Chapter 12

Siao liao must be yesterday tio spotted by the rest at Cineleisure and now tio exposed! Later confirm got some explaining to do… Shortly after, Prof Kevin came back to the classroom and lesson resumed. After class, we went to the food court and had our lunch. Inevitably, the lunch topic drifted from work related to the matters at hand; all the scandals that happened on the previous day.

They started by interrogating Bryan. We had added each other on MSN messenger so that we could better communicate on our project work. So after the lunch and TCSS at Brewerkz, Eileen chatted with Bryan on MSN. And Bryan, knowing Kim did not fancy him, tried his luck on Eileen and Eileen fell into his trap willingly. So they went out on a movie date the next day, at Cineleisure too. That’s where they saw Kim and me walking hand in hand.

Ann and Yvonne were also at Cineleisure shopping, where they saw both couples. But Bryan and Eileen maintained that they were just dating and not official. Then the spotlight fell on Kim and me once again, and harsh interrogations began.

Me: Okay, we’re officially together.

*Gasps came from the other 4 around the table*

Me: I asked her out for lunch and movie, and then bought her a helmet and had dinner too.

Bryan: SMLJ?!!! 1 lunch, 1 movie, 1 helmet, 1 dinner and you got Kim?! WTF?! Eh Kim, I offer you 2 lunch, 2 movies, 2 helmets, 2 dinners, you ditch Jun and come with me lah 😛.

Eileen glared angrily at Bryan and smack his shoulder hard, and we all laughed.

Kim: Hahaha… Jun did a lot more than just that. He was my listener and comforter when I was having a hard time with my ex-boyfriend in Korea. I hate him and don’t want anything to do with him anymore. I have Jun now and that’s all that matters.

Ann sensed a tinge of sadness when Kim mentioned her ex, so she cleared her throat and faster change topic. “Kim! Let’s see what helmet Jun bought for you leh! Hopefully, it’s something feminine for a pretty girl like you!”

Kim gently took out the helmet from its bag and showed the rest. “I picked it myself! Nice right? Jun paid for it though! Heehee!” The girls started remarking how beautiful the helmet was. We TCSS for a while more, then we left to go home as there was no afternoon lesson. Kim and I made our way to the carpark as we prepared to go home.

She took a while longer to wear her new helmet, and I took the opportunity to grab her ass and give it a couple of squeezes. She quickly swept my hands away and said “what if someone sees?!” and I just shrugged at her nonchalantly. She retaliated by grabbing my crotch and said, “I’ll punish you later! 😈” Finally buckling up her helmet, she says “Ok done!” and we got on the bike and started the journey to her home.

I parked at her place's mscp and decided that we needed a cold drink to cool down on that hot afternoon. So we went to the nearby 7-11 and bought a couple of cans of Heineken. While I was making payment, she pointed at the condom rack and hinted at me 😏, and I gave her the are-you-serious look. After payment was made, she held my hand and skipped along the way to the lift. Someone seems to be in a terribly good mood! Maybe I will score again later!

We reached her floor, and there was no one at her place as she thought, and she invited me in. Entering her room, she placed her helmet gently in a box, like as if it was very fragile and would break. It made me smile to see her taking good care of something I bought for her. I noticed that she had changed her bedsheet and pointed it out.

Kim: Yeah… yesterday I got home, I realized that there was quite a big bloodstain on it. It must have been from my first time. So I had to change and wash the bedsheet otherwise the stain will become permanent.

She then closed the door, locked it, and reached over to hug me tight. “I missed you… if only I could hug you to sleep last night,” she said. I hugged her back and we locked in a tight embrace and locked lips. As we kissed, I roamed my hands along her body, starting from her back, then to her lower back and down to her ass, then back up again, rinse and repeat. The feel of her flawless skin, it sent tingles down my arms, and I could sense she was getting turned on as she kissed me with greater intensity.

"Don’t rush it", I thought. Girls need to be turned on slowly. Never neglect your foreplay and warm up. I shifted my hands, one holding the back of her head, and another gently touching the side of her neck as I leaned in more to start frenching her. She responded immediately by caressing my back, emulating my previous hand movements. And I started to move towards the bed while hugging her.