Chapter 10

So off we went to Kelantan Lane. I could feel that she was more at ease now, and she hugged me tighter and lovingly while we were on our way. When I braked, I could feel her boobs pressing against my back. Those pillows were soft to touch, yet perky. Sometimes stopped at traffic light, the feel of her boobs on my back make me daydream of the intense love-making session at her place in the afternoon. Automatically, my dick would start to rise again. Her arms were wrapped around my waist, and her hands were resting just on top of the rapidly expanding bulge. She felt it, and she brushed it gently. Too bad, the light turned green and I put all happy thoughts aside and moved off.

Once we reached Kelantan Lane, I led her to Regina Specialties, a motorcycle accessories shop.

Me: Let’s get you a nice helmet! Now that you’re my girlfriend, you must travel in style too!

Kim (Pretends to be shy) Who says I’m your girlfriend? I didn’t say yes!

Me: Ok lor, I send you home now then I go eat dinner myself.

Kim gave me a very black face and stomped her feet! Aiyoh, so cute when she throws tantrum also. “Okay, you win. You’re my boyfriend now. Don’t you dare go find another girl! My mother will fly down to Singapore and slap you if you dare betray me!”

*Gulp* Slap from Ajumma… No joke sia….

Me: Ok ok, I’m not going betray you, I love you and I’m not a scumbag. Now Miss Kim, will you pick a helmet that you like? Please pick full-face too, safety first.

She took her time to walk up and down the shop, looking at the helmets on display. There were some nice ones, some rather plain ones too. Finally, she settled on one, an Arai full-face with very beautiful floral patterns. She tested the size, and it looked very good on her. She did look a bit comical too as well, big head due to the helmet, then a loose-knitted beige woolen cardigan with a black spag top under, and denim shorts. I gave her a thumbs up, she took a look at the mirror and she hops with joy, saying she wants it. I went to bargain with the shop-keeper and managed to get it at $450. Holding her new toy, she asks excitedly “Mr Boyfriend, where are we going for dinner now? I have cravings for spicy stuff!”

So I brought her to the kopitiam at the back, opposite the legendary Lim Ah Boy shop, and ordered laksa for her. The laksa was quite well-known amongst bikers, and it was served without chopsticks. So when the laksa came, she picked up the spoon and looked at me quizzically.

Kim: No chopsticks?

Me: Nope, this laksa famous one, use spoon to eat only, no chopsticks.

She struggled with it for a while, but after some close observation of me eating, managed to replicate it. She looked up at me and saw me perspiring heavily (happens whenever I eat spicy food). She reached into her bag and took out a piece of tissue then wiped the sweat off for me. Such a sweet gesture 😍. We quickly finished our laksa and I sent her home. I didn’t stay over as her housemates were home and we had morning class the next day. After a quick embrace and a couple of kisses, she went up the lift and I went home.

I reached home, took a shower, dried myself when suddenly *beep* received a message on my phone. I opened the message and saw that it was an MMS. Kim had sent me a photo of herself acting cute and it brought a smile to my face. We said our good nights and went to bed. That night, I slept damn well.