Chapter 24

I could see that it was still a bit painful because it wasn’t as lubricated as our previous sessions. She bit her lips as I continued to pump her. After about 10 pumps, the lubrication was enough and she relaxed a little. Meanwhile, I picked up speed and pumped her roughly, one whole week’s worth of sexual frustration unleashed on her pussy. It was the first time we had rough sex, and while painful initially, she was moaning loudly now, not bothering to lower her volume anymore.

“Yeaaa... yeaaaa... yeaaa... YEEAAAAA!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!! FUCK MEEE HARRRDDDEEERRRR!!! FUCK YEAH!!! URGHHH!!” The room was filled with her screams and shouts and loud moaning, as well as the super loud piak-ing sounds as I kept ramming my dick into her pussy at high speed.

I pulled my dick out, pushed her onto the side to get her in doggy position. As she turned, she removed her PJ top and her firm C cup breasts dangled as she knelt in doggy position. I positioned my dick tip in her pussy, then grabbing her hips, I pulled her towards me as I thrust forward, and I resumed the hard fucking. PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK!!! “URGGGHHH YES!!! FUCK YES!!! FUCK MEEEE!!!! YESSSS!!!!! HYAAAHHHH!!!”

This was no sweet love-making, this was brutal, balls out deep fucking. It was the first time I was so rough with a girl while fucking, but her moans, her willingness and her encouragement for me to fuck her harder and harder kept turning me on more and more, and at that point, the brakes have failed, for the both of us. Her boobs were swaying with the rhythm of my thrusting. She grabbed her own boob with her right hand, and she started to rub it, squeezing her boob.

Soon, she just buried her head in the pillow and I felt her vaginal walls tension. “HYAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!” she screamed as my dick was enveloped by her cum while inside of her, the excess flowed out and it was a white semi-sticky liquid.

Taking my cue, I increased my speed further as I sent her into multiple orgasms in quick successions. “URGHHH URGHHH! YEESSSS!! YESSS!!! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! HYAAAHHHHH!!!!” Feeling ready, I pumped the last few times, pulled out, and released her. Her hips just fell flat on the bed as her legs gave way and she was lying face down on my bed. As that happened, my dick erupted and a week’s worth of cum sprayed onto her smooth back and ass. Exhausted, I fell on top of her and we both drifted off to sleep without cleaning up.

The next morning, I woke up and looked at Tingting, she was sleeping soundly, snoring softly. I could feel my morning wood poking at the blanket. Aroused by the beautiful, naked girl in front of me, I reached over and hugged her. She stirred a bit, adjusting her body to get comfortable. The blanket slipped down a bit and her breasts were exposed. I reached my hand over and cupped it, massaging it gently. She endured it for a while, then when she started to get turned on, she turned over and glared at me.