Chapter 20

I took my time to complete my 20 laps. Truth be told, I really didn’t want to eat as it’ll put back all the calories that I burned from my 20 laps. But oh well, since I already gave my word. Once I completed my 20 laps, I took my towel and dried myself, then put on my t-shirt and walked over. Her friends were mostly gone by then, just left her group of close female buddies and one of their boyfriends. Tingting saw me and came over with a plate. Handing me the plate, she said “Here you go, sir! Beehoon, 2 chicken wings, and ribeye steak, compliments of the house!”

I took the plate with thanks, and sat down at the table and exchanged introductions with her friends. While eating, we started talking and they asked about me. Naturally, the topic diverted to NS as I was still NSF and the boyfriend was going in soon. They had just completed their A levels and were waiting for their results. Tingting then asked which block I stayed in and I told her. “Oh? Same as me! Which floor?” she asked further. “12th” I replied.

Ting: Wait… you’re from unit XX?

Me: Yup…

Ting: So you’re the mystery neighbor! I stay opposite your unit and I was wondering who stays there as no one seems to be home perpetually. Where are your parents? You stay alone?

Me: Yup, my parents gave me that unit as a 21st birthday present, but it has some conditions lah, no parties etc.

Ting Ting and her friends all wide-eyed now. “Wah lau eh! AH SIA KIA!…” I was used to it already, but to be fair, only the house was a present. My parents stopped giving me pocket money in JC and I had to rely on myself to earn enough to buy things that I wanted. Anyway, we talked, we joked, and we laughed throughout the night. At around 12am, everyone was tired and decided to call it a night. I helped Tingting pack and bring the stuff up where she introduced the ‘mystery neighbor’ to her parents.

Over the next few weeks, we texted each other and on the weekends, she would join me for my night swims. Initially, she wore a navy blue arena one piece. But slowly, she began to explore and there was once she wore a bikini. When she progressed to bikini, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She said it was the first time she wore a bikini, and asked me if it was too revealing. I assured her that it was ok, and it looks nice on her, and if she was afraid that it’s too revealing, next time, can buy one that has more cloth.

She smiled and we continued swimming. Usually, I will swim a little behind, so I can catch a glimpse of her legs kicking, and her nice ass. She wasn’t exactly slim but she had a nice hourglass figure, thanks to her relatively slim waist in contrast to her bust and hips. Her legs were average, quite toned, and she had a thigh gap.

We started dating after about 2 months, going out for dinners, movies or swims during the weekends. It was during one of these swimming sessions that things got started. We were the only ones in the pool, and it was near 11pm. There was this part of the pool that was relatively dimmer, and it was away from the pathways which people normally walked. We swam over and took a break over there. I remarked that her new bikini was very nice and made her look very sexy, and I can’t stop looking at her. She looked at me and blushed. Then she asked if she can ask me a possibly awkward question. I said yes.