Chapter 31

I retracted my hand and licked her pussy juice off. Then I positioned my angry bird at her pussy entrance, and slowly pushed in. “Mmmmmmm….” She moaned as she felt me filling her hole with my dick. I pushed all the way in, so that my tip reached the edge of her cervix, and I started to pump her, slowly at first, but rapidly building up speed. Tingting started to gasp and moan loudly again.

Fresh from having multiple orgasms from the fingering earlier, she was already near the edge. She raised her legs and used them to wrap around my waist as I kept pumping her. Soon, she grabbed the edges of the pillow very hard, and “Hurrr… Hurrr… HYAHHHHH!” as she came again. I was not done, despite already pumping away for the past 10mins or so at high speed. Her prolong spray seems to have worked well.

I removed my dick, and turned her to her side, she was totally limp now, no fight in her left, exhausted and her body was glistening with sweat. Her C cup breasts heaved with every deep breath she took. Her long wavy hair was soaked with sweat by now and plastered her pretty face. Her mascara had also started to drip down her cheeks, giving her a gothic look.

I lifted her right leg, resting it on my shoulder, and inserted my dick into her once again, scissoring her. This brought a new sensation to her and she responded with more moans. No longer was she cursing, having been defeated by me. I pumped her in that position for around 10mins, squeezing her right boob with my hand, teasing her nipples. She couldn’t do anything but to moan, and her moans were no longer loud as she was totally shagged out. I felt myself finally cumming soon, and I release her leg, letting her bend it in front of her like in fetal position. I leaned into her ear and I told her I was cumming soon and licked her ear.

This seemed to bring a bit of life back into her as she opened her eyes and looked at me. She summoned whatever energy she had left and pushed me off. She rolled back to the missionary position, opened her legs wide, and with a cfm face, she pulled my hands towards her.

Ting: Fuck me till you cum, and cum inside me 😈.

With that, she licked my neck and chin, as I lowered myself into her again. Grabbing her hips, I thrust my dick in and pumped violently. Her legs wrapped around my waist again. After a couple more minutes of pumping, I felt the pressure build up in my loins, and a big load was coming. She could feel me pumping harder and faster, and I started to pant and moan a bit with the exertion.

She thrust her hips against mine and I moaned as I came inside her. As I did so, she wrapped my waist tight and pulled my hips further into her, making sure my dick was pumping her full of cum. I could feel her pussy pulsating as she flexed it to squeeze my dick dry.

Tingting continued to bound my waist with her legs, and she raised her hips slightly. I looked at her wondering what she was doing, and she said “Remember, I said not a drip out. If you pull out now, sure will leak out. I want to savor this moment.”

I lay down on her, and kissed her, feeling her supple breasts cushioning my chest. We both breathed heavily, trying to regain our breaths and our energy. After about 5 mins, I got up and went to the toilet to wash up. She didn’t protest or resist this time, having seemingly fell asleep from the exhaustion. After washing up, I crept into bed to sleep. I looked at the time, and it was 2.45am. I might have survived the night, after all 😦.