Chapter 13

Suddenly, she broke away.

Kim: We should drink the beer now, otherwise it’ll get warm.

Are you kidding me?! Wah lau! I was sibeh in the mood liao lor! Why she like got on-off switch one?! SMLJ! Okay... NVM... I reached over for the beers and opened a can for her and one for myself. She must have noticed that I was a bit frustrated, but she ignored that. She put her beer down after a swig, and said “it's so hot!” then she took off her top and sat on the bed.

I could see the beads of perspiration trickling down from her neck to her chest, and into her cleavage. I stared for a while more, watching the beads form and drip down her cleavage before reaching for the aircon remote. I switched the speed to high and lowered the temperature further. Meanwhile, she on the tv and channel surfed but there was nothing good to watch on tv, so she off it after a while.

Kim: So bored… Why isn't there any nice shows to watch in Singapore? And aren’t you hot? Why don’t you take off your shirt and jeans?

Failing to take her cue, I just muttered that I’m used to the weather and it’s fine, will cool down after a while with the beer. She shook her head and started to take things into her own hands. She reached for my shirt and tugged it off. Once my shirt was off, she saw my back, and she got a bit shocked.

Kim: What happened to your back? Why so many scratches and cuts? Did you get into a fight with a cat?

Me (Remembering the previous afternoon): Yeah, that cat was called Eun-Hye… I got into a fight with her yesterday afternoon and she scratched me…

Kim (Not getting it): What? You named a cat after me?! How could youu... Wait! Weren’t you with me yesterday afternoon?! (Realization hits her) Did I do that to you?!

Me: You don’t remember, do you?

Kim: You mean when I… When we… Ermmm… And I scratched you?!

Me: Yup.

Kim thought for a while, then said “Sorry... BUT YOU DESERVED IT! Who ask you to grab my ass at the carpark just now?!”

Me: Hellooo...! Just now was just now, yesterday was yesterday! No link leh, babe 😑!