Chapter 101

Yvonne: Shit man! Why did we watch a horror movie? Now I can’t sleep alone!

Bryan: Hahahaha… All Jun’s fault. He played that movie.

Me: Hahaha… never watch before mah… Aiyah, Yvonne, the most you hug Ann and sleep lor!

Yvonne: Hug Ann? Hug already sure she play me one lor…

Kim: Teeheehee… mmmmmm….

Yvonne: Well, at least Kim is happy and seems halfway to lalaland already.

Yvonne was right. Kim’s eyes were half closed and unfocused, and she seems to be drifting off to sleep any time soon.

Me: Let’s turn in for the night bah. Tomorrow’s gonna be a long day of preparation for the BBQ.

Bryan: Sure thing boss!

We split to go brush our teeth. I had to hold Kim and support her while she attempted to brush her teeth. She was high as a kite, can’t even stand up properly. As soon as she’s done, I brought her to the bed and lay her down. Ann and Yvonne came in and they lay down on either side of Kim, creating a girl’s hug while I went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Bryan and Eileen took up the rest of the space on the bed. So Hyun and I had no choice but to sleep in the guest room. When Hyun realized that we were sharing the guest room, her devourer look returned to her face. Trying to avoid her gaze, I hopped into the bed and turned to face the wall. It was not effective at all.

She got in beside me, and spooned me, snaking her hands over to my crotch and gently caressing it.

Hyun: Somebody was having fun teasing me before dinner huh?

I did not reply.

Hyun: Well, two can play at this game of teasing, y’ know?

She slipped her hand under the elastic band of my boxers and groped around until she got her hand wrapped around my half-erected dick. She began to run it up and down, while she pushed her body closer to mine, resting her head beside mine on the pillow. She started to lick the back of my neck and my dick fully erected in no time at all.

Hyun: Wowie… that ESCALATED quickly!

She released my dick and started to pull my boxers down instead. My dick sprang out of my boxers like a spring. I was horny by then, and since I’m going down no matter what I did anyway, I thought I should give back at least as good as I get. Once she got my boxers off, my hand snuck under her shirt and I pulled it off over her head. The shirt caught her boobs briefly before they got pulled off, and her B cups bounced with tension as they returned to their equilibrium position. Hyun wasn’t shy at all. She removed her shorts and panties, then took my shirt off in quick succession. She knelt down in between my legs and bent forward to take my dick in her mouth.

She was less gentle than Kim, giving me the blowjob with much vigor. Her head bobbed up and down furiously, as she sought to milk the cum out of me. Her suction was also a bit too strong this time, macam like those vacuum pump penis enlarger. Her long hair covered her face, like Sadako. She stopped sucking abruptly and looked up at me while fapping me with her hand. She had a devious grin on her face. She started to move upwards towards me. She sat across my lap, then she leaned forward and kissed me on my lips.

Hyun: Who’s wilder in bed? Kim or me?

Me: You.

She smiled deviously.

Hyun: Who’s a better fuck? Kim or me?

Me: You both have your pros and cons.

The smile disappeared.

Hyun: I didn’t ask you about the pros and cons, I asked who is a better fuck!

Me: You’re more dominant and better at rough sex, but she is more submissive and better at lovemaking.

The devious smile reappeared, but briefly.

Hyun: Y’know, I can be submissive and make love to you too if you want.

With that, she lay down on me and licked my neck up to my lips, then kissed me furiously for a while, before she rolled to her side of the bed. She closed her legs up and looked at me with an innocent look. I knew what she was trying to get at. She is playacting as a submissive girl to get me to make the moves to fuck her. She wants to take over the spot of her sister for this lovemaking. Her cuckcake nature is taking over. Her eyes were very persuasive.

I found myself desiring Hyun. My eyes scanned her flawless body from head to toe. Her full B cup breasts with nipples erected. Her tiny waistline. Her smooth long legs. I got up from the bed and positioned myself beside her. Her legs were still closed, and she swayed them left and right, showing me the innocent face still. She wants me to make the first move to part her legs. I licked my lips and I placed my palms on her knees, parting them slowly. As her legs parted, I got a nice view of her pussy. She pretended to be shy and used her hands to cover her pussy. I lowered myself, positioning my head at her pussy, and I used my hands to peel her hands away. Her pussy was glistening due to her juices building up. I took a deep breath, and I went diving for the oyster.

Hyun’s juices were mildly salty, but it did not have any offending odor. I used my tongue to tease her, running it along her labia. I next focused on her clitoris, licking on the area around it and then licking her clitoris directly. Hyun arched her back and breathed deeply. Her legs also seemed to close together a bit every now and then involuntarily. Her breathing became heavier and heavier as the licking intensified. Soon, she couldn’t take it anymore. She held the back of my head with both hands and pushed me towards her groin while she lifted her hips upwards. I increased the force and intensity of my licking some more, and she whipped her head left and right in ecstasy. “HNNNGGHHH!!!!” She suddenly moaned and I felt her legs tightened up before her hips collapsed back onto the bed. A thick flow of slightly whitish fluid flowed out of her pussy, and I licked it up.

I sat up and tried to get my breath back, as muff diving was quite a breathtaking work. Hyun laid in bed and she stared at me while breathing heavily, trying to regain her composure. I moved closer to her, and lifted her legs onto my shoulders, then positioned my dick at her pussy. She continued to stare at me while biting her lips. I held onto my dick and used it to rub her labia and clitoris, her juices continued to flow freely in anticipation of the penetration. I continued to tease her, and she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She licked her lips and bit her lips, anticipating the penetration that will come anytime. I had no such plan to thrust into her though, I wanted to tease her, make her yearn for my dick so much that she begs for it.

After a couple of minutes of teasing, she moved her legs so that they slipped off my shoulders and onto the bed. She tilted her head forward and stared at me with a menacing look. I continued to rub my dick’s tip on her clitoris and tracing it along her labia, occasionally pushing just the tip into her pussy. She squirmed and wrapped her legs around my hips. Once her legs were in position, she waited until I slipped my dick tip into her pussy, then she wrapped her hands around my back and pulled me forward suddenly with her arms and legs. Losing my balance, I penetrated her fully. She gasped and moaned loudly at the penetration.

I tried to push myself up, but she held me down and pressed her forehead against mine. She stared deep into my eyes. Beads of sweat flowed down the sides of her face.

Hyun: Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. You’re trying to tease me and make me beg for you to fuck me, aren’t you? Bad news, Mr. Jun. I don’t beg. I take what I want, and if you don’t submit, I’ll take it by force.