Chapter 34

*Beep Beep* My phone sounded as a messaged is received. I opened my eyes and looked around. Tingting was nowhere in my room. I picked up my phone from the table and looked at the time. It was 11.20am. The message was from Kim. She told me that she is at the airport now, waiting for her dad to arrive. Once he reached, they will go to his hotel at Pan Pacific Orchard, then go settle the arrangements for the new place.

*Beep Beep* Another message came in. It was an MMS, a selfie of Kim acting cute again. And it brought a smile to my face. I can’t help but notice that she was bending forward when she took the pic, and I could see her cleavage through her downblouse. I replied that I’m awake and I missed her. We exchanged a couple more lovey-dovey messages, and I put on my boxers and went out of my room to look for Tingting.

I found her in the kitchen, making toasts and omelette with bacon and sausages.

Ting: Oh! You’re awake! I thought you’ll like some brunch to restore the energy you expended last night, so TADA! Go lay the table please, brunch will be ready in 5mins! Have you brushed your teeth?

I shook my head, then stole a piece of bacon and put it in my mouth, then I hugged her from behind and squeezed her tits, then ran away. “IDIOT!!!!” I heard her shout after me.

I brushed my teeth and laid the table just as she brought out the 2 plates of brunch. Then she set the plates down and we tucked in.

Me: I don’t remember having bread, bacon, eggs, and sausages in my fridge.

Ting: Yah you idiot! Your fridge has nothing but beer and cold water! I had to go to the condo minimart to get the stuff to cook breakfast for you. Hopefully, your girlfriend has better sense to stock up your fridge with food and cook for you. Otherwise, it’ll definitely be very easy for me to steal you from her. She better know that the real way to a man’s heart is through the stomach and dick.

I nodded in agreement, and she started to ask me about my girlfriend. So I told her everything that had transpired, in brief. She listened intently and nodded sagely, and I could see that she was processing the information and thinking deeply.

Ting: Okay, so she’s Korean, she’s cute, she has a nice figure, and she fucks well. I’m Singaporean, I’m hot, I have a better figure thanks to my puppies (cups her own boobs), and I fuck better. But okay, since you’re together with her now, I shall not say anything else. But if I find out that you guys broke up, and you're not finding me, I’ll fuck you till your dick drops off!

Me: You so fierce. Of course, people scared of you lah.

Ting: I’m only fierce to those I love ok?! Those I don't love, I heck care hor!

Me: Okay okay. What I promised you in the shower, I cross my heart.

That seemed to satisfy her, and we finished our brunch. I washed the dishes and pans, while she went to my room to pack her stuff. She had finished packing and was in the midst of changing when I walked in.

Seeing her hourglass-shaped back view, clad only in her panties, I can’t help but feel my dick awakening under my boxers. I went up to her and hugged her, cupping her breasts and fondling her. She let me do it, and her hand reached back to caress my dick. She reached into my boxers, and pulled my dick out, then started to rub it. It stood at attention at her touch, and she turned and faced me, then moved backward until she was lying on the bed, all the while holding my dick gently and guiding me forward with her.

I removed her panties and saw that she was already wet below. After her panties were off, next went my boxers, and in no time at all, I was inside her and we had sex again, but not rough sex. This was a sensual, slow love-making. I kissed her neck as I pumped her slowly, and she caressed my back. I used my right hand to caress her face gently, and she sucked my thumb. With my left hand, I fondled her breast, and she moaned softly. As I made love to her, I thought about how she had matured since we ‘broke up’, and how she was bending over backward for me, just to win me back. She was not a bad girl, just that things didn’t work out cause she was childish before, and now it might just work out, but the timing was wrong.

She put her hand behind my head and guided my lips to hers. I stopped thinking about what might have been and decided that destiny will play its role. Since the condition was whether I could succeed with Kim or not, that will be the deciding factor. But I will not purposely hurt my relationship with Kim just to be with Tingting. With that decided, I focused on making this the best sex I’ve had with Tingting, taking it slow and focus on pleasuring her gently.

I pulled out all my tricks and knowledge of the female anatomy and used it on her. I pulled out, I fingered her, I licked her, I teased her nipples and her clitoris, I ran my tongue all over her body. She had multiple orgasms, and keep cumming and cumming throughout our love-making session. Eventually, I reinserted my dick into her and pumped her till I came deep inside her, flooding her womb with my load. She moaned and told me she likes the feeling of me going raw and pumping her full of my cum.

After that, we got dressed and Tingting went back to her house. She did not want to wash up as she wanted my seed in her the whole day. After she had gone, I went back to my bed and slept the afternoon away. I woke up in the evening and thought about Kim, so I gave her a call. She said she loved that I called, but she couldn’t talk for long as her dad was with her so we exchanged "love you" messages and ended the call.

She messaged me that she will be moving house on Wednesday, as there were no classes. She mentioned that her new place is at a condo in Thomson but she doesn’t know the name of the condo yet as her dad has not revealed it to her, treating it as a surprise. I got excited at the news as she will staying near me soon!