Chapter 38


I woke up to the sound of a message on my phone, it was another MMS from Kim. She had made a chef hat out of newspapers, wore it on her head and was wearing only a white bra, smiling widely. She sent an SMS shortly after, “Chef Kim working on boyfriend’s breakfast! *wink!*” I smiled and got ready to go over to her place.

I reached and parked at the multistorey carpark. When I got to her unit, Kim came out of her room and let me in. She still had her ‘chef hat’ on, but she put on a t-shirt and was wearing a pair of black shorts. She smiled sweetly and passed me a ham sandwich. I gave her a big hug before I took the sandwich and ate it.

We sat on the sofa and waited for the movers to come. I sneaked my hand under her shirt and bra to tickle her nipples, and she unzipped my pants and stuck her hand in to rub my dick. The doorbell rang after about 15mins, spoiling our fun. We quickly straightened our clothes and I went to open the door. It was the movers. They came in and started shifting the boxes. Once all the boxes were on the lorry and they moved off, Kim came to me and pass me a piece of paper. It was the address to her new place. I had to take a second look to make sure I was seeing correctly.

She got on the bike and asked if I knew where it was. I told her not to worry, as I know the place very well. We overtook the lorry on the expressway, and we reached the condo first. The security guard saw me and waved me through. I found a lot and parked, then we went to her unit, taking the longer route to view the clubhouse and pool along the way. We alighted at the 12th floor, and she went to her unit. Opening the door, we walked in and surveyed the house. She started to talk aloud, about where she was gonna put her stuff. After about 10mins, her phone rang, it was the movers, and they needed her to confirm with the security before they let them through.

The movers came up and the whole moving completed within an hour and a half, including checking that everything was intact and unbroken. Kim paid the movers and they left. We called pizza in for lunch, and we started to unpack her stuff. It took us the entire afternoon to unpack and to collapse all the boxes to dispose of them at the bulky refuse area.

After disposing of the boxes, we went back to Kim’s unit. We decided to take a shower as we were covered with sweat, so we stripped and went in together. The water washed off all the stickiness, and we lathered each others’ body, teasing each other’s sensitive areas, and my dick rose to the occasion. She rubbed it gently, and I rubbed her clitoris. She was already wet. I off the water, as I didn’t want it to wash away the lubrication.

We kissed and held each other close with our spare hand, and then I lifted her leg and positioned my dick near her pussy. She guided the tip to her love canal, and I slowly pushed in. “Hhmmmmmff……” she moaned as I entered her. I started to pump her and she held onto the shower mount for support. “Uhhhh... Urgghhh… Ughhh… Mmmm….” She moaned with every pump.

After about 5mins, I lowered her leg and turned her towards me. Holding her butt with my hands, I lifted her up and she instinctively used her legs to wrap around my hips. I used my hip to support her weight and used one hand to adjust my dick to enter her. Once I felt the tip parting her pussy lips, I lowered her and she slid right on top of my dick. She moaned. I resumed the pumping, and she was getting very high. This was the first time she’s had standing sex in the showers, and it was a new sensation to her. She started to pivot herself using her legs, and she pumped me as I relaxed and let her do the pumping. She pumped and pumped furiously for about 5mins, and she arched her back as she exclaimed “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!” and I felt her body shake as an orgasm hit her.

She had stopped pumping, but I took over, and I started to pump her again. I’m not letting her down until I’m cumming. The renewed pumping sent massive waves of pleasure back to her, and she started to have multiple orgasms in quick succession. Her moans became softer and her breath came heavy and quick. We both started to perspire again, and she hugged me tightly. I picked up speed and she stiffens again, arching her back again as she sunk into throes of ecstasy. Soon I felt the tightness in my groin, and I put her down as I pulled out of her. She sat on the bathroom floor and reached for my dick.

She grabbed my dick and started rubbing it. Then she gave me a blowjob as I cummed in her mouth. I could see that she was shocked initially, but she took it in good stride, continuing her bbbj and taking all my cum in her mouth. My dick had pumped the last of its load into her mouth, and she sucked a bit more to make sure nothing was left. Then she swallowed my load as she got to her feet. “Mmmmm… Pizza!”

She hugged me tight as we repeated the shower process again, without the sex part. After we were done, we dried ourselves up and dressed up.

Kim: What’s for dinner, dear?

Me: I’ve got some fried noodles at my place. My mum cooked it and all I have to do is to warm it up, do you want to share it with me?

Kim: Sure! Why not?! I just realized I haven’t been to your place yet! It’s near here right?

"It’s nearer than you think," I thought as I replied to her with a thumbs up. She picked up her helmet, and I told her that won’t be necessary, as it’s just a short walk. She put the helmet down and looked at me quizzically, but followed me anyway. We left her unit and locked the door. Then we step to the opposite unit, and I took out my house keys and unlocked the door. She was stunned.


I nodded.


I nodded again.

She couldn’t believe it. I opened my door and led her inside. She was still in shock. I went to the kitchen and took a can of beer, opened it and pass it to her. She held onto it but didn't drink, the shocked expression still on her face. I laughed and she snapped out of her funk.

Kim (Speaking rapidly): Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that you're my neighbor now! I thought maybe after I shifted to Thomson, I’ll be near you! But not like this near you know? I mean, it’s not a bad thing, but never have I ever thought that we would be neighbors!

She started mumbling something in Korean rapidly and was like super excited. I went behind her and hugged her tight to calm her down. She put down the beer and embraced me. Then she said “It would be so funny if the rest knew we were neighbors now! Hahahaha” and I laughed with her too.

I went to heat up the food as she channel-surfed on my TV. I had cable tv, so she had a much better pick of programmes than her previous place. As we dug into the noodles, I remembered something.

Me: Chef Kim, where’s my ginseng chicken soup with barley?

Kim tensed up, she had totally forgotten about it. “Erm… TIRED!” she said, then continued eating the noodles. I laughed, she really damn cute.

Me: Ok, so you owe me either one ginseng chicken soup or one punishment! And speaking about punishment, you still owe me one punishment!

Kim: Noooooooo! Ok, chicken soup! No punishment!

Me: Then our punishment cancel each other, then no need for punishment or chicken soup also…

Kim: NO! I’d rather cook soup for you and punish you too! I’ve planned a bit already! Heehee 😈.

Then she reached for my crotch, and gently sayang the area, saying “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you~~!” Then she laughed sinisterly and went back to eating.

We finished our dinner, and nua-ed in front of the tv watching some movie. She laid down on the sofa and rested her head on my thigh, and I used my hand to pat her waist. I received a call from Bryan, and he said that he and the rest chatted on MSN, and wondered if it was ok if they stayed over the night at my place to burn midnight oil for the test. I told him that’s fine and we agreed on that. Soon, it was 10pm and she started to yawn.

She got up and started walking to the main door. “I’ll go brush my teeth and change to something more comfortable, then come back!” she said. I took the opportunity to go brush my teeth as well. She came back to my unit shortly later, dressed in a white lace nightgown, one of her loots from her recent shopping spree, and walked to my room and said, “I’m going to bed, dear, good night!”

I went to the living room, off the tv and went back to my room. She had already snuck under my comforter and was hugging my pillow. I crept in and spooned her, hugging her and cupping her boobs, bringing my dick to snuggle in between her ass cheeks. We both fell asleep almost immediately, tired from the afternoon’s shifting.