Chapter 32

I dreamt of Kim. I had invited her over to my place for a swim, and we were frolicking in the pool. Her nubile body looking absolutely perfect in a black 2 piece bikini. We were swimming, and we were playing with water, and then when we were at a secluded part of the pool, she reached for my dick and started to rub it, while looking mischievously at me. I felt the familiar rush of blood feeling to my dick, and it felt almost too real.

I opened my eyes.

It wasn’t Kim I saw, but Tingting smiling at me cheekily. Her face was still unclean, her mascara leaving black gothic streaks on her cheeks. She had the bottle of poppers at my nose and as I was startled, I took a deep breath, feeling the vapors in my system which had an immediate effect. “Having a nice dream aren’t we?” She said. She was giving me a handjob, rubbing my stiff dick up and down in a sensual manner. “Who were you dreaming of? That girlfriend of yours? I’ll make you forget her existence…” With that, she straddled me and pushed my dick towards her pussy. I glanced at the bedside clock. WTF! It was only 3.15am! There goes my sleeping plan!

She saw me glance at the clock. “Did you really think I was kidding when I said I’ll fuck you up? That I will milk you dry and give you blue balls tonight? You’ll be so drained your girlfriend won’t be having any of you for the next 3 days minimum. I also took the opportunity to reapply the prolong spray on your dick.” She taunted and lowered herself onto me. My dick entered her wet pussy smoothly, and she started to ride me vigorously. She rocked her hips back and forth, and grabbed her boobs and started massaging them, turning herself on in the process. She varied the speed, going slow one moment, then gradually increasing speed as she started to climax.

I reached up and peeled her hands away from her perky breasts, then I cupped her breasts and started squeezing them softly. She rested her hands on my abs for support as she intensified the grinding of her hips against mine. Her love juices overflowed and leaked out of her pussy and dripped down my shaft and my balls sack. Her energy seemed to have returned, and she moaned loudly, “Hmmmmmm… Urghhhhh!... Urh Urh Urh… Hmmm… Yes… Fuck yeaaaa… Hyaa… Hmmphhhh!!…”

I brushed my fingertips against her nipples watching her squirm in ecstasy at the contact. She shifted her hands up to my chest now, and she stopped grinding her hips. Instead, she leaned forward a little. Using the angle as leverage, she lifted her hips slightly, and then pushed down again. She began to ride me instead of just grinding. I pinched her nipple lightly, and she moaned and increased the tempo. I began to thrust my hips with her tempo as well, and it felt super good. Despite all the fucking and fingering earlier, she was still very tight. I pushed myself up a bit, so I was in a semi-sitting position, with the pillows supporting my back.

She moved along with me and continue to ride me, flinging her hair from side to side. I continued playing with her breast with one hand, and the other hand reached down to her clitoris and rubbed it gently. She threw her hands around my shoulders and rested her head on my shoulder as she squeezed her thighs together and intensified her riding. “Uhhhhh… Uhh… Fuck… Hnnngghhh… Yeaaaa… Yeaaaa… Yesss… Yessss… FUCK! ARRRHHHH! ARHHH!!!! HYAAAAAAHHH!!!!!”

Her body stiffened as she came hard, her breasts heaving as she arched her back and screamed with the orgasm. She collapsed onto me, and let me fondle her breasts as she breathed hard to recover. After a couple of minutes, she continued riding me as she knew I hadn’t cum yet. I decided to take the initiative back as I pulled out and went behind her.