other and we left a trail of clothes from the door to the bed. Naked by the time we reached the bed, we jumped onto the bed and I went on top of her.

We kissed some more as I let my hands roam to her neck, holding the back of her head while kissing her. Then after spending some time tickling her earlobes sensually, I shifted my hands down to her breasts and cupped her Bs. I used my thumb to gently brushed her pink nipples and they erected. She was getting turned on. She reached for my dick and rubbed it.

I shifted my head down to her breasts, and sucked and licked her nipples, sending her into ecstasy. My hands shifted down, trailing her tummy on the way to her pussy. Once I have reached my destination, I gently massaged her pussy. She was already wet. I used my fingers to rub her clitoris, and she started to moan, pleading for me to continue and not stop. I gently teased her, rubbing her clit, then moving off to her inner thighs, and then back to her clit again. She moaned every time I brushed her clit, and she was trying to move her hips so to prevent my hands from moving to her inner thighs.

I decided not to tease her anymore, and I inserted 2 fingers into her wet pussy, drawing a moan of pleasure from her.

She spread her legs wide for me, and I fingered her slowly at first but picking up speed gradually. I navigated my fingers within her and found her g spot. I gave it a few rubs, and she stiffened up and gasped. I continued rubbing and was rewarded by her soft moans. I alternated between rubbing her g spot and fingering her at various speeds. Her pussy kept leaking juice, and it was not long before she reached climax.

She arched her back and clenched her teeth, grabbing the edges of my pillows tight. I continued to finger her furiously. She let out a long moan through gritted teeth as I brought her to a hard orgasm, and she squirted her love juice onto my hand. She continued to arch her back and her body convulsed as she orgasmed again and again as I kept fingering her. Finally, I pulled my fingers out and she fell back onto the bed, exhausted, gasping for air.

I lay down beside her, and gently lifted her onto her side and I spooned her. Pushing her legs up into a fetal position, I positioned my rock hard dick at the entrance of her pussy and slotted it in slowly. I held on to her hips to give me grip and leverage, as I started to pump her slowly. She moaned softly with each thrust and she grabbed my hand with her right hand while massaging her breasts with her left.

Seeing that she was turned on again, I increased my speed. Soon, she was moaning non-stop, “yes… yes…. Jun… yes… sooo… goooddd… feels… soo... gooddd… Jun… don’t… stop…. harder!...”

Hearing that, I got up on my knees and lifted her left leg on my shoulders, then I scissored her, ramming my dick into her sweet, tight pussy. “Hurrgghhh… Urghhh… Yesss... Mmmmm… Arrghh… Hurrgghhh…” She moaned as I thrust hard. Soon, the distinctive arching of her back began again, but this time, my loins tightened faster and I reached climax first. I pulled my dick out and sprayed my cum on her tummy.

Seeing that she had not reached orgasm yet, I quickly recovered and went down on her, using my tongue to attack her pussy. I grabbed her butt from under her and lifted her hips up to give me better leverage and angle. I dived in with my mouth and licked her pussy, focusing my attack on her clitoris. She barely lasted a few seconds before I was rewarded with a spray of her love juice on my face. It tasted like strawberries.

Satisfied that we had both cummed, I laid beside her and hugged her tight, and we drifted off to slumber.

The next few weeks quickly went by as we all got busy with school work and projects. We met up regularly at my place with the rest of our group and studied together and pieced our project together. During each session, Ann will mercilessly tease Bryan and me when no one was watching. She was very touchy. Once I was going to the toilet in my kitchen, as the one in my room was occupied by Yvonne. Ann was in the kitchen getting a drink, and upon seeing me enter, she put her drink down, blocked my way and stroked my crotch area while leaning in to lick my neck. I stepped aside to avoid her and went to the toilet straight as I was afraid that if I lingered, Kim would see us behaving suspiciously.

Bryan relished the attention though. Things between him and Eileen were still fine, but Eileen was quite prudish outside, and they can only do things at their homes when their families were not around, thus that equated to not many chances to take care of his dick itch. There were many times I caught Ann brushing her hands against his body or pressing her boobs against his arm in a crowded lift etc. Even when Eileen was with them. But she did it so innocently that Eileen didn’t notice or didn’t suspect anything.

I would also notice that Bryan will pretend that nothing happened, but sometimes in class, he will reciprocate by brushing his hand against Ann's thigh when he swivels his chair, little things like that. It was interesting to see that it's not just a one-way tease. Something must be going on between the two of them. Perhaps Bryan has finally given in to the temptation. I'd soon find out.

It was during one of the overnight study sessions that the details were revealed. We had dinner and hit the books immediately. I hadn't had the time to visit the supermarket that week to stock up on beers, so my supply was low, only less than 10 cans left. Bryan and I then went on a beer run at the nearby petrol station, while the girls stayed in my place to ‘study’, probably talking about shopping or girls’ stuff.