Chapter 30

She straddled my hips in a cowgirl position.

Tingting proceeded to give me a slow, erotic striptease. She removed the coat from one shoulder, and then dropped the other shoulder and let the coat fall off her. She reached for the middle of her bra and unbuckled it. It was the type where the clip is in front. She removed the bra, and then she cradled my head and smothered me with her fluffy C cup pillows.

I nearly suffocated to death. Releasing my head, she made me undo her stockings, “Uh Uh! No hands, use your teeth.” She ordered. I tried and take off her stockings with my teeth, and was having some success, but slowly. She took the chance to reach for my dick with her hand, and gently rubbed it. My dick started to erect again. Within seconds, it became rock hard again.

I managed to take off her stockings with my teeth, ripping a small hole in one of them in the process, and I pulled her panties off with my teeth too. She had gone for waxing, and only a small, short strip of pubic hair was left just above her clit, it was called the ‘airstrip’. Her pussy was glistening with her love juice. It was very very wet. Once we were both fully naked, she pushed me back to the bed and shifted herself further up, such that her pussy was in my face. She sat down and pulled my head to her pussy at the same time.


I needed to gain the upper hand and take control back again. Now’s my chance. I grab her ass with my hands, and I licked her pussy, attacking her clit. She moaned loudly with every lick. I could smell her sweet love juice, and it tasted heavenly in my mouth. I licked her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, drawing around its edges in circles, it drove her wild. She couldn’t stop cursing and gyrating her hips. I could feel her thigh muscles tense up with the impending orgasm. After 2mins of licking, she couldn’t take it anymore… “Urghhhh… MMMMMM…. HYAHHHHHHH!!!!” and I felt a flood of love juice flowing onto my tongue and into my mouth.

She tried to reach behind her for my dick, but her hands weren’t in range. She started to shift down, but I grabbed her ass and held her in place as I continued to assault her pussy with my tongue, and deny her my dick. Advantage back to me. I licked and probed her pussy with my tongue, sending waves of pleasure into her body again and again. She came multiple times and kept cursing.

After her 4th orgasm from my licking, she gave up trying to reach for my dick, and cradled my head with both hands, pushing my head towards her pussy, and she started to rub her pussy on my mouth. It was quite messy, but eventually, after her 6th rapid orgasm, I let her go and she collapsed on my side, panting with exhaustion.

I got up on my knees and looked at her. Her breasts were heaving as she breathed heavily, it was strangely hypnotic. I leaned into her, and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them softly, gently massaging them, then I sucked and licked her nipples, not giving her much rest time. She gasped and squirmed, getting turned on again.

My right hand wandered to her pussy, and I inserted 2 fingers inside, gently fingering her. I found her G spot and I rubbed it, gently massaging it. “Mmmmm Fuck!” she gasped. I ignored her and I continued to finger her. She was getting wetter and wetter. “HYAAAHHH!!!” she came after a few more minutes of fingering. And I did not stop. I changed tactic now, fingering her vigorously, applying pressure on her pleasure sensors in her vagina. “FUCK YEAAHH!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!! URRRGHHHH!!!” She screamed as I continued fingering. “FUCK!! MMMMMM!!!! FUCK!!! HHGGGNNNNN!!! HYAAAAHHH!!!” and her body shuddered violently as she cummed again and again.