Chapter 22

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and pulled her up on her feet. Holding her waist, I kissed her and she reciprocated. While distracting her with the kisses, I untied her bikini bottom and it fell to her feet. Once her pussy had been exposed, I sneaked a hand there and started to rub her.

As I rubbed her, her body began to stiffen and she held her breath for a moment as if startled or shocked. I continued to rub in a soothing circular motion and soon, she began to relax. By now she was very very wet. And her love juice had trickled down my fingers onto my palm.

I stopped rubbing her, took both her hands and threw them on my back, where she then locked them in an embrace. I held one of her legs and lifted it up, guiding her calf to behind my back, and then holding her butt for support, I lifted her up, and she naturally hooked the other leg behind my back as well.

I was now carrying her in front of me and I started to lower her onto my hardened dick. It took a few tries, as we couldn’t see, but by the 8th time, my dick managed to hook onto her entrance, and the tip went in and locked in place. “Hyahhhh!” she exclaimed, as my tip stretch her vaginal entrance. She was still a virgin. I tiptoed and then back down again, and the momentum made her sit on my dick further, and I penetrated her more.

“Hurrghh!” she moaned as I penetrated further. I started to quicken the pace a bit more, tiptoeing and back again, and did it a few times. “Hurrgghhh! Hurrgghhh! Urggghh! Ahhh…” By about the 6th or 7th time, my dick had penetrated her fully, and I can feel that it was very wet below and something dripped down the inside of my thigh.

Not stopping to look what it was, I held her butt firmly as I rocked my hips back and forth, fucking her while standing. She was very tight but well lubricated, her pussy took in my dick smoothly with no problem. “Mmmm... Ahhhhh... Uhhhhh… Urggh... Yess… Yess… Fuck yeaaa… Urgh…” Clearly, she has even learned the lingo from those porn videos.

I continued to pump like a fucking mad bull, pounding that sweet pussy, and watching her magnificent C cup boobs bounce with every thrust. We were fucking so hard now that the piak-ing sounds were getting very loud, but we couldn’t care less as she approached orgasm. “Urrghhh... Urgghhhh… URGHHH… I’m cumming, Jun, I’m cumming!! HYAHHHHH!!” and I felt a fresh flow of love juice flood around my dick which was still in her love canal.

She continued to sit on my dick in that standing position and I felt her vaginal walls spasming around my dick, massaging it. I was quite near my climax, but she regained her breath and asked to be let down as she can’t feel her legs. I withdrew my dick and put her down, but she fell to the floor as her legs have become jelly. I could see her hymen blood on the inside of my thighs, and on the floor, where it dripped from our love-making. I pressed the shower button, and the water washed over us, washing away the blood and cum.

As the water rained down, it rejuvenated her somewhat, and she got up into a kneeling position and took my still-angry dick into her mouth. She blew me, varying her speed between slow and fast. Using her hands, she tickled and massaged my ball sack. She then rubbed the spot between my ball sack and my asshole, gently massaging it. She kept this up for about 5mins, and soon I buey tahan already. “I’m cumming!” I said, and she pulled my dick out of her mouth and rubbed it, aiming it on her face.

Soon, I burst out, and my 1 week worth of cum sprayed out onto her face in 4 bursts. Some got caught in her hair, and one burst caught her across the eye and nose, but the majority of the cum landed on her mouth and she licked her mouth and swallowed my cum in a very slow, sensual way, with the cfm look on her face. It was the sexiest thing I’ve seen up to that point in my life. After she had cleaned her mouth with her tongue, she proceeded to lick my dick clean and blow it a couple more times to suck out what was left. We washed up and got dressed and went home after checking that the coast is clear.

That was the first of many times while I was together with her.