Chapter 39


The next morning, I was awakened by my morning boner. It felt like something was rubbing it. I opened my eyes and saw something moving up and down under the blanket. I peered under the blanket and saw that it was Kim giving me a wake-up call with her mouth. Fuck yeah! I could wake up to this every morning!

She sensed that I was awake, and stopped, then came up and kissed me and said good morning. I groaned.

Me: Noooo… Why did you stop?!!!

Kim: Because you’re awake now!

Me: Noooo… How can you leave me unsatisfied like this?!

Kim smiled, then straddled me and pushed me into her. She had removed her panties before she gave me the blowjob. Her pussy was already wet and well lubricated. She must have been rubbing herself while she blew me. “No more complaints now?” she teased. I shook my head.

She rocked up and down on my dick, and we both enjoyed it. She started moaning and I reached under her nightgown to grope her breasts. She rode me harder and harder, and she leaned forward. I licked and sucked her erected nipples while she rode my dick. It turned her on immensely and I could feel her mixing up her moves, a bit of humping here and a bit of grinding there. As we approached climax, I shifted my hands to hold her bubble butt, and I thrust my hips as she bounced on my dick. We increased the pace, her moans came faster and louder.

After a few more minutes of intense humping, we both came after each other, me pulling out and cumming on her breasts. After I had cummed, I watch the cum flow down from the peak of her breasts to the valley of her cleavage. For some strange reason, it was quite a turn on. We laid in bed for a while more, then we went to shower together.

After the shower, she went back to her unit to get dressed. We met at the lift lobby at 7.30am and she was wearing a dark grey denim mini skirt that was slightly higher than mid-thigh, and a yellow tank top. I gave her butt a couple of squeezes while we waited for the lift. She glared at me in return and squeezed my crotch back. We then went to school, buying Macs breakfast along the way.

There was some time before class started when we reached, and the gang was there already having some discussion.

Bryan: Jun, you and Kim, yesterday not online the whole day, what you all doing sial? Hanky-panky is it?

Jun: Yesterday I help her move house mah. So whole day no time to come online lor. Her place also not yet fully set up. Most of the things are done, but her cable tv and the internet still not up.

Eileen: Oh yah hor! Kim! You shifted house yesterday! Where do you stay now?

Kim: Oh, I'm staying at Thomson also, same as Jun. (She shot me a cheeky look)

Ann: Good good! Means later dinner time we can go to Kim’s house to warm up the place! Walkable yah?

Kim: Yup! Walkable, very walkable!

Yvonne: Oh ya Bryan, did you tell Jun we going his place to swim in the afternoon also?

Bryan: Oppss, I forgot! Jun, we going your place to swim in the afternoon.

Me: Yup, I heard it from Yvonne the first time. Hahaha…

Ann: Yvonne and I can’t wait to try on our new baikainais~~! Hahahaha… Are you dicks wearing skimpy trunks or boring old boardshorts?

Bryan and Me: BOARDSHORTS!

Ann: Why? Scared your dicks too small then we nothing to see?

Bryan: No lah, scared we too big then you buey tahan and get us killed by Eileen and Kim. (High-fives me)

Ann: Idiot!

Professor Kevin walked into the class and the lesson started. My mind was only half on the lesson though. I’ll finally get to see Ann, Yvonne, and Eileen’s flesh later. So far, they haven’t been exposing much. For sure, their daily clothes gave me some idea of their figures, except Ann, because she always dressed baggily. This will be the first time seeing them expose that much skin 😏.

The lesson ended at 12pm, and we decided to order KFC delivery to my place. After we made the order, I gave my address to Ann as she will be taking a taxi with the rest while Kim and I went to the carpark to get my bike.

Kim: Looks like tonight we won’t be having our own private time…

Me: Yup, I guess so…

Kim (Looking at me cheekily): Nvm, I will store power!

We got on the bike and left the school. After we reached my unit, I thought that there might be some time left before the rest arrived so I dropped everything and jumped Kim, hugging her from behind and kissing her neck. She dropped her stuff onto the floor and reached for my crotch. I released her and she spun around, her soft, slender hands gently caressing the hardening bump at my crotch. I slipped my hands under her top and caressed her waist.

She released my crotch, and unbuckled my belt, then proceeded to unzip my jeans and let it fall to the floor. All the while, she looked at me, with lust and hunger in her eyes. We kissed as she reached into my boxers with one hand, and the other pulling my boxers down. I moved my hands up, reached to her back and unhooked her bra. I cupped her breasts with my hands, gently kneading her soft and firm B cups. She broke the kiss and looked at me, then she knelt down and started to blow me. I held her head and guided her, as she sucked and teased me with her tongue. As she blew me, she used her hand to rub my dick as well, hastening the process.

After 10mins, I felt the familiar feeling of approaching climax and my loins tightened. I used my hand to lift her chin, to let her know that I’m about to cum. Her eyes met mine in understanding. She continued to suck and I prepared to blow my load.


My doorbell rang! SHIT! I’m not done yet! I frantically tried to retreat, but Kim held on to my thighs stubbornly. She quickened her pace and within seconds, I blew my load into her mouth. She sucked on my dick for another few seconds, then quickly got up and started putting all her clothes in place. *DING DONG* the doorbell rang again. I put on my clothes fast and hopped to the door, looked back at Kim, and saw her signaled a thumbs up. I opened the door just as Bryan was about to press the doorbell again.

Bryan: Wah lau, what took you all so long?! Hanky panky siboh?!

Me: No lah, we just reached home not long ago. I was in the midst of washing my plates for the KFC and Kim was in the toilet, so no one to open the door.

Ann: Really meh? Later having quickie we also don't know… Hee hee! I go toilet first, urgent!

I gave them a face 😑 and they quickly walked in. Kim looked at me with a sheepish face, her mouth still full of cum as she had not gone to the toilet to spit it out.

Yvonne (Pointing around my house): Kim, How do you like your future home?

I saw Kim's throat moved, swallowing all of my load, and she took a breath before answering “It’s a nice place! I should have moved in with Jun so my dad wouldn’t need to buy another house for me. But too late!” Kim quickly excused herself to go get drinks for our group. She came out with a pitcher of iced water, poured herself a cup and drank it all in one shot.

Eileen: Kim, you must be very thirsty!

Kim: Yeah! The weather is very hot today!

My handphone rang, it was the KFC delivery man, he had reached. I excused myself to go collect the food and Kim wanted to follow. The rest said they will be perfectly fine with waiting in the condo if I’m fine with it, so Kim came with me. Once we were in the lift, we looked at each other.

Kim: Yes, I swallowed it. I kinda like your taste. It tasted like yesterday’s dinner a bit. Maybe next time I shall buy you more strawberries and blueberries!

Me: Well, maybe tonight if we can quickie again, it’ll taste like KFC then!

She looks at me and starts to smack my shoulder playfully. We collected the food and paid the delivery man, then went up again. We took some time in the lift to exchange kisses and snuggle our noses.