Chapter 103

I dreamt of Bali. I was relaxing on a deckchair. Beach umbrella over my head. Me in boardshorts and Hawaii shirt. Sunglasses on and carrying a coconut, sipping away at its contents. A salty, but cooling sea breeze gently blowing at me. I watched the beach, as a beautiful, shapely lady frolicked in the waters. I could not see her face yet, as her back was facing me mostly, and the most I saw was a 3/ 4 profile. I continued to sip the coconut juice. The lady I’ve been watching turned around and waved at me, her hair blew across her face, obscuring her identity. As she waved, I got a good look at her figure. It was voluptuous. C cup breasts, tiny waist, and hips that gave her an hourglass figure. Her long legs were shapely and she had a thigh gap. She ran towards me, her breasts bouncing with every bound, and she tried to sweep her hair away from her face. For the first time, I saw her face.

It was Tingting. She was smiling widely as she ran towards me. When she reached me, she got down slowly on the deck chair and lay down on me. She licked my ear and her hand groped my crotch. I woke up.

Instead of Tingting, it was Hyun in front of me. She was lying down half on me, and she was licking my ear while groping my crotch. She saw me open my eyes, and she kissed me. “My turn now…”

She got up and straddled me, she placed her left hand on my abs and used her right hand to stroke my dick slowly. She stroked it agonizingly slowly, rubbing the grooves, stroking it each by inch. It was sensual, but also agonizingly slow. She was staring into my eyes, and she had a sinister grin. She was teasing me now. She asked me if I am enjoying what she was doing, and I said yeah. She followed up with whether I wanted more, and I kept quiet. So she wants me to beg for it now. Seeing that I did not reply, she slowed down further, barely stroking my dick. “Do you want more?” she asked again, her voice a bit more threatening now. I kept quiet again. Unhappy that I didn’t fall into her trap, she squeezed my dick with her hand, slowly gripping harder and harder. Alas, I have no choice but to give up. “Yes, I want more,” I said meekly. Her sinister grin returned to her face, and she had a smirk now. “I knew you would come to your senses…”

She lifted her hips up and started pulling my rapidly erecting dick to her groin. She lowered herself on me and it slipped in smoothly. She let it sink all the way in, then she began to move up and down, riding my dick slowly, sensually. She grabbed her breast with her right hand, and she closed her eyes and bit her lips as she felt the pleasure building up again. I lay back and relaxed, watching her ride me. As she rode, she rubbed my abs and traced my tummy with her left hand. She gasped and moaned softly as she moved her hips rhythmically. Hyun’s love juice leaked out from her pussy. It coated my dick and flowed down to my scrotum. She continued to ride that way for a while. Eventually, it felt good enough for her that she placed both her hands on my abs and leaned forward a little. Her breathing became more labored and she moaned slightly louder now.

She picked up her pace and started riding me faster. Her mouth opened, and I could see her lick her lips as she enjoyed the pleasurable feeling coming from her nether regions. “Hmmmm…. Mmmm….. Urggghhhh….” Louder moans began escaping from her. She slid her hands towards my shoulders as she leaned forward, locking her hands under my neck. Her riding rapidly accelerated. She was bouncing on me like a rodeo now. My dick stretched her pussy and penetrated her deeply, all the way in with each bounce she made. “HURRGGGH!!!” She exclaimed as she rode me wildly. She squeezed my waist with her knees suddenly and yelped as an orgasm hit her. Not slowing down at all, she continued to ride at that intensity. Perspiration dripped from her chin onto my chest. Our bodies were slick with perspiration by then, and the sound of sex filled the room. “PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK…..”

I felt ready to explode soon, so I grabbed her by her waist, and I rolled her off me just as she got yet another orgasm. I straddled her waist and fapped the last few strokes. She half sat up and reached for my dick, taking over the stroking, and opened her mouth wide just as a thick stream of cum erupted from my dick and into her mouth. She caught all of the cum in her mouth and sucked me off to make sure I did not spill any outside of her mouth. With that, she showed me the collection of cum in her mouth and used her tongue to swish it around. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed deeply. Deed done, she opened her mouth again to show me that everything was swallowed and she hugged me tight and licked my neck up to my ear before she went off to the bathroom to wash up again. I went after she came back, and when I came back, she was already sound asleep under the sheets. I decided to sleep on the sofa in the living room, just so I won’t risk getting my sleep interrupted midway. I fell asleep almost immediately, chasing Tingting on the beach in my dreams.