Chapter 16

She beats my chest with a few playful smacks. Looking at my groin, she says “looks like someone's not yet satisfied.” I looked down and sure enough, my dick was half awake. She took it in her hand and started rubbing it. “Are you up for seconds?” She asked as she leaned in for a kiss. Within a few strokes, my dick got resurrected, and I hugged her tight. This time, I pushed her down on the bed and took the dominant position.

I licked her breasts and nipples, as my hand followed her cleavage down her midriff, to her cleanly waxed pussy. I located her clitoris, and gently rubbed it. She reacted instantly to the petting, thrusting her head backward and let out a soft moan. I continued rubbing, varying the motions, clockwise, anti-clockwise, up-down, then back to clockwise. As I rubbed, she started to get wetter and wetter. Her breathing became labored and came in shorter, more rapid breaths while her moans were becoming louder.

I shifted the focus from her clit to her pussy, parting the lips with my two fingers, and then inserting the middle one in slowly. “Urgghhhh…” I pulled out and entered again, then I navigated to her G-spot, and rubbed away at it. “Mmmmm... Urghhh…” She moaned and breathed deeply. Her left hand grabbed my back, and I felt her nails dig in again. Thinking that I could tame her scratching, I changed my position from lying beside her to straddling on top of her, and I inserted a second finger. “Urrggghhhh...” She exclaimed, and I realized that my repositioning was a bad mistake as she no longer scratched my back with one hand, but my chest with both hands, leaving red claw marks behind. I continued pushing with my fingers at a faster pace, and I went deeper, rubbing her G-spot more vigorously.

This seemed to do the trick as she grabbed onto her bedsheet with both hands tightly. I pushed on, fingering her at that same intensity while gradually increasing the speed. She tensed up, arched her back and “uuuhhh… Uhh... Ahhhhh… UHHHHHH... AHHHHHH!!!!” Her pussy squirted her love juice onto my arm in pulses, and I can feel my fingers inside her become lubricated with even more love juice. Her body spasmed as the orgasms hit her again and again. “Uhhhh... Mmmmm... Uhh...” Her breathing was fast and heavy. She was gasping for air, as the ecstasy of her orgasms hit home again and again. Her vaginal walls squeezed my fingers and I can feel the pulsating beat, as her orgasms took control. Another minute or two passed, and I held her hips and turned her over onto her knees. There was no resistance at all, as she was spent of her energy and was in a recovery state.

Me: "My turn to punish you, babe. 😏"

I positioned her into a doggy position, and as I did, I got a glimpse of her wet pussy, which was still leaking her love juice. I rubbed my hardened dick, and positioned it at the entrance, rubbing it against her pussy lips. She started to stir a little. I pushed my dick into her, and was rewarded with a “urhhhhhh…” I grabbed her hips and I started to pump her, softly at first. With each thrust, I was rewarded with a moan.

Kim: “urggghhh… urgghhhh... urrgghhh... urrghhh...”

I started to pump faster and faster, and her moans picked up speed as well. I released her hips and reached forward to caress her breasts, and as I did, I let up on the pumping a while, but I realized she was also pushing back against my dick. She was enjoying every moment of it, and so was I.

I made sure to vary my speed, slow, fast, medium, and I varied the angle of penetration, higher angles to hit her g-spot directly, and lower angle penetrations to push deep and enter her fully. At the same time, I gently massaged and probed her asshole with my finger. I saw that in some porn video, and though I wasn’t an anal person, I thought of trying it out. She would squirm a little whenever I poke my fingertip in.

Soon, I could feel the pressure build up in me, and I know it’s about time. I pumped at max speed, and her moans became higher pitch now. “Uuuhhh… Uhh... Ahhhhh… UHHHHHH... Yeesss!!... Yeessss!!... I... I… I’m cumming!!” And her body trembled violently. My dick was massaged by her pussy’s contractions and I could not hold it anymore. I quickly pulled my dick out and sprayed my cum all over her back.

We stayed in our positions for a while, trying to regain our breath and recover our strength. I recovered first, and I took the face towel and wiped the cum off her back, and then wiped my dick. I patted her ass to let her know that her back is clean and she can lay down now, and she collapsed onto the bed, panting heavily. She was facing up, and her breasts, which glistened with sweat, were heaving up and down as she breathed. I put the towel beside us, and I laid down and cuddled her. I could smell her scent, and this time, coupled with the musky odor of sex and sweat. “I love you” I whispered into her ear, and she replied “I love you too, Jun. I love you very much”