Chapter 19

Introducing Tingting 😁

Tingting was the only child of the family that stayed opposite my unit. She was a very smart girl when it comes to academics. Having been in RGS from primary to secondary school, then RJC, and now studying NUS Medicine, she was a straight A student all the way. However, she has very little experience with the opposite sex. She had her first official boyfriend only in NUS, and they lasted barely 2 months due to their immaturity when it comes to relationships. She was also not street smart, as she spent most of her time at home studying.

I got to know Tingting about a month after I moved into the condo. Back then, I was finishing up my NS so I wasn’t home most of the week. But on the weekends, I usually take a swim late at night around 9plus when there are lesser people around. It was on one of these swims that I first met Tingting. She was having a bbq with her JC ex-classmates, and they had excess food leftover. Not wanting to waste the food, she came by the pool and called me.

Ting: Hi! Hey! My friends and I can’t finish our food and we have quite a lot of leftovers, do you want some for dinner or supper perhaps?

Me (Looking around to confirm she was talking to me): Me?

Ting: Yup! Hahaha! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Tingting!

As she bent down to offer a handshake, she zaogeng-ed and I caught a good look at her breasts. They are significantly fuller than a B cup, possibly a solid C cup, as her bra wasn’t the pushup kind. I reached my hand out to shake hers.

Me: Oh, hi! I’m Jun. Pleased to meet you!

Ting: Hi Jun! So… about the food?

Me: Erm, ok… I’ll have some beehoon and a couple of chicken wings… But can let me complete my 20 laps first?

Ting: Ok! See you later!