Chapter 11 (End)

I was now resting on the sofa facing Yan Lin and Nataniel who were banging each other furiously in doggy position. I just loved the huge bouncing tits, that were swinging back and forth with each hard thrust that Nataniel was giving her. From the side, I could slightly see her facial expression which was filled with ecstasy.

Nataniel suddenly shoved her off the sofa and Yan Lin was now standing stark naked in front of me and I could not help but smiled.

Y: *Blushing* Enjoying the show huh?

Me: You bet 😛

I took out a cigarette and lighted it up, enjoying my smoke while watching the "fucking" show. Nataniel was now sitting on the sofa with his prick standing at full mast attention towards the ceiling. He then used both his hands to wrap around Yan Lin's waist, pulling her to sit on him cowgirl style. He suddenly jolted, making Yan Lin lost her balance and she fell straight onto his dick. The sudden plunge must be really great such that Yan Lin let out a high pitch moan.

Now Yan Lin was facing me and she was riding her ass up and down Nataniel's shaft, enjoying every single moment of it. Her facial expression was epic, and truly showed how much she enjoyed Nataniel's dick in her. She was riding Nataniel while I was right in front of them.

Y: Can don't look or not? Super shy leh...

I pretend to close my eyes for that moment.

Yan Lin was so shy right now that I could see her face really blushing and red. She then quickly jumped off Nataniel's dick and covered her boobs and pussy with her hands while moving away from Nataniel to another sofa and sat down on it. Nataniel's dick was still throbbing and wanted more action.

Suddenly Sonia woke up and exclaimed!

Sonia: This is sick. Nataniel! Can you put your pants on or something, stop flashing your dick around!

Nataniel did not respond to the comment, he was just dazing around and touching his balls, caressing them. I pretended to close my eye and act that I was sleeping. Sonai then saw that Sharmila was lying on the floor naked.

Sonia: How can you guys just leave her naked like this?

She went into the room to grab a blanket for her. The moment Sonia walked into the room, I saw Nataniel tiptoed towards Yan Lin who was trying to put her clothes back on. But Nataniel stopped her and quickly kissed her, soon after they were frenching like long lost lovers. He then pulled her up which caused all her clothes to fall to the floor again. Yan Lin just followed him naked as he slid open the patio door and they both disappeared in the darkness.

I just laid on the sofa as I was too tired and lazy to find out what those two were up to. Sonia returned with the blanket as I could hear her from my back. She then tapped on my shoulder and I opened my eyes, she wanted me to help her carry Sharmila into the room as she seemed really uncomfortable on the floor but I suggested that the sofa would do.

Sonia was giving me a disgusted look while we lifted Sharmila as she must not have approved of what happened tonight. After we placed her nicely and comfortably on the sofa, I heard a loud "Eeee" from Sonia. She had gotten some semen onto her hands, I wanted to laugh so badly but stopped myself because of the fierce look on her face. After covering Sharmila up properly, I settled myself back onto the sofa and prepared to go sleep while Sonia headed back to her own bungalow.

There was not much action after that as slept to morning and was awoken by a slight nudge. I woke up and saw Raymond giving me a thumbs up sign and we both laughed out loud. I asked Raymond where everyone else was, and he told me that he only sent Grace off and no one else was around the living room. We packed our bags and check out later, we swore to ourselves that this story will never leak out.

After we got back from the trip, it was studying all over again as our A'levels was approaching. Every day was studying, studying and more studying, we hardly even had the chance to club on the weekends. The next wild party we had would be 6 months later, after our school graduation dinner where Raymond and I booked a chalet for our class after-party 😏...