Chapter 15

Unseen to me, she had hoisted herself up and positioned herself over my dick. Using her gentle hands, she positioned my dick at the opening of her pussy and sat down right on it. My dick slipped into her very wet pussy effortlessly and with little resistance, despite her tightness. She moaned as she took my dick in. She started to ride me, and as she rode, she raised the intensity. She lowered her body and placed her hands around my head, accidentally sliding the blindfold down a bit, so I could see with my right eye.

Her eyes were closed, and she was concentrating on grinding her hips and riding my cock. “Urrrhhhh… Ahhh... Ahhh… Ahhhhh... Yesss... Ooooh…" I tried to match her rhythm and thrust my hips upwards as she went downwards. Each time I thrust, my dickhead connected with her cervix and she would let out a moan. I could see beads of sweat forming all over her body, and some of it dripped down the curves of her cleavage. I wanted to pull her closer to me so that I could lick her bouncing B cups and her erected pink nipples, but my hands were still tied together. So no choice, I just looped my arms over her back like a hula hoop and pulled her down.

Once her breasts are within range, I launched my oral assault on her nipples and was rewarded with another loud moan. She hastened her assault on my dick at the bottom by riding faster. It’s not easy to commence my oral assault when she kept bouncing like that, but I tried my best, taking turns to lick and suck her nipples.

Soon, I felt the pressure building up in my loins, and she was also getting very breathless. Her vaginal walls tightened around my dick and she arched her back, slowing down her riding. I knew what that meant, and continued to thrust into her and keep up the tempo. “Urgh… Urgh… Urgh… Urgh… URRGGHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” She exclaimed as she cummed violently, her body shuddering and shaking, and her vaginal walls spasmed uncontrollably, squeezing my dick. I couldn’t take it anymore and I frantically pulled myself out and came onto my tummy.

With that, she collapsed onto me with her eyes closed. My arms were still around her in an extremely awkward position, but I endured it to let her regain her composure. After 5mins, she recovered enough to open her eyes and look at me. She smiled and asked, “did you like your punishment?”

Me: Please, it seems like you were the one taking the punishment instead!

Kim: WHAT?! I made you cum and I teased you mercilessly!

Me: As did I! I teased you and made you cum mercilessly too!

Kim: HMPH! Next time I’ll have even less mercy! I won’t let you lay a finger on me as I tie you up with something more solid and tease you all over, and you won’t have the chance to retaliate!

Me: Bring it on, babe! I’m all game for it!

Kim: Untie yourself then 😝… HAHAHA!

With that, she picked herself up and used her bath towel to wrap herself before heading to the shower to wash up. Luckily for me, the blanket she wrapped my hands with were a bit loosened now and using my feet, I manage to pull it off my arms. I took off the face towel, wiped off the remaining cum on my tummy, left the towel on her chair, and went to the shower to wash up too. I noticed that she had left the door slightly ajar as if expecting me to walk in, and that’s what I did. Her back was facing the door, and I slipped in and hugged her from behind, startling her a bit.

Kim: Hey! I closed the door!

Me: Partially, it was not closed fully.

Kim: Still..!!!

Me: It was an invitation to me right 😏?

I kissed her softly on her neck, and she melted into my arms. She turned around and hugged me back. “I love you, Jun.” and I kissed her lips. We got done with the shower and dried ourselves. Once we went back into her room, I laid on her bed and saw her picking up the face towel. “Waitttt...” Before I could finish, she had rubbed her face with it, and she looked up at me with a puzzled look. Then realization suddenly hit her and she threw the towel on the floor.

Kim: Did I just wipe my face with your... 😦

Me: Yes...

She ran back to the toilet to rinse her face again as I laughed. She came back with a glare on her face and I can’t stop laughing.

Kim: Don’t you ever dare to tell anyone about what just happened!

Me (Still laughing): Sure thing, babe!