Chapter 100

Ann: Oh, of course, I will help with his meat.

Yvonne: Oh no… Poor choice of words, Kim… Poor choice…

Kim: I mean, the meat in the fridge! Not his dick!

Everyone laughed, and Yvonne went back to cooking the carbonara while we cleaned up the kitchen and had a round of beers while watching Yvonne cook.

Yvonne: Eh people, don’t watch me cook leh! Go out and watch tv! You’re making me nervous!

Bryan: Why? You gonna do something suspicious issit?

Yvonne: Bryan, you want ghost chili flakes in your carbonara?

Bryan runs out immediately with his beer. We all laughed and went out with Bryan, leaving Yvonne to cook, and Kim, who volunteered to help her. We settled down around the TV and switched to HBO channel. The HBO premiere of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring had just started not long. Bryan and Eileen were on the couch, Eileen sitting on him and he had his arms wrapped around her. I sat in the center of the sofa, and Hyun and Ann sat beside me, one on each side. Hyun threw her shapely legs across my thighs, resting them there while she leaned against the hand rest at the end of the sofa. Meanwhile, Ann clutched my arm and leaned against me, pressing her breasts against my arm while leaning her head on my shoulder. I looked at her and she pretended that nothing happened.

We were all quite engrossed by the show, so there was no hanky panky. The smell of the fried bacon wafted out from the kitchen, and I started to feel really hungry. I guess I wasn’t the only one as Hyun’s, and then Ann’s tummy growled loudly. Hyun shifted her body after her tummy growled, resting her head on my thigh instead and letting her legs dangle over the handrest. She took my other hand and rested it across her boobs and she looked at me and winked. She had removed her bra when she returned from the supermarket, and I could feel her soft breasts under my arm. Just to test water, I pinched her nipple lightly through the fabric of her top, and she held her breath for a while, before exhaling deeply. She did not protest nor did she move to stop me, so I continued to pinch her nipple and rubbed it lightly with my fingers. Her breathing became more deliberate. She began to move her legs a little, rubbing them against each other. Her lips opened, and she started to lick her lips.

Kim: Dinner’s ready! Help to lay the table, please! Jun! Where’s the chardonnay and the ice bucket?

Kim’s dinner announcement caught the attention of everyone. Hyun brushed my hand away then gave me an unsmiling look. It was more like “We’ll continue this later, and you will DIE!” Ann reluctantly let go of my arm as well and got up. Eileen had trouble getting up and off Bryan, and in the end, he rolled her to the side and they both fell to the floor. I went to the kitchen and got the ice bucket out from one of the cupboards. Kim filled it up with ice after washing it, while I uncorked a bottle of chardonnay and set it in the bucket. Yivonne set the giant pot of carbonara in the middle of the dining table, while Ann brought out the wine glasses. Eileen helped to bring over a small bowl of fried bacon bits to use as garnishing. Everyone self-serviced pasta, and we started eating. Yvonne’s carbonara was delicious.

As we ate, we praised Yvonne’s cooking, and the girls asked her for the recipe. She agreed that when she cooks it again, she will let them watch her and take pointers. Her carbonara was very well balanced. The spaghetti was cooked well, not under or overcooked. The amount of cream and eggs used didn’t make it too overwhelming, yet it was flavourful. Now that we have tasted her carbonara, we can’t wait to try her aglio olio tomorrow. We finished up the carbonara in no time at all, and Eileen and Hyun did the dishes. Yvonne and Kim went out to take a well-deserved break after toiling in the kitchen, and Bryan and I chilled another 2 bottles of wine, another chardonnay, and a merlot.

Lord of the Rings was still on, but almost done, the Fellowship of the Ring was being attacked by Saruman's Uruk-hai and Boromir just got shot by arrows. We sat and watched the show, deeply engrossed in it, and sipping wine at the same time. Kim had saved me a seat in the center of the sofa, while she and Hyun flanked me. Bryan and Eileen were back on the same couch as previously. Yvonne had perched herself on the other couch, so Ann was relegated to the floor directly in front of me. She made me dangle my legs on her shoulders, and her head popped up in between my legs. My calves rested partially on her breasts. Both Kim and Hyun were laying their legs on the sofa’s armrest and leaning their heads against my shoulders. I felt sandwiched and unable to move. The good thing was, Ann would help me take my wine glass from the coffee table in the center and return my glass to it when I’m done with my sip, like some young master in a harem. As the battle progressed, the wine bottles were slowly emptied too, the contents going down our mouths.

When the show ended, we took turns to go toilet break, while Ann fiddled with the remote to find another movie to watch. The next HBO movie was some boring show, so I brought out a video to watch. The movie was quite new, Shutter, a Thai horror flick, and none of us had seen it yet. I opened another 3 bottles of red wine and brought them out. Kim rummaged through my cupboards and took out 2 bags of ruffles as well. Once ready, we resumed the previous positions and watched as the opening sequence of Shutter played out.

The opening music was eerie sounding, and Kim’s grip on my arm tightened. The scene transitioned to the male and female lead taking a drive home after dinner. Suddenly, a schoolgirl appeared in front of their car and they banged into her. Kim gripped my arm with a vice-like grip during the impact, while Ann clutched hold of my 2 calves. Yvonne, who was holding a bag of ruffles, jumped in her seat, spilling a couple of chips onto my couch. She sheepishly looked over to see if I noticed, and quickly raised her hand in apology when she saw that I saw. Eileen raised her hands to cover her eyes, but her fingers were spread open, allowing her to still see the screen. Hyun was chill as fuck, no reaction at all.

Screams and yells were aplenty as the movie played out. My left arm had war marks dug into them by Kim’s claws, while my right arm was unscathed, cos Hyun was still cool as fuck. Yvonne no longer spilled any more chips, but the packet rustled whenever a scary scene appeared. Kim was quite engrossed with the movie, even though she was afraid. Ann passed her a full bottle of wine somewhere mid-movie, and she sat up straight, holding the bottle with both hands tightly. She would take a sip every now and then. By the time the movie ended, all the bottles of wine were finished. Kim was already tipsy by then and she stumbled as she walked. Knowing her, she would be KOed soon.