Chapter 35

That evening, I went back to my parents’ place and had dinner with them. Typical questions like “Got a girlfriend or not? Got study or not” all came out. I didn’t feel like it was the right time to say anything about Kim yet, so I just said no. Then my mum shocked me and I nearly spat out my food.

Mum: Jun, what about your neighbor? I think her name is Tingting? She looks like a nice girl and pretty too! And I think you guys are of similar age. Have you ever considered her? Don’t waste your youth away…

I nervously coughed a few times to clear the choking feeling, and I just nodded and said I would consider. Then I changed the topic quickly and asked dad how was the property market. He said it was slow but still manageable. We talked about other things, and I left around 9pm with a bag of food for the next couple of days.

Sunday came, and Tingting came over in the morning. One last fuck before she left Thomson, she said. We repeated the slow love-making we did the previous morning and I came deep inside her again. She made me promise her again that I will look for her if Kim and I failed to work out. I did so, and we had a pinkie shake at her insistence.

Once again, she left without washing up. Not sure why but that seems like a kink of hers, to have me cum in her and not washing up after. An hour after she left, someone knocked on my door again. It was her mum. She passed me a packet of food and a red packet.

Neighbour: Ah boy ah, Auntie went out to buy food just now, and Tingting insisted that I buy a packet for you also. She says you always order junk food not healthy. Although you swim a lot, you are also what you eat. Don’t eat so much junk food okay?

I nodded my thanks and was very appreciative of the kind gesture and deep concern from both mother and daughter, especially Tingting.

Neighbour: Tingting told me about your Korean girlfriend yesterday, say you all talked about her and she seems like a nice girl. Auntie only worried that cultural clash then things won’t work out for you. Be mindful of that ok? My Tingting is a good girl. I know she and you were sort of together before, but sadly it didn’t work out. I know that Tingting still loves you and if things don't work out with your current girlfriend, I hope that you can give her another chance.

I nodded in agreement, and Auntie continued.

Neighbour: Okay la, Auntie don’t disturb you already. You go eat your lunch, remember don’t eat so much junk food in the future!

I thank my neighbor again and went to eat my lunch. At about 2pm, the movers came, and they started to shift the boxes downstairs. I went to the door to see if they needed any help, but they seemed to be able to manage. When the last of the boxes have been moved down, I went to say my farewells to Tingting and her parents. I shook hands with Uncle then hugged Auntie tight and thank her for taking care of me as though I was her son. When I reached Tingting, I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

KNN! Stop it! I see you like that, I also want to cry already 😣!! She gave me a big bear hug and hung on a bit longer. I could feel her supple C cup breasts pressing against my chest. Then she looked at me and said, “Remember our promise! Keep in touch!” I wished her the same and told her I won’t forget. As they disappeared into the lift, Auntie asked her what was the promise about. And I heard Tingting reply, “Oh, you don’t know one la…” Just like that, the unit next to mine was empty. But in my heart, it felt like something was missing now too.

I went back to my room and continued playing my game, but I couldn’t concentrate fully. Tingting kept appearing in my head. All the memories of her laughing, smiling, blushing, in various states of undress, and various scenes of our sessions together floated through my mind.

*Beep Beep!* It was an MMS from Kim. She had taken a photo of all her loots. A handbag, wallet, new tops, new skirts, and a few dresses.

*Beep Beep* Another image came in. It was a Braun Buffel wallet for men. “I bought this for you while dad went for tea!”, she texted. I looked at my old wallet, yeah, it was about time to change it as it was peeling already at the edges. I just didn’t bother to go and buy a new one. I was pleasantly surprised that she took note of such little details.

I replied my thanks to her, and she gave me a few smiley faces in return, she also said that she missed me and can’t wait to see me in school on Monday. She asked if I could pick her up in the morning, and I said sure, I’ll do it for her, and she replied with more happy faces 😄😄😄. She went back to accompanying her dad, who had settled all the arrangements and would be flying back to Seoul that night.

I leaned back in my computer chair and sighed. Two pretty girls, both awesome in bed, and both extremely loving towards me. If only I could have both. But since I’ve already made an agreement with Tingting that I’ll give Kim my best shot and only if it doesn’t work out then I’ll try again with her, I decided that that’s what I will do. That whole afternoon and evening I was super distracted, as Tingting kept floating through my mind. Never have I been so conflicted before. Kim texted me that she was home, and after she showered, we texted our good nights and went to bed. I did not sleep well this time.