Chapter 36


I couldn’t sleep well the whole night, and since I was already awake earlier than usual, I went out for breakfast first. I went to Maxwell to eat porridge and raw fish, then bought a packet of bak chor mee for Kim. When it’s about time, I went over to pick her up.

Reached her place, and dropped her a message. She came down 5mins later, smiling widely as she skipped over to me. She was wearing skinny jeans with a white tank top. She came up to me and gave me a big hug, and she smelled the bak chor mee in my bag. “You bought breakfast for me?” she asked. And I took out the bak chor mee and showed her.

Kim: Oh! Singapore style Jajangmyeon! I’ve always wanted to try but don’t know which one is nice!

Me (Laughing quite hard): This is not Jajangmyeon! Okay la, it’s close, but not really! Hahaha! Kim, you damn cute!

Kim (Blushing): Hehehe… The first time you say I’m cute!

She gave me another hug as I put the noodles back in my bag. She put on her helmet and got on the bike, and we left for school. We were the earliest, and when Kim was halfway through with her breakfast, Ann and Yvonne came in one after another. They teased us for not buying for them, but they were carrying Mac's breakfast 😑. Then Bryan and Eileen came walking in hand in hand. Bryan smelled the bak chor mee, and looked around.

Bryan: BASKET!!! Buy bak chor mee boh jio!!!!

Ann and Yvonne: Yah lor yah lor! That’s what we told them also!


Kim and I laughed, as Ann and Yvonne cleared their throat nervously.

Bryan: NEVER MIND! I also got buy breakfast! Tada!! (He lifted the plastic bag in his other hand, it was Delifrance.

Kim, Ann, Yvonne and I: BLOODY HELL! Still, say we boh jio!

Then we all laughed. The rest of my classmates also chuckled. The 6 of us were like the life of the class, we’re the loudest and the jokers, yet we’re also the ones who understand the lectures the best. Play hard, but study hard also.

They quickly finished their food and disposed of the containers and plastic bags into the bin, just as Prof Kevin walked in.

Kevin (Jokingly): Wow! We’re having a party here, aren’t we?! Where’s my share?! Is this how you treat a visiting Professor? Organize a breakfast party and not invite him?! You guys ought to be shot!

The class laughed again and we promised him we’ll get him donuts next time. We settled down and the lesson started. Throughout the lesson, Kim and I had a good view of Bryan and Eileen playing footsies, and Kim looked at me mischievously and started rubbing my calf with hers. Then she smiled and stopped. What a tease!

After the lesson ended, we went for a quick lunch, and then the next lesson at 12pm. During the lesson, we were told of an upcoming test. After the lesson ended, the 6 of us decided to have a study group for the test, and we were deciding whose house to go to. The decision was made to go to my place due to it being in the central, and cause I live alone. So we arranged the study session for Thursday afternoon, as the test was on Friday. We left school and I had dinner with Kim at Holland V before I sent her home. When I sent her to her lift, she gasped, and suddenly turned around and dug into her bag.

She pulled out the Braun Buffel wallet, inserted $10 inside, and passed it to me. “Here! Your present! I nearly forgot to give it to you!” She said. As I’m not superstitious by nature, I asked what was the significance of putting money into the wallet. She said some people believe that doing so will bring riches to the person who receives the gift. I gave her a big hug and we kissed. I glanced around, saw no one, and gave her perky butt cheeks a squeeze.

Kim (Surprised): What if people see?! You want to be punished again?!

Me: Any time! We’ll see who punishes who 😛!

Kim pinched my cheek, then she gave me another hug and went into the lift. “Not today, dear. My housemates are at home. Maybe after Wednesday!” We waved goodbye and she made monkey faces as the lift door closed. I went to my bike and went home. All thoughts of Tingting seemed to have vanished, that was the effect of Kim over me.