Chapter 28

I continued eating my steak and felt Tingting burning holes into me as I ate. We didn’t talk much further, she just kept giving me that eerie look and I finished my meal and excused myself to go home first.

Once home, I called Kim to tell her that I’m home and got caught up with my neighbor’s farewell bbq and apologized for not messaging her earlier. She said it’s okay, and that she was busy packing anyway. She was almost done in fact, not having many things to pack, so I do not need to help her the next day. Also, her dad is flying down to settle some paperwork for the new place, and she won’t be able to meet me for the weekend until school on Monday, as she has to accompany her dad for meals and catch up with him.

“I don’t think it’s time for you to meet my dad. Not yet.” She said.

I was actually quite disappointed, but she assured me that we’ll have our time together on Monday, and once we’ve been together for at least half a year, she will start to drop hints about my existence to her parents. After some more lovey-dovey talk, I excused myself to go shower, and she went to get her homework done. I told her I’ll sleep early tonight as I plan to do my work tomorrow since I’m no longer meeting her.

Kim: Okay, I love you, dear. Sleep well!”

I hope I can 😖… I thought as I hung up the phone.

After I showered, I went to play World of Warcraft until around midnight, then I offed my lights and went to bed. Just as I climbed into my bed, my doorbell rang and kept ringing. Someone had pressed the button and not let go. I went to the door and opened it, and saw Tingting standing there with a bag. She was wearing a t-shirt and denim shorts, her figure was well defined as the clothes were quite tight-fit. My dick instantly started to rouse from its slumber, lusting for the vivacious syt standing in front of me.

She sneakily entered and closed the door. “I told my mum I went to Eve’s place to stay over. I’ll have the whole night and morning uninterrupted to take care of you. Don’t enter until I open the door for you.” She said as she went into my room and closed the door. Sensing a long night, I went to my fridge and got a beer. I finished the beer as the door opened, and she stood in the doorway. My mouth opened as I stood still, stunned.

Tingting was wearing a black lace bra with blood red trimmings, and it pushed her already ample C cup breasts up further. She wore matching black lace panties, complete with black fishnet stockings attached. She even had matching black lace arm stockings. On top of everything, she had her medical white lab coat on. She had removed her specs and was wearing contact lens. Blood red lipstick on her lips. My dick immediately hardened… I stood and stared at her, my mouth still open, empty beer can in hand, raging erection poking out from my boxers.

Tingting came forward, took the empty beer can and threw it into the dustbin, then held my hand and led me into the room. She had lit some aromatherapy candles and the room smell nice and sensual. She turned off the lights, and the room danced with the flickering shadows from the candles burning. She held my hand and pulled me to the bed, making me lie on my back. She pulled my boxers off. I did not resist at all as I was still stunned at the effort she has put in. My dick flicked up like a flagpole when she pulled my boxers off. She took out a box from her bag and threw it at me. It was birth control pills.

Kim: I’ve been taking them since a week ago, knowing that I will fuck you sooner or later. Tonight, you are not to spill a single drop of cum outside of my pussy, my mouth, and my ass. I want it all 😈.